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Evivo resolves gut dysbiosis and improves clinical outcomes in the NICU



New research reports that NICU infants fed Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) demonstrated a significant decrease in enteric inflammation and nosocomially acquired antibiotic resistance

Research published in Frontiers in Pediatrics provides clinical evidence that Evivo resolves gut dysbiosis in preterm infants. In an observational cohort study, infants born at less than 1500g and/or 34 weeks corrected gestational age were fed Evivo per hospital feeding protocol. Infants born at greater than 1500g and/or 34 weeks cga were not fed a probiotic. Despite the increased risk associated with extreme prematurity and lower birth weight, preterm infants in the Evivo-fed cohort had:

enteric inflammation reduction

reduction in enteric inflammation*

Decrease in antibiotic resistance

decrease in antibiotic resistance

decrease in hospital-acquired antibiotic resistant gene abundance

decrease in hospital-acquired antibiotic resistant gene abundance

lower incidence of diaper rash

lower incidence of diaper rash


*Based on TNFa quantification

Baby and bottleimproved utilization of human milk

Escherichia abundance

NICU Infants fed Evivo have fewer pathogenic bacteria

Establish Evivo as the standard of care in your NICU.

Only Evivo contains the essential beneficial bacteria, activated B. infantis EVC001. This proprietary strain is the first and only infant probiotic clinically proven to improve the biochemistry of the infant gut, reducing potential gut pathogens and improving human milk utilization. Only Evivo is shown to resolve gut dysbiosis, create a protective environment in the infant gut, and decrease enteric inflammation in infants.

Read the PublicationNguyen, M et al. (2021) Frontiers in Pediatrics, 9:618009

Impact of probiotic B. infantis EVC001 on the gut microbiome, nosocomically acquired antibiotic resistance, and enteric inflammation in preterm infants

Key Takeaway

Feeding Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) to your NICU patients is a safe and effective way to limit enteric inflammation, mitigate the spread of antibiotic resistance, reduce incidence of diaper rash and improve human milk utilization for the infants in your care.