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Antibiotics + Probiotics: Keeping Baby's Immune System Strong

By: The Southernish Mama | March 3, 2020

Baby receiving Evivo

Hey y'all!

Our family has been hit hard by sickness this season. This means that both Vance, our three year-old, and Beauden our baby, have been put on antibiotics. Like most mommies, I have a love/ hate relationship with antibiotics. I love antibiotics because they help rid my babies of sickness by stripping the bad bacteria out of their systems. But, while antibiotics strip the bad bacteria, they also inevitably strip the good bacteria, which is where my disdain comes in. If that good bacteria is not replaced, this is when little immune systems can become compromised. Although antibiotics may be necessary, you can keep your little one's immune system strong and replenish good bacteria with the use of probiotics.

My Most Recent Story About Antibiotics + Probiotics
Recently, I took Beauden to Urgent Care after four days of sickness. The doctor noticed that his ears were infected, and suggested an antibiotic to help speed up the recovery process. Like I always do, I asked her if the antibiotic was necessary. She told me that in this case, she felt that it was. I agreed to her counsel. We continued talking about the pros and cons of antibiotics, and being the curious mother that I am, I asked her about the use of probiotics in tandem with the use of antibiotics. She responded positively, saying that she absolutely recommended probiotics for use in babies and children, especially while simultaneously taking antibiotics.

The conversation continued and she told me that the best time to give my baby the probiotic was at lunch. He would be taking the antibiotic morning and night and if I gave the probiotic at the same time as the antibiotic,  the antibiotic would instantly kill the probiotic. By spreading out the dose of probiotic and by giving it at lunch, it would help my son get that good bacteria without the antibiotic killing it.

I thought this was great advice, and decided to follow her direction. In times past, I had noticed that my boys would develop a strong diaper rash as a response to antibiotic use. Why does this happen? Well again, when antibiotics strip the bad bacteria, they also strip the good bacteria. This good bacteria helps to prevent things such as yeast infections, but when it is stripped, yeast can grow and dark, wet places, like in a diaper. Thus, after using antibiotics, my kids always had to fight bad diaper rashes. As Beauden took his probiotic (while on his antibiotic), I watched carefully to see if the diaper rash in fact developed. I couldn't believe whent it didn't! Well, actually I could believe it. The probiotic truly helped Beauden maintain that healthy bacteria and healthy gut, preventing the diaper rash.

Why Evivo?
As with everything, I only want the best for my children. This is why I choose brands that are highly reputable and have research to back them up. This is a big reason why I choose Evivo when it comes to probiotics.  Evivo is the only baby probiotic clinically proven to restore the good bacteria, B. infantis, while reducing bad bacteria in baby's gut by 80%. Bad bacteria in baby’s gut is linked to higher risk of autoimmune and metabolic issues such as colic, eczema, diabetes, and obesity later in life. When more good bacteria are present in the gut, it creates a strong, protective wall and crowds out the bad bacteria. ​Evivo is the result of over a decade of research and clinical trials at the University of California, Davis Medical Center. Further, Evivo's breakthrough findings about the baby gut microbiome and infant probiotics have been covered in well-respected publications around the world.

How to Use Evivo
Evivo is simple and easy to use, which is one of the reasons I love it. Evivo will ship the product directly to your door. Immediately put the product in the refrigerator or freeze for proper storage (remember probiotics are living organisms!). Each probiotic comes in a packet with the proper amount. Simply tear the top of the packet and pour the probiotic into the mixing Tupperware. Mix with breastmilk, and use the syringe to administer the product into baby's mouth.

Stay Strong This Season with Probiotics!
What I've realized is that if you have children, it is inevitable that they will face sickness. And with sickness, they will need antibiotics every now and again. As mommies, we don't have to settle for compromised immune systems! The great thing about Evivo is that we can help keep our children healthy, especially our babies, whose six months of life are crucial to autoimmune and metabolic development. To help protect baby's gut, Evivo is the answer! Read more on TheSouthernishmama.com