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3 Reasons Why I Give My Baby a Probiotic

by: Lauren Vandiver Green | April 12, 2019

3 Reasons Why I Give My Baby a Probiotic

It’s time for a little tummy talk, mamas. It’s no secret that gut health has been a hot topic lately, but did you know that these issues are starting as early as the infant years?! Recent studies have proven that 9 out of 10 babies are no longer born with the good bacteria B. infantis, allowing the bad gut bacteria to flourish. Thankfully, Evivo,  a probiotic specifically formulated to partner with breastmilk, is here to keep our babies tummy troubles at bay, with the only clinically proven baby probiotic to help restore the good bacteria B. infantis, so our babies can start their digestive system out on the right track with a healthy gut.

If you’ve read any of my other posts on Everly and motherhood so far, you’ll probably know that I’ve been exclusively pumping since Everly was just three weeks old. That means that Everly doesn’t actually breastfeed, but she does exclusively drink breast milk. We’re 8 months into exclusively pumping and it’s worked out great for us so far (I’ll be doing a full blog post on how exclusively pumping had worked out for us soon – stay tuned!). That’s why when it came to choosing a probiotic, Evivo, which is the only probiotic exclusively made to partner with breastmilk, was a great choice for us. In case you’re anything like I was and don’t know much about infant gut health, I’ve rounded up the top three reasons why I decided to start Everly on a probiotic like Evivo.

Reason #1: happy tummy = happy baby
One of the first lessons I learned in motherhood is that an upset tummy can equal one unhappy baby. Not long after Everly was born, she had some reflux issues, making for a couple of sleepless nights in which tears were shed from both Everly and myself. It was at this time that I decided to introduce a probiotic to Everly’s daily routine, and I noticed a huge difference just a few days after starting it. In fact, after we introduced the probiotic, she never had issues with reflux again. Fast forward to the last few months since adding solids to her diet and we were faced with tummy issues again. This time it was constipation, and I decided to introduce Evivo to her breastmilk. Ever since we added this once daily probiotic, her constipation issues have been a thing of the past (thank heavens!)

Reason #2: good bacteria is critical for the development of a stronger immune system & metabolism
Every mama wants her child to have the healthiest start possible, but sometimes we forget just how important gut health is to our babies overall health. Adding Evivo to your baby’s daily regimen will help build her immune system by promoting production of the good bacteria B. infantis, which fights off the bad bacteria that can lead to all sorts of issues later in life. Not only does it help improve your baby’s immunity, but it also has been proven to boost their metabolism. Two amazing health benefits that will aid your baby both now and play a huge role in her future health.

Reason #3: too much bad bacteria in the gut early in life is linked to conditions like asthma, eczema, Type 1 diabetes and obesity
When it comes to the immediate benefits of a probiotic like helping with common issues babies are faced with like constipation and reflux, it’s a simple choice, but adding a probiotic like Evivo not only has numerous benefits for your baby now, but it will help his or health long into childhood and his or her adult life. Having too much bad bacteria in the gut as an infant has been linked to metabolic and immune conditions such as asthma, eczema, allergies, type 1 diabetes, obesity and more! That’s scary stuff y’all!! It’s certainly no secret that all of the mentioned disorders and health issues are on the rise, and if anything can help keep those at bay for my baby, then adding it to her daily routine is a simple choice for me!

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