Our mission is to change the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time

We see a world without chronic debilitating disease, where all newborn immune systems are built for lifelong health.

Evolving to Infinant Health

We are pleased to announce that our company has changed its name from Evolve Biosystems to Infinant Health™. This change reflects our core belief that lifelong health begins at birth. We will continue to leverage our understanding of the gut microbiome to improve life for all.

Our Team

We are unified. Working as one to improve human health – focused on infant development, supporting healthcare professionals to better serve patients and families, and advancing the standard of care for future generations.

Committed to improving the life-long health of all infants, we bring together an exceptional leadership team of innovators in nutrition, health, and life sciences.

Five world-renowned researchers at University of California, Davis came together around a single goal – improving health through diet and the gut microbiome. Each team member brought a specific scientific expertise, and over decades, made the breakthrough discoveries our company is built on. Our founders continue to collaborate and advise Infinant Health.

Our scientific, medical, and clinical research boards comprise experts in neonatology, pediatrics, nutrition, lactation, microbiology, and human milk biochemistry who are active physicians and faculty members at world-class universities and medical institutions.

Our board members and board observers support Infinant Health’s mission by bringing expertise and insights from companies with track records of investing in the improvement of human health.


Board Observers

Our Investors