Safety & Tolerability Summary

Increasing levels of the key beneficial bacteria, Bifidobacterium, in baby’s gut

5/30/2017 — One key beneficial bacteria is designed by nature to live in babies’ gut, and thrive in the presence of human breast milk: Bifidobacterium (including B. infantis). In fact, the higher the levels of Bifidobacterium in baby’s gut early in life reduces the amount of potentially harmful bacteria which are linked later in life to a higher risk of many conditions like colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity. In this recent clinical trial led by The University of California, breast fed babies were given Evivo (activated B. infantis) once a day for a month and were compared to breast fedbabies who didn’t receive any probiotic. After a month, Evivo babies had significantly higher levels of total Bifidobacterium in their gut compared to babies who didn’t receive Evivo. This once-daily probiotic is clinically proven to restore Bifidobacterium to baby’s gut and reduce the amount of potentially harmful bacteria. It’s the first and only baby probiotic of its kind to help establish the foundation of lifelong well-being.

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