Learning Center > Neonatal Intensive Care Magazine: Infinant Health, Inc Announces “Clean Label Project” and “First 1,000 Day Promise” Certifications for Evivo

Neonatal Intensive Care Magazine: Infinant Health, Inc Announces “Clean Label Project” and “First 1,000 Day Promise” Certifications for Evivo

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Infinant Health, Inc, a company focused on improving infant health through the gut microbiome, announced that it received the “Clean Label Project” and “First 1,000 Day Promise” certifications from the Clean Label Project on its flagship product, Evivo, an infant probiotic. Infinant’s Evivo is used by parents at home as well as in healthcare environments, including with the most vulnerable infant populations in the NICU.

The Clean Label Project is a national non-profit committed to transparent food and consumer product labeling. Their awards are given to products that emphasize purity and surpass FDA regulations. Product awards are designated based on safety and require rigorous product sampling and testing. The Clean Label Project’s First 1,000 Day Promise standard uses elements of European food regulations to set thresholds products for pregnant women, infants, lactating mothers, and children.

Infinant Health’s mission is to change the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time, through a deep understanding of infant nutrition and the gut microbiome. The company offers Evivo, an infant probiotic containing B. infantis EVC001, a proprietary strain that helps infants develop a healthy microbiome.  B. infantis EVC001 has unique features that work with human milk to reduce potential harmful bacteria and support healthy immune system function. Potentially harmful bacteria are linked to inflammation and this inflammation may be associated with prevalent childhood issues such as allergies and type 1 diabetes.

Evivo is a food for special dietary use, meeting all FDA regulations for food products, and has been used by hospitals, providers and parents for five years with over 4 million feedings to date in over 60,000 babies. “Infinant Health is committed to creating high-quality nutritional products,” said Anthony Franco, Chief Operating Officer for Infinant Health. “We maintain best-in-class standards for product testing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. These certifications are a testament to our commitment to quality and leadership in infant health.

At Infinant Health, we focus on a continuous improvement process to perfect our product – that starts by creating and following the highest standards in quality. The Clean Label certifications reflect this commitment.” Infinant Health uses third-party testing to ensure viability and purity. Each manufacturing batch of Evivo includes a Certificate of Conformance, and all packaging is BPA free and protects Evivo from moisture, light and oxygen. “Much of the narrative we’ve been hearing lately about baby food safety is limited to cereals, fruits, and veggies.

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