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Breastfeeding at 10 Months.

by Jess Grune

A Monkey and His Momma

No matter how prepared I think I am this third time around, there are still moments where I don’t know what the heck is going on.  When Alice decided to quit being such a good sleeper and only wants to sleep on the boob.  When she decided she only wants to feed herself solids and enjoys spitting her baby food out at me while I’m feeding her.  When she figured out how to climb the stairs alarmingly sooner than her big brother and sister {shout out to my dad for MacGyvering a functioning baby gate out of stuff he had in his basement the very next day.}

I think back to Alice’s newborn days, which totally don’t seem like they were 10 months ago, and how different breastfeeding looks right now.  Alice will often try to stand while she’s nursing.  Or she’ll grab my face and stick her fingers in my mouth or nose.  Or she will take breaks to talk to Eli when he walks into the room.

I’ve had different breastfeeding goals with each of my babies.  With Eli, my goal was to make it to 6 months and transition him from nursing with a shield.  We made it almost to a year before he weaned himself.  With Emaline, after a really rough newborn nursing experience, I was relieved to just be able to nurse her for as long as I did.  I plan to nurse Alice for as long as she wants to, which might be forever at the rate she’s going.  I just want her to be happy and healthy, and give her the best start I possibly can... Read more on A Monkey and His Mama