The One Constant I’ve Found in Raising Two Opposite Boys

by Sara Beth, The February Fox Blog | August 2, 2019

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As women, we have heard all of the stories, testimonials, trials, and successes of becoming a mom. We’re told that it’s the most difficult job in the world but also the most rewarding. There’s a lot of vague generalizations about what to do and what not to do and the list of “old wives’ tales” is a mile long.

What I’ve learned personally is that there are very few absolutes when it comes to raising a child. From feeding styles, sleep training techniques, to remedies for colic or diaper rash. Seeing the true difference between Fox and Charlie has been extremely eye-opening. Techniques and tactics that were miracle-workers for Fox seemingly have zero effect on Charlie, and vice-versa. It’s so stark that Tyler and I often joke about any new situations that arise with Charlie should first be met with the opposite of what worked with Fox.

There is one exception that I have found, however: Evivo probiotics. When Fox turned 3 weeks old, colic set in hard. He was inconsolable for hours upon hours every day.

We tried everything to relieve him.
All the over-the-counter colic remedies did nothing to help. It wasn’t until his pediatrician recommended using Evivo – a probiotic that increases your baby’s healthy gut bacteria to fight off bad bacteria that can cause all sorts of discomfort and even future ailments like diabetes, eczema, allergies, and obesity.