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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Baby

A Plus Life

Today while I was getting ready it hit me. I’m preparing to have my third baby. Woah. Like that’s so crazy. It’s still hard to believe I’m a mom sometimes, much less a mom of three. My first two kids have definitely shaped the mom I’m going to be for the third. I’ve learned an insane amount from them. And Maddie Grace and Tripp are different in many ways too so my experiences with each of them taught me new things. So, for any new mama’s or mama’s to be out there, here are those things that I know now and wish I had known before having my first baby.

Breastfeeding is complicated. And not just in the ouch it hurts type of way. Or the sometimes it’s not easy type of way. Or even the figuring out how to nurse your baby every 30 minutes type of way. Breastfeeding is complicated in the making sure you’re giving your kid everything they need type of way. Like sure, we all hear breast is best and breastfeeding really is a wonderful thing. But for some reason, American babies are missing the good gut bacteria called B. Infantitis, which reduces the harmful bacteria linked to eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity.  If good gut bacteria are thriving during the first 6 months of life a person is more likely to develop a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life. And Evivo is the only probiotic clinically proven to restore a baby’s gut the way nature intended it to be.

Not everyone knows what they are talking about. As a new mom, you hear so many people tell you how you should do things. ‘Oh this worked for me and my kids turned out perfect so you need to do it that way’ felt like a common theme when I had my firstborn. Here’s the thing though, nobody’s kids are perfect. And also, different things work for different parents and different things work for different babies. There is no one right way to do things in parenthood. So figure out what works best for you and your baby, and stick with it... Read more on Casual Claire