The Infant Gut Microbiome Has Changed

Infant fecal pH has increased more than a full log unit, leaving infants vulnerable to gut dysbiosis51

Infant Gut fecal pH
  • Decades of widespread use of antibiotics and C-sections have driven a loss of Bifidobacterium, resulting in a drastic increase in fecal gut pH
  • Bifidobacterium, a key beneficial gut bacteria, is important to proper programming of the immune system during the crucial first 6 months
  • Without Bifidobacterium, higher gut pH levels allow pathogens to thrive, leaving infants vulnerable to higher risk of autoimmune and metabolic conditions. 
Decrease in pathogenic bacteria

The Clinically Proven Power of Evivo

Evivo is the first and only baby probiotic clinically proven to substantially and persistently transform the infant gut microbiome.7

In a landmark clinical trial, infants fed Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001, ActiBif®) had:7

Evivo-fed infants demonstrated a substantial increase in Bifidobacterium and decrease in pathogenic bacteria

Pathogenic Bacteria Chart
Decrease in pathogenic bacteria

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