Something's missing. Find out if your baby is one of 9 out of 10 infants that are MISSING B. infantis — the key good bacteria that protects newborns as they develop and grow.

Just 3 Questions.
Were you or your baby born via C-section?
Were you OR your baby given antibiotics pre-delivery or post pregnancy?
Does your baby have diaper rash OR 5+ watery poops per day?

- Your result: Baby's Gut may be in Jeopardy

Your baby’s gut is likely missing the good bacteria B. infantis, allowing many harmful bacteria to thrive. These bad bacteria are linked to higher risk of colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity.

How did I get this result? Because...

You or your baby were born via C-section, which means you or your baby did not come in direct contact with mom’s beneficial gut bacteria. This good bacteria helps develop a healthy gut microbiome in your baby and could have long-term health benefits.45, 46, 48

You or your baby were given antibiotics which eliminated both the good bacteria (like B. infantis) and bad bacteria (like Group B Strep) in your gut.4, 49

Your baby poops more than 5X a day. The amount your baby poops is a visible signal of “good” vs. “bad” bacteria in the baby’s gut. Babies with more good bacteria have fewer loose poops as they are better able to absorb all the nutrients from breast milk. The more loose stools that baby’s bottom comes into contact with, the more the skin can be irritated leading to diaper rash.27, 50

+Your result: Baby’s Gut on the Right Track

Your baby’s gut may not be missing the good bacteria B. infantis, but to keep a foundation of lifelong health in place, especially after a course of antibiotics, Evivo can help your baby’s gut now and in the future.


Statistics show that 9 out of 10 babies are missing B. infantis, the key good bacteria that protects newborns as they develop and grow in the first 6 months.

Evivo baby probiotic combined with breast milk is clinically proven to restore B. infantis — the key good bacteria that protects newborns as they develop and grow — while reducing bad bacteria by 80%. Special nutrients contained in breast milk feed the good bateria in Evivo - enabling the good bacteria to thrive - crowding out the bad bacteria. This unique relationship between breast milk and Evivo was discovered by our scientists over decades of research and clinical trials.

Try the Evivo Starter Kit and get your baby’s gut off to a healthy, happy start from Day 1.

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