Webinar: B. infantis EVC001 is well-tolerated and improves HMO utilization in NICU infants.


About the Webinar

The use of probiotics is widely considered as a possible intervention for hospitalized infants. Expert groups have varying opinions on whether probiotics are well-tolerated and appropriate to implement as standard of care in the NICU. 

In this webinar, you will learn key findings from a January 2022 peer-reviewed publication on feeding activated B. infantis EVC001 to infants in a prospective, open-label study conducted in the NICU including: 

  • Safely fed and well-tolerated
  • Improved HMO utilization 
  • Positive impact on gut microbiome composition

Growing body of evidence demonstrates a clear functional advantage to feeding the targeted bacterial strain B. infantis EVC001 to human milk-fed NICU infants.


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Evivo with activated B. infantis EVC001 is the first and only baby probiotic clinically proven to substantially and persistently transform the baby gut microbiome.