Colic and ‘bad’ bacteria. Banish that tummy monster.

Nothing prepares you for fussiness and gassiness.

Care of a newborn can be an exhausting experience, but adjusting to a baby suffering from recurrent and prolonged periods of crying, fussing, and irritability can suck the energy right out of a new mom. Some pediatricians and moms refer to this as "colic".
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The tummy monster.

A recently published study shows that dysbiosis of your baby’s gut microbiome can result in colic. Dysbiosis means that too much ‘bad’ bacteria and not enough ‘good’ bacteria are present in the gut. When ‘bad’ bacteria, especially three groups called Staphylococcaceae (Staph), Clostridiaceae (clostridia), and Enterobacteriaceae (e.g. E. coli) are allowed to grow in your baby’s gut, risk of colic increases. However, when ‘good’ bacteria like bifidobacteria dominate the baby’s gut, it pushes out the bad bacteria, and risk of colic due to dysbiosis is reduced.41,42,43, 44

The good bacteria is MIA.

Over thousands of years, the ‘good’ bifidobacteria, specifically B. infantis, passed from mom to baby during childbirth. Generations of modern medical practices have interrupted this transfer, and now most moms today no longer have B. infantis to pass along to their babies. Without B. infantis, ‘bad’ bacteria grow and dominate baby’s gut.45,46

Evivo - Colic and Gas

A revolutionary discovery!

Our clinical trial, conducted with The University of California, Davis Medical Center, successfully demonstrated that babies given Evivo (activated B. infantis) had a 79% increase in the ‘good’ bifidobacteria.

In addition, babies given Evivo experienced an unprecedented 82% reduction in the three groups of ‘bad’ bacteria (including Staph, clostridia, E. coli).47

Evivo is the only probiotic clinically proven to restore baby’s gut microbiome to a natural and protective state.

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Evivo moms know.

  After less than a week, I have a new baby. We had been dealing with horrible colic for weeks. Within days of starting Evivo, along with an elimination diet (dairy, soy, egg), my baby is crying less and sleeping more. Her tummy is much more comfortable, stools are not green/mucousy anymore, and now she only stools 1-2 times per day (down from 10+). We tried a different probiotic with L. reuteri, which did not work. Evivo did the trick!    
- Anne V.


  After a week of use, my 6 month old already seems like her tummy is feeling better. She is now back to having at least one bowel movement a day, if not two. She doesn't act like it is hurting anymore. She suffered with bad colic/gassy tummy for the first 3 months. I wish we would have tried this sooner when we ran out of options!  

- Grayson C. 


  2 weeks home from the hospital with our twin girls it was clear one was colicky. After being on Evivo for 4 days she seemed to be feeling much better. We were sold and decided to put both of the twins on Evivo. I am so thankful for this product! Thank you to the dedicated scientists for the research and development of Evivo.    
- Hetal B.


  Our baby was extremely colicky from excessive gas. This has restored her little tummy and is sleeping every 3-4 hours now. Our whole family takes a probiotic, why shouldn't our baby. We will continue to use Evivo to boost her immune system during the winter months. Very pleased!  
- Michelle R.


  Evivo makes a big difference for my little one. He's struggled with colic and always used to get stressed while trying to pass gas and stools. We started the probiotic when he was around 2 months old, and have been giving it to him for a month now. We noticed a difference in the first week... He's much less fussy and overall is just a happy baby now!   
- Christie B.