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Preparing to Give Your Baby a Healthy Start

What you Need to Know About Newborn Gut Deficiency as a New or Expecting Mom

By: Megan Landrum | May 25, 2021

Newborn Gut Deficiency

As new and expecting moms, we want the world for our little ones. The moment we find out we are pregnant we hope for a strong heartbeat at the first doctor’s appointment. We wait anxiously for the 20-week ultrasound where we pray to see baby’s healthy development. We wish for an uncomplicated delivery and to safely welcome our newborn into the world. The health of our child is paramount from the start.

In preparation for the arrival of a new baby myself, I have started to prepare a comforting nursery, considered breastfeeding and formula options to provide optimal nourishment, and thought about how to give this growing child inside me the healthiest start possible. Regardless of the choices we make as moms, at the heart of our efforts is the same goal – to provide a healthy and happy life for our child.

Fortunately, new research shows how we can maximize comfort for our newborn in the early days while also improving life-long health. 
It was recently discovered that more than 90% of babies in the U.S. have a hidden problem known as Newborn Gut Deficiency, a shortage of good bacteria in the infant gut, and high amounts of bad bacteria, leading to the discomforts new moms are all too familiar with. Colic, diaper rash, poor sleep, gassiness, fussiness, and eczema often have Newborn Gut Deficiency as an underlying cause. When left unresolved, Newborn Gut Deficiency may also lead to the development of asthma, allergies, and type 1 diabetes down the road. 

The good news is it is solvable! 

Feeding Evivo Baby Probiotic (activated B. infantis EVC001) once daily during the first 6 months of life is a clinically proven way to reduce bad bacteria by 80% and restore the beneficial bacteria baby needs for a healthy start. While other baby products say they contain B. infantis, they don’t provide the same benefit as the clinically proven activated B. infantis EVC001 only found in Evivo. Having Evivo on hand for when we bring our newborn home gives me peace of mind as a mom that I am providing that extra layer of protection to keep him comfortable now, and healthy long into the future.

No matter how you birth, feed or raise your baby, Evivo can help resolve Newborn Gut Deficiency and give your baby the healthy, happy start you desire for them.