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Evivo Reviews about "Eczema"

Skin irritation in babies is often referred to as "Eczema" and has ties to the gut. The signs of skin flare-ups may be linked to strains of bad bacteria in the gut, particularly Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus is also found on the skin of children with Eczema.

Evivo is the first and only probiotic of its kind clinically proven to reduce potentially harmful bacteria by 80% through better use of the nutrients in breast milk to repopulate baby’s gut with the missing good bacteria, B. infantis.

A daily serving of Evivo mixed with breast milk means a fully restored gut for baby and a sigh of relief for Mom.

  • Apr 04, 2018
    James R.
    ...Apr 04, 2018 JR Eczema My 5 month old son has bad eczema and I did have him on probiotics, but finally got it under control with Evivo. He has only been on it for 2 weeks now but will definately order more! See All Revi ...
  • Dec 26, 2017
    Jessica H.
    Still hopeful
    ...Dec 26, 2017 JH Still hopeful It's easy to store and prepare the probiotic. My little one likes it so it's easy to administer, too. We've been using for nearly 2 months and his eczema is better since we started the probiotic, but not completely gone. I want to continue with the probiotic to see if his eczema ...
  • Jan 31, 2018
    Jillian W.
    Almost immediate change
    ... also had eczema on face arms and legs and diaper rash (but was barely pooping). My little guy attacks the breast now. Even during the week I wasn't using evivo his eating once again changed and he was disinterested. He hasn't had diaper rash since...... starting evivo and the eczema ...
  • Feb 02, 2018
    Courtney B.
    The fix I didn't know we needed!
    ... of the signs of a gut in distress. My son's poops were mucusy and often green. The doctor wrote it off to “not getting enough hind milk” or “That's just his ‘normal' poop”. And when my son got eczema, my doctor told me “Infants have sensitive skin...... it the NEXT day! We have been using it for a week and my son's skin has fully cleared up from any sign of eczema ...
  • Nov 23, 2017
    Kristine F.
    Good product
    ...Nov 23, 2017 KF Good product Although i haven't seen fast results while using evivo on my 4 month old I do believe it is helping him. We are into our second month and I have noticed he his spitting up a little less and his eczema is slowly getting better. ...
  • Nov 21, 2017
    Presley D.
    South Dakota
    Skin issues
    ...Nov 21, 2017 PD Skin issues I used Evivo with my infant daughter for 2 months and then stopped thinking she did not need it. She broke out with eczema over most of her body and has been pooping more. I am reordering and don't plan to try without it again! ...
  • Mar 19, 2018
    Grant ,.
    Thanks Evivo!
    ...Mar 19, 2018 G Thanks Evivo! At first my little one didn't do too well taking Evivo. But using warmer small amounts of breastmilk worked best for us. Her eczema has cleared up a bit just after our first months use, and her stools are OBVIOUSLY healthier. Th ...
  • Jan 15, 2018
    Olga K.
    Great results in just five days!
    ... breath stopped smelling that sour. She's been on Evivo for a full month now. No colics! Her skin cleared up from eczema and still sleeping for 5 hours straight at night. See All Reviews...
  • Dec 19, 2017
    Jennifer W.
    So far so good
    ...Dec 19, 2017 JW So far so good My 6 month old baby has been on these probiotics for about 3 weeks. Overall, he is spitting up less. He has eczema and we are hoping to see improvement with that also but I can't tell if it's made a difference so...
  • Apr 30, 2018
    Jennifer B.
    Definitely recommend to friends
    ...Apr 30, 2018 JB Definitely recommend to friends I have seen the benefits of using Evivo in my 4 month old. I wish I had started it sooner. He was starting to get patches of skin that looked like eczema, and, after about 2 weeks on Evivo, his skin...
  • Sep 14, 2017
    Stefanie B.
    Fast delivery and excellent customer care
    ... concern for the C-section was delivery was that he would be missing the healthy bacteria obtained during a natural birth. I was so happy to see an option that could be a remedy for this. Since birth, he has had patches of eczema and frequent rashes...
  • Mar 13, 2018
    Rachel B.
    So far so good
    ... in her sleep as her gas and digestion improve as well as possible improvement in her skin, since thus far we have had some issues with apparent eczema. As for its actual use, I do find the mixing process a little tedious, and our plastic mixing bowl...
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The first and only baby probiotic of its kind.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. A daily probiotic powder, Evivo mixed with breast milk and fed to babies helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective environment in baby's gut. It also helps develop a baby's metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime. 

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