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Probiotics for Newborn Babies to Reduce Antibiotic-Resistant Germs?

Could probiotics help to reduce antibiotic-resistant germs in the intestines of breastfed newborns? The Doctors are joined by pediatrician Dr.

The Sacramento Bee

Probiotic helps breast-fed babies beat antibiotic-resistant germs, UC Davis study says

Researchers at UC Davis say they were able to dramatically reduce the number of antibiotic-resistant germs in breast-fed newborns’ intestines by giving them a daily dose of Evivo during their first mo

Science Trends

B infantis EVC001 Reduces The Genes In Bacteria That Cause Antibiotic Resistance By 90 Percent

B infantis supplementation is an easy and safe option for reducing antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs), with no side effects, propensity to trigger additional resistance me


The Human Body: Secrets of Your Life Revealed

The connection between breast milk and baby's gut development is fascinating. Take the time to watch this BBC feature with Evivo's co-founder Dr. Bruce German and prepare to be amazed!

UC Davis

Stopping Superbugs With Friendly Microbes

NEWBORN BABY JANE in Sacramento, California, might have access to the best, most modern medical care, but she’s likely missing something else: Friendly gut microbes.

Fast Company

Parents are donating dirty diapers to give babies a head start in life

With all the marvels of modern medicine, it’s assumed that babies born today are far luckier than those of previous generations in each and every way.

Personalized Nutrition & Gut Health: 5 Important Facts Worth Knowing

According to research conducted by Statistica in 2016, 72% of consumers in US believe their eating habit is important to good health and long life.

The Bacteria Babies Need

The Bacteria Babies Need

Scientists at the University of California, Davis, have found that a strain of bacteria called B. infantis that is thought to have been the dominant bacterium in the infant gut for all of human history is disappearing from the Western world.


Probiotics Startup Evolve Bio Receives $40 Million From Gates Foundation, Horizons

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is betting again on the potential of probiotics from Evolve BioSystems. 


Is the Rise of Allergies Due to Missing Gut Microbiomes?

To investigate the concerning rise in both asthma and allergies in children, Dr. Brian McDonough is joined by Dr.


How mothers support their babies’ microbiome with breast milk

Mothers in any mammalian species are crucial for the growth and survival of their offspring, but recent studies show that human moms support the growth of not only their infants but possibly even another species – bacteria in

NPR: Probiotics for babies

Probiotics For Babies And Kids? New Research Explores Good Bacteria

When Melisa Martinez's son, Juelz, was born very prematurely at 25 weeks back in January, doctors at University of California, Davis Children's Hospital gave him probiotics.


Why the Grossest Part of Having a Baby is Good for Newborns and Their Mothers

Childbirth is messy and some aspects are more dreaded than others.

Popular Science

The microbiome—the collection of bacteria and other microbes that reside in our bodies and on our skin—has huge potential. Over the past decade or so, we’ve found that our microbial makeup influences everything from acne to food allergies, obesity, and digestive diseases.

Popular Science

They don’t make baby poop like they did in 1926, that’s for sure. Here’s why scientists care.

Most of us do our best not to think too much about baby poop. But, as it turns out, stool has a lot more power than we think—and not just in terms of its pungent smell. Our poops can say a lot about our health, and that’s true from the first time we soil a diaper.

Nature  Journal

How baby’s first microbes could be crucial to future health

Within a few weeks of being born, a baby is host to a community of billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi — most of which are found in the gut — that can shape many aspects of health. How that community, or microbiota, assembles is a matter of debate: some researchers have begun to question the dogma that the womb is a sterile environment. Yet it’s clear that birth sets off a radical transformation of the infant gut.

NPR: Interview with Mark Underwood

NPR: Interview with Mark Underwood

Capital Public Radio's new health reporter Sammy Caiola makes her debut on Insight to talk about new research from UC Davis on how breast milk plays an essential role in balancing bacteria in a newborn's gut microbiome.

Breast Feeding The Microbiome from the New Yorker Magazine

Breast Feeding The Microbiome

The Foods for Health Institute, at the University of California, Davis, has the appearance of a Tuscan villa, its terra-cotta-walled buildings overlooking a large vineyard and a garden that bursts with summer vegetables. It is led by a chemist named Bruce German, and if there were a world title in extolling the virtues of milk he would surely hold it.