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Evivo is the first and only clinically-proven baby probiotic of its kind. Evivo contains the good bacteria B. infantis, which fully utilizes breast milk to protect baby's gut from potentially harmful bacteria linked to higher risk of colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity.


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Evivo Proven to Restore Baby Gut Microbiome to Natural and Protective State

Pediatrician with Evivo baby

12/6/2017 — The bacteria in Evivo, Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis (B. infantis) is the critically important bacteria in baby’s gut microbiome early in life. It helps to program metabolism and the immune system and supports the complete digestion of nutrients.

Unfortunately, due to generations of modern medical practices such as antibiotics and C-sections, most babies no longer acquire B. infantis  early in life. Without it, potentially harmful bacteria thrive which have been linked to higher risk of colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. To date, probiotics have focused on general gut health and digestion, but until now had not demonstrated the ability to reduce potentially harmful bacteria.

In a controlled clinical trial led by University of California, Davis Medical Center, breastfed babies were given Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) once a day and compared to a similar group of babies who did not receive Evivo.  This study showed the first-ever restoration of the baby gut microbiome via Evivo. Babies given Evivo saw a 79% increase in bifidobacteria. These Evivo babies also experienced an unprecedented 80% reduction of groups of potentially harmful bacteria such as E. coli, clostridia, Staphylococcus (Staph), and Streptococcus (Strep), which have been linked to disease later in life.  Finally, across all babies in the study, those high in bifidobacteria had four times lower levels of endotoxin, a compound known to cause inflammation.

In summary, providing Evivo to babies in this clinical study completely restored the naturally protective gut microbiome in 100% of breastfed babies and significantly reduced potentially harmful groups of bacteria compared to babies who didn’t receive Evivo.

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Safety & Tolerability Summary

Increasing levels of the key beneficial bacteria, Bifidobacterium, in baby’s gut

5/30/2017 — One key beneficial bacteria is designed by nature to live in babies’ gut, and thrive in the presence of human breast milk: Bifidobacterium (including B. infantis). In fact, the higher the levels of Bifidobacterium in baby’s gut early in life reduces the amount of potentially harmful bacteria which are linked later in life to a higher risk of many conditions like colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. In this recent clinical trial led by The University of California, breast fed babies were given Evivo (activated B. infantis) once a day for a month and were compared to breast fedbabies who didn’t receive any probiotic. After a month, Evivo babies had significantly higher levels of total Bifidobacterium in their gut compared to babies who didn’t receive Evivo. This once-daily probiotic is clinically proven to restore Bifidobacterium to baby’s gut and reduce the amount of potentially harmful bacteria. It’s the first and only baby probiotic of its kind to help establish the foundation of lifelong well-being.

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