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Infant probiotics for babies. The bacteria baby needs now. 

Maybe you’re aware of probiotics and the role they play in your health, but did you know that there’s a need for infant probiotics, too? There’s a sea of probiotics out there, and most of them look like the rest. To help you understand which probiotic is right for your baby, let’s take a closer look at what an infant probiotic should be: live bacteria, microorganisms which live in the infant intestine to protect baby’s gut and control the bad bacteria.

Evivo is key for babies in the first 6 months.

Despite the sleepless nights and what seems like endless feedings, the first 6 months of baby’s life will fly by faster than you think. Should infant probiotics be a part of this early stage for baby? Before we answer that, it’s critical that you understand how important this time is to baby’s developing immune system and metabolism, and how infant probiotics fit in. A LOT of important stuff is happening in baby’s gut at this time, and the balance of good and bad bacteria in baby’s gut can greatly impact baby’s health now and for many years to come.

9 out of 10 babies lack the good bacteria B. infantis.

When babies are born, they receive their first gut bacteria from their moms. These bacteria grow into a community in baby’s gut. We call them the infant gut microbiome, and nature has designed a process where mom transfers one particularly important good bacteria to baby: B. infantis. Unfortunately, due to the widespread use of antibiotics and C-sections, the vast majority of babies are not receiving this important strain of good bacteria from their moms, and it is then missing in baby’s microbiome. 

If babies are missing this key bacteria, can infant probiotics help? Scientists at the University of California, Davis discovered that B. infantis is THE key player in baby gut health, helping build a strong immune system by crowding out the bad bacteria linked to eczema, colic, allergies, diabetes and obesity. If babies are missing this bacteria, a probiotic that contains activated B. infantis – available exclusively in Evivo - is the answer.

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In a sea of infant probiotics, only one is clinically proven. 

When you’re searching for infant probiotics, it might be easy to get overwhelmed and confused. Many companies claim to be able to work wonders for your baby. But among all the infant probiotics out there, only one is clinically proven to restore what’s missing in your baby’s gut, the good bacteria B. infantis.

B. infantis is the only strain of bacteria that can consume all the special carbohydrates in breastmilk that are otherwise indigestible by baby. B. infantis converts them into nutrients your baby needs during the critical time of baby’s first six months. By crowding out the harmful bacteria in baby’s gut, B. infantis can thrive, dominate and protect baby’s gut. And because this is such a critical time in baby’s developing immune system and metabolism, baby receives the benefits of this protection to set baby up for lifelong health. 

Evivo is activated B. infantis. It’s that simple. Clinically proven Evivo restores baby’s gut to its original state. It works with breast milk to digest special nutrients and reduces bad gut bacteria by 80%. So, save yourself the time of searching through countless infant probiotics. Give your baby the only infant probiotic that’s been proven to work. Evivo. 

B. infantis EVC001.
The strain that matters.

The past several decades have seen a significant increase in infant gut dysbiosis, along with a rapid rise in the incidence of eczema, allergies, obesity, and diabetes.101533 Research indicate these two events may be related—and solving gut dysbiosis can make an impact.

However, choosing an effective probiotic for your baby requires selecting the right bacterial strain, in combination with the right food source, given at the right time in your baby's development.  Evivo® (activated B. infantis EVC001, Actibif®) in combination with breastmilk, is clinically proven to effectively reduce the bad bacteria and replace it with the good bacteria baby needs. 

View this informative video from the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) on differences in probiotic strain bacteria.

Real mom reviews

  • Feb 07, 2022
    Emily W.
    United States
    God send
    I was very skeptical about purchasing this, but after a few weeks of a baby who would just cry and cry, I decided to get it after a friend suggested it, especially since I had a c section. My daughter would have painful gas, was unable to pass it on her own, had bright green runny poop, was struggling to gain weight with bare minimum gain, and was just inconsolable most of the time. But after a few days of the probiotic, we noticed a huge change! Within two weeks, we saw a complete 180 change. She sleeps peacefully, has yellow and seedy poop, is gaining weight so quickly, and is such a happy baby now. I didn't realize how important probiotics was and I have been recommending Evivo to my friends as soon as they mention they have issues.
  • Jan 24, 2022
    nicole P.
    Wow, what a difference
    When my baby girl was just 3 weeks old we had to start supplimenting formula as I wasn't making enough breast milk for her. Immediately she started dealing with tummy issues, constipation and gas. We tried different formulas but it wasn't helping, we tried other probiotics and it seemed to offer dome relief but not much. I saw the add for evivo on Facebook and I remember thinking that the cost was so much higher than the drug store probiotic drops and almost didn't order but that night after 2 hours of a fussy baby I knew her comfort was more important. I'm so glad we chose evivo, within a week of use she was able to poop without any issues and her gas discomfort was finally going away. We couldn't be more thankful now that our girl is 10 weeks old and rarely deals with any tummy troubles and is just an overall happy baby.
  • Jan 17, 2022
    Jason R.
    Effective- made a difference
    I'm super thankful this was recommended to me by a fellow mom; my girl had bad acid reflux and gas, believe it or not, this helped both. was sooo hard to put to bed; cried for hours. She used to poop several times a day, now down to every 2-3 days. The farts and poops smell sooo bad in reaction to the probiotics in guessing cus the stool sit in the gut longer but she absorbs more nutrients and it's worth it - lol. Now she's 3 months, gave it to her starting her second month. Completely different kid. Would highly recommend it to anyone!
  • Jan 12, 2022
    Billy T.
    South Carolina
    We love Evivo
    We first heard of Evivo from my sister when It cured the fussiness and upset tummy in her baby. Our baby needed probiotics after getting antibiotics in the hospital right after her birth so we tried Evivo. You can tell she feels so much better now and has a lot less tummy pain. The ordering process was so easy, and shipping was very quick as well.
  • Jan 08, 2022
    Great Suppliment
    This probiotic for my baby WORKS. She was able to have her bowel movements and kept her from being colic.
  • Dec 22, 2021
    Trish B.
    It works!
    I have maybe 1 week left of the 1st month supply of Evivo and I found that it has helped my baby. My little one is 7 weeks old and only breastfed. We had been dealing with extreme colic and tummy troubles. Our baby would be in such distress the majority of the day. At almost every diaper change there was a small amount of poop. We tried the $20 probiotics you buy in the baby section of the store and prescription colic meds and neither worked. I am glad we purchased Evivo. It did take a full week before it started working, and the colic and tummy troubles seemed to get worse as described by Evivo. At the 1-week mark, things started to get better. Have gone to 1 big poop a day and less fussing from being gassy. We plan on running another month of Evivo, 2 months total and then seeing if our baby's tummy troubles will subside.
  • Dec 20, 2021
    It helped our baby poop regularly
    Our little boy had gas problems since he was 2 months old. He also has huge gaps between his poops (ranging 4-8 days)!! Poor guy was super uncomfortable. The Pediatrician said it was normal and didn’t really offer us much other than that it would get better. It was, however, affecting his sleep and kept us up all night. We tried all kinds of probiotics from target and Amazon, and almost gave up. Finally decided to get Evivo (it was pretty expensive, so I was apprehensive) as a last resort, but it ended up being the one that did the trick for him! Within 4 days, he started to poop regularly (once a day!! Woohoo) and hasn’t had any gas problems ever since. This WORKS!!
  • Dec 17, 2021
    Kayla B.
    Helped our little guys tummy
    We were dealing with a very fussy and cranky baby before our Evivo probiotics arrived. They seemed to make him more comfortable and he gets excited when he sees the syringe coming his way. He seems to love the way they taste.
  • Dec 09, 2021
    Nhat N.
    Highly Recommend!
    I purchased Evivo because my son was extremely constipated. I tried other probiotics and nothing seems to help. After using Evivo for 3 days my son now has regular bowel movements every 1-3 days
  • Dec 08, 2021
    Laura C.
    United States
    Love it!
    This probiotic has been the best one so far. We have tried others and this is the only one that helped with gas and constipation. Thank you so a happy baby Evivo!
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Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. A daily infant probiotic powder, Evivo mixed with breast milk and fed to babies helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective environment in baby's gut. It also helps develop a baby's metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime. 

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