baby colic and bad bacteria

Colic, the main cause of nonstop crying in babies (and their parents!) 

For parents of a baby with colic, day turns into night turns into day and baby, and you, just can’t catch a break. Baby is clearly experiencing gut-wrenching discomfort. Your resolve and patience are wearing thin, and the only possible explanation is colic.

The dread and desperation of colic.

If your baby is crying intensely for three or more hours a day, three or more days a week, for three or more weeks, she likely has colic. Gassy discomfort, baby’s bloated tummy, incessant crying and body tension and lack of sleep perpetuate the entire colic experience, creating a vicious cycle of colic misery. Because as baby continues to cry, she swallows more air, which continues to cause gas pain, discomfort and distress. 

Colic can stem from a number of possible reasons, including an immature digestive system and the types of bacteria found in baby’s digestive tract. And the best way to help end colic rests in restoring the good bacteria in baby’s gut—B. infantis.

baby colic and bad bacteria

The first and only baby probiotic of its kind.

65% of Evivo moms report a decrease in colic symptoms, such as gassiness and fussiness. Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. A daily probiotic powder, Evivo mixed with breast milk and fed to babies helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective environment in baby's gut. It also helps develop a baby's metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime. 

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Combat intestinal inflammation, a leading marker of colic.

Over the past three decades, the United States and other developed countries have experienced an alarming rise in inflammation-linked diseases. Intestinal inflammation that lasts a long time is linked to the development of many health conditions, like colic, asthma, eczema, and even Type 1 Diabetes. In babies, if the gut microbiome has high levels of bad bacteria and low levels of protective bacteria, intestinal inflammation can occur. Signs your baby is suffering from inflammation include gassy discomfort and a bloated tummy. Parents who have a baby with colic know those symptoms often go hand in hand with hours of heartbreaking crying. 

But Evivo has made an important discovery. A new study published in Pediatric Research found that feeding babies Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) reduced intestinal inflammation by up to 98%. Evivo is a safe and natural way to ensure B. infantis, the good bacteria that baby needs, is present in baby’s gut to reduce bad gut bacteria and significantly reduce the key markers of inflammation that often accompany colic. 


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  • Feb 04, 2020
    Nehna D.
    Game changer!
    Our daughter has been on Evivo for almost a month. For the first month of her life, if she was awake, she was crying. Compared to our first born, she was never happy, and always needed to be held. In attempt to help her, we were doing a rotation of gas drops, gripe water, we were using the windi, along with a different probiotic. We weren't seeing any major changes, so I started researching for other options and other remedies that had been successful for babies with colic. I came across Evivo, purchased it within a few days of reading about it, and within a week she was a different baby. She lays on her mat kicks, coos, plays, and finally smiles at us now! I stopped all other supplements and medications, and we only do Evivo daily. Her bowel movements are once a day or less, where before she would go at least 7 times a day. And with her poops in check, we haven't had any more diaper rash! I will recommend this to any mama anytime! Ordering 2 more months!
  • Feb 02, 2020
    Elise H.
    Colic gone
    We started evivo and in a matter of a week, we saw a change!
  • Jan 23, 2020
    Gina M.
    Evivo use
    It was great! Noticed instant reduction in colic symptoms and an overall improved temperament in my son.
  • Jan 23, 2020
    Gina M.
    Evivo use
    It was great! Noticed instant reduction in colic symptoms and an overall improved temperament in my son.
  • Dec 16, 2019
    Melissa S.
    Helped with Colic
    I ordered these in hopes of helping my newborn. He was having a ton of gas, uncontrollable crying patterns that were hard to bear. I changed my diet to hopefully eliminate food allergies. Nothing seemed to work. I can say, a month starting these, they have really helped. I’ve noticed a huge shift in his attitude, especially during the dreaded “witching hour”. His gas is a lot more tolerable, he passes is easily. He poopy diapers went from green and frothy to mustard yellow. I know he feels better, he’s happier and sleeping more peacefully. Thank you, thank you!
  • Nov 18, 2019
    Sara G.
    Not sure
    I’m couldn’t quite say if Evivo is effective or not. My daughter had colic and very bad gas when she was younger, and Evivo could have contributed to the end of colic and reduction of gas, but it’s impossible to say. Her digestive system could have simply matured naturally. However, because as a parent you are willing to do whatever it takes, I will keep giving my daughter Evivo just in case it’s helping. Now that my milk supply is significantly slowing because of a breast biopsy, I’m using donor milk and I don’t want to disrupt her digestive system any more than I have to, so I will continue with Evivo for another few months.
  • Nov 10, 2019
    Allyn A.
    Probiotic for my fussy baby
    My first child was an “easy” baby so having a baby with colic has been a challenge. After a month, he isn’t symptom free and still struggles with stomach pain and gas but he has improved a lot and we will keep him on this probiotic.
  • Nov 08, 2019
    Betsy J.
    New Jersey
    First time user
    I have tried other probiotics and drops for my infant and have never seen a difference in gas or colic, but so far this seems to be different. I especially like the creamier bowel movement vs the the very liquidity baby poop.
  • Oct 28, 2019
    Kalei S.
    Gas and bowel movements
    We’ve been using almost a month and it has truly helped our daughter with her colic symptoms and gas pains! She still struggles sometimes when trying to poop but I think it’s a different cause. Evivo has truly helped her make bowel movements every day and pass gas with much more ease! We will definitely continue using and recommend this to other parents struggling with gas pains, bowel movements, and even colic symptoms!
  • Oct 16, 2019
    Michelle L.
    So far so good!
    I believe in taking probiotics myself and there is anecdotal evidence that they help preemie babies like mine... so why not? So far my twins are doing well. Colic and reflux are not too bad. There is no way to pin point what specifically Evivo is doing for the boys, but they take it and don't seem to mind at all.