Gassy Baby

How To Deal With Babies And Gas!

by Sarah Jean from The Fashionable Housewife

Many infants fart, and this is not a big deal to their mothers. However, excessive farting could be a sign that they are having difficulties with gas in their stomachs. This is common for kids between two weeks and four months. As a mother, you may be wondering how to deal with babies and gas and if excessive farting is actually a big deal.

Doctors say that most adult humans fart at least 23 times in a day, but babies should not be farting this much. More than once every couple of hours can be a signal of an issue. If your baby is farting more than this frequency, you should be concerned. Before we look at how to get rid of gas for such an infant, we will discuss what the common symptoms that accompany these farts to help you understand what to look for in this case.


Most children who fart excessively also bloat, burp, or belch. Some fuss a lot while others experience stomach cramps that make them cry a lot. Baby gas also causes irritation and restlessness in a child. Some have constant hiccups while others experience flatulence. You may notice that the tummy of your baby is harder than it should be. An irregularity during urination as well as fever are also signs of baby gas.


Underdeveloped digestive system
Babies are born with immature digestive systems. This inhibits quick digestion of foods such as proteins and fats that they get from breast milk. In the first month, your baby is learning how to digest food for the first time.

The muscles that are responsible for digestion are still developing. This makes the food they eat go through without a proper breakdown. It causes gas to develop through their intestines which lead to excessive farting. A child is likely to experience pain as they pass this gas making them cry excessively. This situation is temporary and may improve the development of their digestive system.

Lack of a balance in gut bacteria
At a tender age, a baby is born clean without sufficient bacteria flora which should digest breast milk.  Most bacteria that are found in 4 weeks baby are proteobacteria. This triggers the production of gas which causes pain to an infant. Lots of proteobacteria make your baby fart excessively and cry.

With time, as you continue breastfeeding your child, they will pick good bacteria to help digest the food appropriately. Probiotics are the best way to stop farting in children since probiotics balance the bacteria in the baby’s gut. We highly recommend Evivo Probiotics for babies to fix this issue.

Gassy baby with mom

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Improper feeding techniques
Breastfeeding your baby directly or using baby bottles can either increase or reduce gas in a baby. Finding the right method to feed your baby will prevent them from swallowing gas. When breastfeeding, hold your baby in a position where their head goes above your breast to keep them from taking in the air. If your child swallows air, their digestive system struggles to break down lactose leading to an increase in intestinal gas. Now you know why your baby farts excessively.

A bottle to feed also affects the flow of milk inside their throat.  Ensure that you are doing it correctly to prevent them from swallowing gas. After your baby’s meal, put them at the right angle for them to burp so that you can eliminate gas trapped inside their system.

Allergy to milk protein
Do not assume that your baby may not react to artificial milk proteins. Unlike breast milk, some children are sensitive to formula food. Your child may negatively react to the whey or casein found in baby food which increases the rate of farting. Milk protein may cause inflammation in your baby’s digestive system which leads to flatulence.

The symptoms that accompany an allergy from milk protein include congestion of the chest, diarrhea as well as rashes. You may also notice that your child’s stool may contain some mucus when changing their diapers. The best solution to this problem is by using more breast milk instead of milk protein. Hypoallergenic formula is also a treatment for this allergy. Read more on

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  • Sep 29, 2021
    Jessica C.
    Happy with it
    Since starting our ~11 week old on Evivo, we immediately noticed far fewer episodes of painful gassiness. He was experiencing painful gas and bowel movements pretty much daily, sometimes multiple times a day. We believe it was related to lactose overload—our little guy was wanting to comfort eat every time he was uncomfortable, and that just made the problem worse. Since starting Evivo about 3 weeks ago, those are rare occurrences now. He’s also been sleeping better at night—he went from maybe getting a 3 hour stretch followed by hourly wake ups, to this last couple of weeks sleeping 4, 6 and 8 hours straight. Not every night is perfect, but there are rarely ever any painful, screaming diaper changes in the middle of the night. He went from almost every diaper being poopy, to now only 2-3 poopy diapers a day. As many other reviews point out, it is a bit of a challenge to administer. The little cup that comes with the starter kit is pretty useless. I accidentally melted it when I was sanitizing it anyway. No loss. We now use a tiny little Tupperware container and shake it to mix the powder with the breast milk. We also find that warming the milk up just slightly in hot water helps with dissolving the powder just a little. It’ll still be pretty gritty though. Overall, very happy that we bought this as it made a difference almost instantly.
  • Sep 27, 2021
    Meghan C.
    Great product!!
    My newborn had colicwith terrible gas, cried all the time. After about 5 days we saw significant reduction in crying and would sleep through the night! Highly recommend.
  • Sep 20, 2021
    Alexandria G.
    Way less poop
    It’s only been 3 weeks - and my baby went from multiple poops per day to one per week so far. It freaked us out to be honest but he doesn’t seem to be bothered. When he does poop now he POOPS…blowout style - he was only 3 weeks when we started him because of what we thought was gas. He does seem to be more comfortable now - gas and straining/crying still happens but not to the point where he’s inconsolable. We are going to do another month and see how he does!
  • Sep 08, 2021
    Lauren T.
    Newborn Gas Relief
    My baby has had bad gas since day one, we tried everything (gas drops, other probiotics, massage etc.). Finally tried Evivo and saw improvements within first few days!
  • Sep 07, 2021
    Deanna D.
    Relief I was looking for!
    I was skeptical of using something I had never heard of! But I was at my ends with my 3 week old, I felt like everything I was doing and trying wasn't working! So I was like why not try something else! So we decided to try this! My LO was very colicky, always spitting up, gassy, constantly scream-crying, eating every 1-2 hours, short naps, diagnosed with GERD, but nothing was working. We gave this a shot and after about 2 weeks I could see some relief, I finally saw my baby's smile after a month old! I could see a change in things not as much crying, less gas, could go longer without eating, sleeping longer for his naps. I knew it was working! I'm happy that this product did what it said it would!
  • Sep 06, 2021
    Christine G.
    Gassy baby
    Evivo has helped my newborn with her gas. She wakes up less at night which makes this momma a happy one.
  • Aug 31, 2021
    Our breastfed one month old had frequent loose stools after being in the hospital. Reflux and silent reflux. Troubles staying asleep. Also strained so hard for gas and stools. After a month of Evivo her symptoms seem to have improved. She still spits up a little but less silent reflux. Passing gas and stool easier. She only has one stool a day and it’s a better consistency. Sleep is better. Overall satisfied and going to order another months worth.
  • Aug 31, 2021
    Christopher L.
    Helps with gas
    We tried a few probiotics and this seemed to be the most effective in reducing our kids gas.
  • Aug 30, 2021
    Marcela L.
    New Jersey
    Helped with gas
    So far liking it!!
  • Sep 15, 2021
    Marcela L.
    Evivo - GUT HEALTH
    So far, we are seeing great results with Evivo. My grandson has less gas, sleeping better and not as colic in the afternoon. My daughter-in-law had been on an antibiotic when she was first breast feeding and it had caused issues with the baby's delicate stomach. She has since stopped breast feeding and uses the Evivo with formula and each day, he seems to get happier and less colic.
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