• May 29, 2018
    Nicole M.
    I have only been using this product for a couple weeks. So far my baby has had fewer bowel movements and less diarrhea. She has always been a happy baby so it hasn't changed her overall attitude. The difficult thing is that she has been on antibiotics while starting evivo so I need a little more time to fully evaluate its effects after medication. So far satisfied with the product.
  • May 01, 2018
    Much less fussy!
    Our son spent the first 5 days of his life on antibiotics. Once we were home I noticed he was extremely fussy and uncomfortable before bowel movements. Which for a newborn was at least 6 times per day. I started him on Evivo, and noticed a difference immediately. On day one he only had 1 bowel movement, and he didn’t scream before it. We are now a month in and completely sold! This product is amazing!
  • Apr 02, 2018
    Danika D.
    My son was born with a rare lung disease, so I was looking for a probiotic that would help boost his immune system and prepare his body for handling infections and repeated use of antibiotics. I couldn't find anything that seemed trustworthy enough to use (no other probiotics have research done on their effectiveness! This is baffling/frustrating to me...). I saw an article about Evivo, and I found out that some of the main strands of bacteria that my son will struggle to fight are the same strands that Evivo has proven to be effective against! I am so thankful that I found this product early in his life, and I truly believe it will give his body a strong foundation. Also, he never had gas or constipation issues!
  • Mar 26, 2018
    Kara J.
    Still Deciding
    Unfortunately our son had surgery about a week after we started and got antibiotics. So were still correcting his system. But it seems to be helping.
  • Mar 22, 2018
    Tiffani B.
    North Dakota
    Colicky 7 week old baby girl
    I noticed a difference in my daughter after only 2 days of using Evivo. She was actually awake & content during the day. Prior to using Evivo she would scream & seem in physical pain (from gas we assumed) whenever she was awake. I tried changing my diet, quitting caffeine, gas drops, gripe water, baby swing, swaddle wraps, swaddle ups, you name it, even brought her to the chiropractor 3 times. Nothing worked. She had an IM shot of antibiotic at only 5 days old for a severe eye infection and I thought that may have wiped out her good gut bacteria, which is why I started looking into probiotics. I liked that Evivo was evidence based and promoted by a doctor. I've been using Evivo for about a week now & I really feel she's a new baby. Not perfect; I mean she's still a little fussy and still wakes every 2-4 hours at night, but how much of that is just normal for a breast fed now 2 month old baby? I mean maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'm a believer, & I'm gonna buy another 2 month supply.
  • Mar 13, 2018
    Lisa S.
    Too good to be true?
    I've been using Evivo with my 8 month old for 2 months now. I keep wondering if this is too good to be true or what. My older daughter started getting ear infections at 6 months and she got them pretty regularly for another 6 months. Once my new baby turned 6 months she got her first ear infection, and so I figured we were starting along the same road as her sister. After her first round of antibiotics I started EVIVO, she's EBF. She is now 8 months old and we haven't had any ear infections or illness in general (my other daughter was also EBF, only difference is EVIVO). She has two older siblings who have been sick a few times in the two months and somehow she didn't catch anything. Her poops are also not as frequent (previously we'd have a blow out a day). I'm not sure if this is EVIVO at work... but I'm buying the refills because whatever it is... it's working!
  • Mar 01, 2018
    phyllis M.
    Making a difference
    Our baby was given antibiotics right after birth and I believe that is what caused him having such intense gas pains/tummy issues. Since starting our 3 month old on Evivo, we have seen improvements over the past month. Gas discomfort isn’t completely gone but it has mellowed a bit. We are going to continue use and hopefully little by little our baby’s gut will be normalized.
  • Feb 02, 2018
    Courtney B.
    The fix I didn't know we needed!
    Evivo has changed our lives and I didn’t even know we needed the change. My son has always been a regular pooper and never showed signs of discomfort, but being a new momma, I wasn’t aware of the signs of a gut in distress. My son’s poops were mucusy and often green. The doctor wrote it off to “not getting enough hind milk” or “That’s just his ‘normal’ poop”. And when my son got eczema, my doctor told me “Infants have sensitive skin”. And laslty when we left urgent care due to a reaction to cashew exposure, I decided there was more to this then a list of coincidently symptoms, especially because I am such a healthy, balanced person who deliver vagjnially, refused antibiotics, and have exclusively nursed. My friend who works for Evivo had raved about the benefits of this probiotic when I was 6 months pregnant and it fell off my radar. She pinged me again about it after our urgent care visit, I bought it within the hour, and had it the NEXT day! We have been using it for a week and my son’s skin has fully cleared up from any sign of eczema and his poops are the yellow, seedy look I’ve always been told of, but have never seen myself! Another small win, we haven’t had a blow out since starting Evivo and we used to have at least twice a day. It’s totally worth the price, for it is less than you pay for a coffee a day!
  • Jan 30, 2018
    Rebecca B.
    South Carolina
    One week in
    I was GBS+ (group B strep) when I delivered my LO which for those who don’t know, means you need to receive antibiotics during labor to prevent your baby from contracting a Strep infection. Shortly after delivery, I ended up with a upper respiratory infection and had to go on antibiotics again. I took probiotics through my course but I could tell it was doing nothing for my LO. We were changing stinky diapers 5-10 times a day even a month later and her tummy was so upset! I purchased Evivo at the recommendation of my lactation consultant. Shipping was relatively fast and it was packed very well. Even if I had not been at home when it was delivered I could tell it would have stayed cold for several hours at least. Day 1, no change, fussy baby. Day 2, fussy baby, but only two poopy diaper changes. Day 3, no poopy diapers, slightly happier baby. Day 4, starting to worry, no poop since halfway through day 2 but pretty happy baby. Able to do tummy time again and is much more content during the day. Day 5... bottom dropped out. More like dropped out her bottom. Onesy destroyed, two blankets downed, and my lap became rudely defaced with three days worth of baby poo. Blankets, Mom, and baby took a spur of the moment shower. The good news is, being covered in the stuff, I was able to notice her poo was more normal looking than it had been in the past, less watery and mucousy (sorry). My baby was finally slowing down long enough to fully digest my milk instead of it just rushing through her system. During this time I had also been on the phone with customer service just asking some questions about the consistency of the product. (Is it supposed to be so gritty? Answer was yes, by the way) I spoke with Eric who was incredibly pleasant and did a wonderful job answering my questions. Have never had such a good experience with a customer service before and being an outpatient nurse, I am on the phone with drug companies and representatives all the time. Six days in now, happy baby, now just waiting for things to regulate! Will definitely continue using!
  • Jan 30, 2018
    Jennifer B.
    I’m so sad that I didn’t start this earlier. It would have saved us so much stress that occurred during my son’s first 2.5 months of life. After just one week of taking Evivo his digestive issues completely turned around. He was pooping up to 20 times per day causing horrendous diaper rash that has us seeing doctors weekly and me, as the breastfeeding mom, cutting foods out of my diet like dairy, soy, corn and eggs. I was about to cut out gluten and nuts next when Evivo turned everything around after only a week he now poops maybe 4 times per day. If I can successfully reintroduce all the foods I cut out I’ll actively force all the parents I know to give Evivo to their new babies digestive issues or not! It works and really makes a lot of sense that good bacteria would be missing after the use antibiotics in general in our society. The only trouble was he would spit it out or spit up soon after taking it but even so he got enough to reap the benefits. I found best luck with putting the syringe into the side of his mouth while he breastfeeds. Thanks Evivo for helping my son’s digestion issues!
  • Jan 22, 2018
    Casey C.
    Great, love that it's clinically proven
    I originally purchased Evivo because my son had been hospitalized and was given four different IV antibiotics at one month old. I knew his gut flora was compromised and a probiotic would seem to be beneficial. After a few weeks of use his bowel movements have drastically reduced and he has been gaining weight much faster than before! I feed him the evivo through a medipacifier and he takes it with no problem.
  • Jan 22, 2018
    Brittany K.
    I received my first order of Evivo this past Wednesday. My baby is 7 weeks old and when he was just 3 weeks old, he was admitted to the hospital for fevers and Flu A. We spent 48 hours inpatient while he received IV antibiotics. Following our discharge, I started to take probiotics in hopes that it would help his gut flora (via breastfeeding) from all of the antibiotics he received. After several weeks of him pooping a minimum of 15 times/day (no exaggeration), I came across your product. I'm a registered nurse and somewhat of a sceptic when it comes to giving new things to my babies. However, everything I was able to read on your website made so much sense! I ordered a month's supply of your product and have already seen a huge difference in my son! He's down to 1 or 2 poops/day and I can just tell that he feels better! I love knowing that his gut flora is back to a more normal state! Thank you!!
  • Jan 11, 2018
    Hailey G.
    My son has struggled with gas and bowel movements since birth. I was on antibiotics the week before he was born so all of my good bacteria was killed. This meant that he didn’t get any good bacteria. Evivo has helped tremendously! He now passes gas easily, has healthy bm’s, and is super healthy!! Thanks Evivo!!
  • Jan 03, 2018
    Bethany B.
    South Carolina
    Excited to see results!
    Evivo was delivered promptly offer I ordered, it is easy to use? And very easy to administer to my baby, since he has a feeding tube. I think it may be a big factor in his weight gain, as he was a very slow gainer, and he seems to be putting on some weight. I am hoping that it will at least increase his absorption of nutrients, since he has had antibiotics in his little body a couple times.
  • Dec 21, 2017
    Richie a.
    happier baby
    Our baby was having very bad stomach pains (it seemed by her crying). Because the hospital gave me antibiotics during labor I thought Evivo might help, and she seems less fussy now. Sometimes she still cries, of course, but only if she gets overtired. Before, it was all day! My only complaint is the cost.... Otherwise, great product. We are very happy.
  • Dec 19, 2017
    Corina N.
    The only probiotic I trust for my infant
    I found Evivo after doing extensive research in the infant probiotic space. It's the only one that is designed to work specifically with breastfed infants and backed-up by clinical data. What prompted my research was my 6-month old being diagnosed with an ear infection. After a 10 day course on antibiotics I knew we needed to restore her microbiome, so I started looking at various probiotics on the market that are safe for infants. Evivo was by far the best option out there and I believe it is working as intended, canceling out the bad effects of antibiotics! She has been taking it for over 2 weeks now and is doing great on it. Surprisingly, she loves the taste of it much better than the sweet bubble-gum/strawberry-sh taste of antibiotics! :)I only wish the mixing bowl and feeding syringe that came with our starter kit were better quality - the plastic on the bowl started peeling (on the interior) and the syringe is not working.
  • Dec 08, 2017
    Katelyn G.
    Thankful we found this product!
    Our baby has basically spent his whole almost 8 weeks of life on antibiotics, between a short NICU stay at birth and me being on them for a chronic sinus infection he hasn’t had much of a break. You could tell his poor belly wasn’t working right. After starting this probiotic it completely changed the color, smell and texture of his poop to a more consistent breastfed baby’s poop. Hoping for continued benefits after all the antibiotic use is done! Very happy we found this for our little guy!
  • Nov 30, 2017
    Sarah M.
    New York
    Very Pleased
    Our pediatrician recommended Evivo for our 3 week old daughter, as she was on antibiotics in the NICU. It is a great product.
  • Nov 28, 2017
    Michelle J.
    Still feeling it out. . .
    We're only a few days into taking Evivo. So far, it's been a challenge to get my 14 mos old to not spit it all out. We've started including a bit of cereal into the mix (oat, typically) and since he eats like a teenager, he goes with this method easily. He was a C-sec baby (much to my disliking), so I'm aware of the flora he missed out on, even though we also "seeded." I was also in O.R. Longer than anyone intended, which meant they pumped me full of antibiotics post-op to ensure no infections arose. In the end, I am happy for modern medicine and its interventions when necessary, but as the result, my flora was also depleted and I've been restoring myself - aka, I doubt our lil guy got much via my breast milk during that process. Here's to hoping Evivo will get things back on track and we see clear improvements within the week!
  • Nov 08, 2017
    Laura M.
    Seems to be helping our little one!
    Our newborn had to be on antibiotics, so we were searching for a high-quality probiotic supplement that could help to replenish the necessary healthy bacteria in her gut. This seems to be helping her significantly so far! Ordering was easy and the shipment arrived right on time.
  • Nov 07, 2017
    Kaitlyn F.
    No More Night Time Screaming
    We tried several different probiotics for our baby to help with acid reflux, gas, and colic, but none seemed to help that much. Due to antibiotics during labor, we knew his issues stemmed from lack of beneficial gut flora. Evivo really helped make a difference! He no longer woke up screaming in the middle of the night after about a week. The only downside is that he absolutely hates it. He hates anything you try to put in his mouth through including pacifiers, and a moment of tears is worth a happy tummy! We will continue to use Evivo!
  • Oct 27, 2017
    Jenn O.
    Saw a difference after literally two days!
    As a nutrition researcher, I really feel that the microbiome is the key to many common ailments. I take probiotics myself and did a lot of research while I was pregnant about establishing a healthy microbiome for my baby. When his birth was complicated and required medical intervention (heavy doses of antibiotics, c-section, and formula supplementation) I felt that he probably got shortchanged in the healthy bacteria department. When he has about six weeks old I found Evivo and thought I would give it a try. Since they had already done a phase one clinical trial I knew it was safe for my baby and felt there was nothing to lose and plenty to gain. After only two doses I noticed my son's stooling pattern normalize to what a breastfed baby's stool should be looking like. He also seems a lot more comfortable with less straining. While it's hard to prove that doing something prevents a negative event from occurring (diabetes, obesity later in life) I'm willing to spend a little extra now for the possibility that he will be protected in the future. I'm really glad I found Evivo!
  • Oct 06, 2017
    Newark, California
    Thank you Evivo!
    I discovered Evivo as a client relationship, and quickly discovered our newborn had experienced a lot of the things (c-section birth, wife was on antibiotics during labor, and he was on formula the first 4-5 days after birth) that lead to not having the right bacteria. He was extremely fussy after bringing home, very gassy and had frequent, wet bowel movements that lead to severe diaper rash. We looked into anti-gas droplets and the probiotic product from Gerber; and both had minimal to no impact. After reading more about Evivo and speaking with their Lead Scientist and Director of Clinical - I decided to order a month trial kit. After 4-5 days, we saw clear results as he had less frequent, more solid bowel movements and was much less gassy. After a couple weeks - we further observed significantly reduced acne and more regular, less frequent movements. My wife was so pleased/relieved and we plan to continue using Evivo as our son continues to grow. While she was skeptical at first, she now views Evivo as a true life-saver. While we still have challenges with his sleep cycles, this seems more behavioral and hunger related, with the constant aggravation, gassiness, pooping and discomfort all but gone. We also noticed recently his belly is much less swollen - signs of improved digestion. Now I'm sure some of the improvements are attributable to natural growth and development, we feel Evivo was key in steadying the development and growth the right way - stomach wise. Thank you Evolve Biosystems, and keep up the good research!
  • Oct 02, 2017
    monica g.
    New York
    Gassy baby!
    My newborn was the gassiest baby, he would continuously moan and groan and bring his legs up to his stomach to relieve gas. I was convinced that the antibiotics during labor had affected his gut flora. I tried gripe water and Mylicon but it wasn’t treating the underlying issue, the gas came back. I immediately searched for an all natural probiotic for him once I found out probiotics were safe for newborns, within 3 days I noticed 75% improvement. I completed 24 days of Evivo and he is gas free. I love that evivo has no additivies and additional ingredients!
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