• Sep 16, 2020
    Jessica H.
    Life changing
    Our baby was having major stomach issues. Would go without pooping for 3-5 days and the doctor said that was normal. The issue was he had really bad gas, would start crying before and after passing gas. He was formula and breast milk and we would change the formula and I eat he’s what I ate and no change. The doctor recommended Gerber probiotics and it only make him worse. During my labor I was given 4 rounds of antibiotics. I would ask the doctor and she said his issues were normal but I knew they weren’t. So I purchased Evivo with hopes it would help our little guy. Within 3 days he had a big blow out and within one week he was pooping regularly and less gas and no more crying when the farts came. He is now a happy baby and more calm and better sleep!
  • Sep 08, 2020
    Lisa S.
    North Carolina
    Love Evivo
    Evivo helped my son with his gut troubles. I was on antibiotics during giving birth, afterwords we have Evivo and he stopped his nighttime fussiness while he was on it. I’m going to get another month of probiotics to help him out.
  • Jun 08, 2020
    Melissa R.
    Tummy troubles solved
    I decided to try Evivo with my son after doing much research. He’s my first baby and I obviously don’t Know what I’m doing...as most first time moms feel. I know babies can be fussy and he wasn’t abnormally fussy or colicky but being a nurse it’s hard not to try to help. My mom had c-sections for all her babies, Crohn’s disease and I had to have antibiotics through labor so I’m sure I did not transfer the good bacteria he needed through birth. Since trying Evivo, he so much happier (although he’s always been happy). I notice a difference BIG time when we miss a dose and there are still times he can be uncomfortable but without the help of Evivo, the last few weeks would have been rough. I definitely plan to continue until he’s at least 6 months.
  • Apr 29, 2020
    Ariel G.
    United States
    Satisfied with results
    I was always going to order this - we had antibiotics during labor and I'm interested in the science of microbiomes. Then my baby got very gassy - explosive poops and farts - around week 2. I ordered and now two weeks later, his poops are much less frequent and the loud farts are gone. But mostly I feel better knowing I'm doing everything in my power to provide him with a healthy immune system, which now more than ever is so important.
  • Apr 25, 2020
    Gillian R.
    So helpful!
    My baby was suffering from trapped gas and an upset tummy constantly after second hand antibiotics via breastmilk, the effects lasting beyond the prescription. After trying several probiotics, we tried Evivo. 3 weeks in we have noticed a HUGE difference! No more gassy tummy and painful screams!
  • Apr 02, 2020
    Andrea N.
    Gas has gone down
    I had a c-section baby and I believe that's why she had been so colicky. Antibiotics really mess with your gut so imagine a newborn already experiencing gut issues. I wanted to try a probiotic I just didn't know where to start. I honestly don't even know how I stumbled across Evivo but after my baby would not stop crying it was worth a shot. I did notice a difference within a week of use. Way less poopy diapers and the crying calmed down. She is now sleeping through the nights and barely any grunts. Its worth it!
  • Apr 01, 2020
    Elisabeth C.
    Definitely made a difference
    I was on antibiotics when my baby was born and he's been so fussy. We noticed a difference after three days of giving him the probiotics. Then, when we stopped for three days, he was back to being uncomfortable. Thank you EVIVO!
  • Feb 06, 2020
    Diana A.
    North Carolina
    Lifesaver for Gassy Babies
    4 weeks after my daughter was born, I caught an upper respiratory infection. My antibiotics wiped out her intestinal flora and she went from mostly happy to fussy and crying often. Within 2 days of giving her Evivo, she calmed down. Everyone remarks on how chill and happy she is and I believe it’s thanks in part to Evivo! She also went from pooping a little bit a few times a day to having one major poop every 2 or so days. I definitely recommend Evivo to every new mom. It’s an investment in your baby’s health and happiness!
  • Feb 03, 2020
    Ashley G.
    Significantly helped my baby's digestion
    Before we tried Evivo, our little one had green mucus poops three to four times a day. I had tried cutting several things out of my diet and nothing seemed to help permanently. Once we began Evivo, her poops had practically no mucus and returned to that mustard yellow color. She was born via unplanned C-section and we had antibiotics due to Group B Strep. I believe Evivo helped colonize her intestines like they should've been if she wasn't born the way she was. I'm a believer!
  • Jan 19, 2020
    Kira R.
    Adiós Cry Baby!
    I saw an ad for Evivo on Facebook, I took the quiz. We checked all the boxes. C-section. Baby was on antibiotics immediately after birth. Baby had diaper rash. Baby had every diaper BM’s and it was a MESS! He also had a lot of pain and discomfort after eating, when a baby should be the most content. After Evivo it was like a whole new baby! It took our little one a couple of weeks to really improve but he DID! Bowel Movements went to once a day or every other day, pain was gone after feeding, we went from sleeping Max 3 hours to 4-5 and now in our second month are consistent a 6 hours a night because he’s not waking up with stomach or gas pains! Yes, it is more expensive than your typical probiotic, but to us, to be able to relieve our little one of his pain and actually have a happy non crying baby, it is worth every penny!
  • Jan 17, 2020
    Dana N.
    Still in process
    My son was born early at 32 weeks. I was on antibiotics, lots of other fluids, I had an epidural, poor guy has had his fair share of medications and pokes....so I looked into probiotics to help him out. He’s always had gas but as he’s needed and wanted more nutrients his gas has gotten worse. We started evivo around December 28th it got WAY worse and has gotten a bit better just this last week. He’s cry out and curl up in pain then pass gas, that has subsided but he still has gas that can clear a room. Hoping it continues to get better.
  • Dec 11, 2019
    Lauren U.
    United States
    Best Baby Probiotic!!!
    My sweet boy had major gas and bloating in his early months. And even though we breast fed, lots of BMs daily. I had also been on some antibiotics so I knew I wanted to try something. I tried two kinds from a brand my doc gave me and saw no difference. The reviews sold me on Evivo and 7 months later, we’ve had ZERO colds, no gas and bloating for months, and one happy baby when he sees his Evivo coming! Note: Customer service is THE BEST- my dog ate my syringe and mixing bowl TWICE (seriously like) and they sent me replacements right away and free of charge!
  • Dec 11, 2019
    Misty C.
    My baby responded so well. I was on antibiotics for mastitis and I believe it was affecting his gut. This totally restored it and is much happier!
  • Dec 09, 2019
    Jacqueline S.
    New York
    Great product
    I started administering Evivo to my baby around 3 months old, he’s 4 months now. It’s easy to use and I feel like I’m doing a good thing for him because of all the benefits. I had a c-section and antibiotics, so he likely did not get B. infantis from me at birth.
  • Nov 26, 2019
    Tina W.
    No more diaper rash!
    I was on antibiotics during labor, and our LO would have little watery diarrhea-like poop squirts in his diaper every change which resulted in horrible diaper rash. After giving him Evivo, no more diaper rash and his poops are now regular!
  • Nov 25, 2019
    Krista G.
    North Carolina
    Helps with diarrhea
    Because of the cost, after buying I have evivo every other day to my little one. Then I got mastitis and the antibiotic gave him bad diarrhea. I started giving it every day and it helped re establish a healthy gut and stop his loose stools. Also even with his diarrhea he never once got a diaper rash or redness. I will continue buying and giving him every other day.
  • Nov 14, 2019
    Sarah C.
    United States
    Fantastic product
    My baby boy was born via c-section at 36 weeks. I received antibiotics and so did he due to his NICU stay. He had watery diarrhea multiple times a day and was very gassy. Within a week of starting the probiotics, his BMs firmed up and he only had a few a day. Compared to the messy diapers every change to just a few times a day, this was amazing. He also started sleeping without waking up due to gas frequently! Can’t recommend enough! Telling all my friends!
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Carmen J.
    Diaper rash disappeared, fewer BMs
    My newborn was having frequent small BMs, like 5 a day. After a few days of evivo he changed to having one larger stool every few days. His diaper rash also disappeared. Since I had antibiotics during labor, I’m glad to know I am renewing my sons gut health.
  • Oct 21, 2019
    Diane F.
    So far ok
    It has been three weeks so far on Evivo and my baby does seem to be processing breastmilk better, as he is having less frequent BM’s (used to be after every feeding and now is about 4 times a day) but he still has substantial gas and screams when he has BMs. I was hoping that this would help with those issues. Not sure it is the right bacteria strain for that. But I’ll keep trying it as I had a 24 hour antibiotic drip while in labor with him.
  • Oct 14, 2019
    Emma B.
    The BEST probiotic! Helped my colicky newborn.
    I’ve been using Evivo for 1 month now with my newborn. He spent a week in the NICU and had to go through a full dose of antibiotics when he was first born. This gave him such an upset tummy that kicked in when he was 3 weeks old! My happy boy quickly turned into a very upset gassy baby. After a week on Evivo we saw a major difference. There was an adjustment period at first that took a few days, he was still fussy and had had some big blowouts. But about after 5 days we saw a major difference! He's gone from going to the bathroom 5-6 times a day to once a day and isn’t a gassy colicky baby anymore! We love Evivo because it gives your baby the good bacteria they need, which most other companies don’t. We will be using Evivo as long as we continue breastfeeding and I would highly recommend it to any of my friends!
  • Oct 06, 2019
    Brittany D.
    Easy to do
    We were happy to have something that we could use to build up good bacteria after our son was on antibiotics. Evivo made it simple enough and we had a great experience.
  • Oct 06, 2019
    Brittany D.
    Reviews about Happy
    We were happy to have something that we could use to build up good bacteria after our son was on antibiotics. Evivo made it simple enough and we had a great experience.
  • Oct 06, 2019
    Brittany D.
    When the baby gas just won't pass.
    We were happy to have something that we could use to build up good bacteria after our son was on antibiotics. Evivo made it simple enough and we had a great experience.
  • Oct 06, 2019
    Brittany D.
    Seems to be helping our little one!
    We were happy to have something that we could use to build up good bacteria after our son was on antibiotics. Evivo made it simple enough and we had a great experience.
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