Fussy baby

It’s no fun fussing over a fussy baby. 

Some parents would say they have an “easy” baby, one who sleeps peacefully doesn’t fuss, entertains themselves and is a total pleasure. Others can only wish they could help their fussy baby to not be so fussy. Theirs is a never-ending battle of trying to soothe an inconsolable baby, with very little success. If your experience sounds more like the latter, here’s some insight on why your fussy baby might be so fussy.

What’s all the fuss about?

Fussy babies fuss for the same reasons adults do. They’re in physical or emotional pain, or they need something—comfort, relief, or sometimes just a good burp. A fussy baby could be a result of hunger, lack of sleep, or colic with discomfort caused by gassiness, an upset tummy or bloating. Whatever the reason, if you find your baby is fussier than they should be, consider the strains of bacteria in baby’s gut. Symptoms like fussiness, are often driven by baby’s gut bacteria—or the lack of beneficial bacteria B. infantis

baby colic and bad bacteria

The first and only baby probiotic of its kind.

63% of Evivo moms report a decrease in colic symptoms, such as gassiness and fussiness. Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. A daily probiotic powder, Evivo mixed with breast milk and fed to babies helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective environment in baby's gut. It also helps develop a baby's metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime. 

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Fussy babies fuss less with Evivo.

Once you restore B. infantis to baby’s gut, the pathogenic bacteria should subside, and so will the fussiness. In fact, Evivo reduces potentially harmful bacteria, including common pathogens like E. coli, C. diff, Staphylococcus (Staph), and Streptococcus (Strep), and other bad gut bacteria by 80%. The only baby probiotic that’s clinically proven to restore B. infantis to the infant gut microbiome, Evivo is the good bacteria that baby needs for a healthy gut and lifelong health. 


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  • Nov 02, 2020
    Claudia R.
    Makes a difference
    I was hesitant to try because of the price and some negative reviews, but our experience turned out to be positive. We started the probiotic at 3 weeks old, just as colic was beginning to emerge with our daughter, who had received antibiotics during labor and just prior to birth. She had lots of gas, frequent and VERY watery stools (about 6 times a day), which created a bad diaper rash, in addition to diagnosed and medicated GERD (medication was started before probiotics). These/colic made our daughter cry a great deal especially during the evening, made it challenging to soothe her, and made bedtime very unpredictable (even more so for a newborn). The gains of this probiotic were gradual though we did start to see a difference basically after the first dose, when she went from 6 stools pe day to 3, and a healed bum/rash in less than 48 hours; we are only 2 packets away from completing a month supply, and our daughter's crying has been significantly reduced, she is much more easily soothed, and predictable in nature (she fusses for eating and sleeping). She is also having approximately one large stool every other day, and it has more consistency (not watery, more pudding like). She continues to pass gas and GERD medication.
  • Aug 10, 2020
    Emily R.
    Happy Boy!
    I ordered these for my son at around 6 weeks of age. I totally notice a difference in his overall happiness when he’s taking them! Barely any fuss, more engaged, more napping. Love!
  • Jul 23, 2020
    United States
    Evivo is amazing
    I ordered 3 months worth got a great deal on it ordered on Tuesday and was supposed to get Thursday it ended up coming on wednesday morning still had half of both ice packs still frozen tried it for my newborn he's 7 days old today and within 3 hours he had already imp err over such as no fussing not nearly as much gas and seems to help with his bowel movements aswell overall I have no complaints whatsoever very pleased and happy with this evivo probiotic product!!! Thank you evivo!!!
  • Jul 20, 2020
    Sarah B.
    Evivo has been nothing but wonderful for our baby. Within 3 days bowel movements went to daily and didn’t fuss as much after about 2 weeks on Evivo.
  • Jun 18, 2020
    Michelle L.
    Helped with stomach upset
    Made a huge difference in my baby. He would cry when he had to have a BM or pass gas and spend endless hours fussing bc of stomach upset. He is now sleeping through the night and no longer cries with BM. Definitely will purchase refills.
  • Jun 12, 2020
    Katharine H.
    Less fuss, more smiles
    I gave this to my mildly fussy baby and it made him happier and more content - no joke!
  • Jun 12, 2020
    Katharine H.
    Reviews about Happy
    I gave this to my mildly fussy baby and it made him happier and more content - no joke!
  • Jun 12, 2020
    Katharine H.
    When the baby gas just won't pass.
    I gave this to my mildly fussy baby and it made him happier and more content - no joke!