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The first and only clinically proven probiotic for babies.7

  • The Situation: 9 out of 10 babies lack B. infantis
    The good bacteria B. infantis is missing from baby's gut. C-sections and antibiotics have interrupted the transfer of this good bacteria from mom to baby during childbirth. 
  • The Concern: Increase antibiotics and increased C-sections
    Without B. infantis in baby’s gut, bad bacteria can thrive – particularly those linked to a higher risk of autoimmune and metabolic issues like colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity.
  • The breakthrough: Before Evivo and after Evivo baby probiotic
    Only Evivo is clinically proven7 to restore B. infantis to baby’s gut and reduce bad bacteria that is linked to a higher risk of health issues, now and later in life.
Evivo baby probiotics make Mom happy and keep baby healthy

Pediatrician Recommended. Clinically Proven7.

Evivo baby probiotic is the result of over a decade of research and clinical trials at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. Our breakthrough findings about the baby gut microbiome and infant probiotics are covered in well-respected publications around the world.

  • Immune Development
    The first 6 months of baby's life are critical for immune and metabolic development.
  • Happy Colic Baby
    90% of babies lack B. infantis, the key good bacteria that digest special nutrients in breast milk and protects baby's gut.
  • 80% reduction of bad bacteria
    Evivo is the only baby probiotic clinically proven7 to restore the good bacteria, B.infantis, reducing bad bacteria in baby's gut by 80%.

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Evolve BioSystems Announces $40 Million Series C Financing

Leading Foundations Invest to Support Evivo

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,  Li Ka-shing Foundation back the Evivo mission to restore the infant gut microbiome.


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