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Evivo Colic Solution

What is Colic?

When a baby is excessively fussy, gassy or struggling to sleep – commonly referred to as “colic” – it can be downright frustrating. Mom is worried and struggling to help, but can’t seem to figure out why baby won’t stop crying.

What Causes Colic?

Research shows too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria can result in tummy trouble, such as gas, bloating, and general discomfort.

How Evivo Can Help

Evivo is the first and only probiotic of its kind clinically proven to reduce bad colic bacteria by 80% and repopulate baby’s gut with the good bacteria that’s missing. A daily serving of Evivo mixed with breast milk means a fully restored gut for baby and a sigh of relief for Mom.

Real mom reviews

  • Aug 14, 2018
    Arica R.
    I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now, my baby was using gripe waster everyday sometimes multiple times per day for colic, gas, etc and we have NOT had to use any gripe for atleast a week!! I definitely love the product and will continue to use this as she grows!
  • Aug 08, 2018
    Pamela S.
    Colic be gone!
    If I would have just listened to my gut (no pun intended) when this ad popped up on my Facebook feed a couple weeks after my daughter was born, the angst and stress of dealing with Day after day of tummy troubles, no BMs, pain and tears (on all sides) would have been gone much sooner. If your kiddo is struggling with digestion- this has science and grit to get your LO onto the next developmental milestone.
  • Aug 07, 2018
    Colic,Diarrhea and Reflux saver!
    This product is a life saver! My baby no longer has colic or diarrhea! The reflux has improved tremendously! She hasn’t missed a day since i received it in the mail. I definitely recommend this product!
  • Aug 06, 2018
    Maureen Adams
    Raleigh, NC
    Happier Baby
    Every 5-7pm mostly daily, my 13-week old baby used to be fussy from some kind of discomfort, maybe from colic. We have been using Evivo for a week now and she is a happier baby and no more crazy cries in the evening. Thank you to the creators of Evivo.
  • Aug 06, 2018
    Jennifer S.
    It works!
    My baby had pooping issues since day 1. She didn’t poop as often as she was expected to for a breastfed baby. Pediatrician tried to get me to start formula thinking she wasn’t getting enough to eat. She ended up gaining weight just fine and I pumped and found I was getting more than enough milk. She seemed fine going multiple days without pooping until 11 weeks old. She began screaming and crying every evening at 6pm. The doctor tried to tell me it’s just colic. I saw the advertisement for Evivo and I’m so happy I tried it. My baby poops regularly now and no longer screams. She is a very happy baby!
  • Jul 27, 2018
    Lauren C.
    Great product
    I feel this has really helped my baby’s stomach after being diagnosed with colic. I notice a difference when he doesn’t take it. I wish the powder dissolved a little more but that’s the only negative aspect.
  • Jul 18, 2018
    Lia P.
    My 1st kid had colic, my 2nd didn't
    My infant was pooping 24 hours a day. He had horrible diaper rash. As soon as I gave him this it stopped to once or twice a day and I was able to control and heal the diaper rash. It seems and was instantaneous. I can’t tell you for sure but I Think this is what did it. My first kid had colic my second doesn’t seem too. It may be because of this. It gives me peace of mind since I had a C-section that he is getting all the good gut bacteria that he needs since he didn’t get it for me initially
  • Jul 18, 2018
    Allison K.
    Magical Probiotic!
    I am so glad that we started using Evivo with our four month old daughter! She is exclusively breastfeed, but had horrible gas and really frequent and painful poops. I had to have antibiotics during labor, and I'm assuming that was a big contributing factor to her tummy trouble. I tried altering my diet - including going totally dairy free for a month -but no noticeable change for her. After about a week of using Evivo, she started to have less gas and her pooping patterns changed drastically. She has been one Evivo for nearly two months, and we love the change it has made. She is still gassy, but she tolerates it much better now. I wish we would have know about this during month 2 - the height of her colic! However, I'm glad we are using this, and hopefully it will set up her digestive system in a healthy way.
  • Jul 16, 2018
    Nathan F.
    Worked for my son!!
    I have nothing but good things to say about this product. It helped my son to have regular stools instead of small stools each diaper change. Also, his colic symptoms are less prevalent now.
  • Jul 16, 2018
    Jamie P.
    Would recommend
    We didnt notice a huge improvement in our childs behavior after using evivo. Ok ur daughter ic colic-y and that has continued. I do however believe its very important infants get probiotics in their body so although we didnt notice a huge change, for that reason I woukd continue using
  • Jul 16, 2018
    Veronica C.
    New York
    Giving a try
    We are trying Evivo by almost 2 months, my son is taking formula 6 feedings and breast milk 2 feedings... I want to think that Evivo improved my son’s gastric system, he doesn’t have colics anymore and not more constipation, although he started having acid reflux more than normal on the second week using Evivo... He is taking medication for that and still taking Evivo, hopefully it will go away before his birthday. Other than that, he is a healthy baby, he hasn’t gotten any cold so far and I hope Evivo help my baby for the future also because I couldn’t breastfeed him at 100% as I wanted and transfer the vitamins, enzymes, etc that he requires for his development.
  • Jul 11, 2018
    Sarah K.
    Happy baby
    We started Evivo when our babe was 3 weeks old. She was beginning to show some signs of colic and was uncomfortable, gassy, and pooping 8 or more times a day. Within 1-2 weeks of starting Evivo her poops lessened to once a day and she had noticeably less gas and was much more comfortable. We have been getting to bed much earlier because she is already sleeping soundly!