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3 Things I Feared Before Giving Birth

A Monkey and His Momma

The best way I can describe birth is- full of surprises. Many of us mothers think we can plan our births, but little do they know you can’t plan much! With my oldest, I had a c-section and with Lia, I wanted to try for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Since it felt like my first experience in a way, I was very nervous and afraid, to say the least. What did I fear? Let me share my top 3 fears before giving birth. I have partnered up with Evivo to share with you 3 Things I Feared Before Giving Birth and the ways you can help your newborn’s gut development with Evivo.

From the time we found out we were pregnant we knew we wanted to attempt a VBAC. I mentally prepared myself for it and from the beginning had the idea in my mind Lia would be born via VBAC. I was so afraid to have another c-section. With my first birth, I was not able to dilate enough to deliver Zoey and the fear of is happening again lingered in the back of my mind. Thankfully Marcos is a very positive person and he kept me positive too.

I never felt a single contraction with Zoey, so I did not know what a contraction felt like AT ALL! I was not sure whether to expect the worst or to expect it to be okay. I was afraid of feeling contractions and not being able to tolerate the pain.

I think this is a fear for most women no matter how comfortable you are with your partner. I was so nervous at the thought that I would poop during delivery. The funny part is- there is no way you could possibly prevent it, but I sure liked to think I could. Well, guess what? It happened. And guess what else? I didn’t know it happened! And guess what? Yes, he saw it happen. but he didn’t say anything until way later.

The pressure your baby puts on your colon during their journey down the birth canal is what causes mothers to poop. Makes sense right? But did you know that whole process has a purpose? Read more on MamaBearSays.com Blog