Baby Probiotics. Like training wheels for baby's immune system. 

Many babies today begin their lives without any protective B. infantis, the good bacteria that was once introduced naturally to baby’s gut flora. That’s where you come in with the baby probiotics.

Baby probiotics vs. colic, baby constipation and other nasties.

When baby is happy, everyone is happy. But when baby is crying and inconsolable, there’s nothing you won’t try to take away the pain. What’s causing the tears? Is it colic? Baby constipation? Gas pains? Baby’s discomfort can come from any number of symptoms, and many parents have found relief for their little ones with baby probiotics. In fact, baby probiotics can help newborns, infants and babies who are experiencing colic, baby constipation, gas, diarrhea, acid reflux and even baby eczema. But treating symptoms is not enough. Your baby needs good health that lasts.

The baby probiotic that goes beyond just treating symptoms.

You want the best for your bundle of joy, good health that goes beyond the symptoms of colic, baby constipation and other baby nasties. Smart moms want baby probiotics that build healthy babies, with a foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime.

When you feed your baby Evivo every day, the activated probiotic B. infantis gets to work benefitting baby’s immune system. It provides a protective internal environment for baby and decreases the chances for potentially harmful bacteria to thrive.

Thanks to breast milk, B. infantis becomes a dominant part of baby’s gut microbiome. Evivo helps restore the infant gut, maximizes nutrition for newborns, and creates a foundation for lifelong health. Simply put, Evivo is the baby probiotic that goes beyond treating symptoms and actually restores the baby's microbiome to its original, natural state regardless of the use of antibiotics or delivery by cesarean section.

You can give your baby Evivo every day for as long as he is consuming breast milk.



Best Baby Probiotics means healthy baby and happy mom.