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Evivo Reviews about "Gass"

Most babies will have gas at some point in their infancy, but for some, it can cause pain.

Research shows too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria can result in tummy trouble, such as gas, bloating, and general discomfort. Evivo is the first and only probiotic of its kind clinically proven to reduce bad gas-causing bacteria by 80% and repopulate baby’s gut with the good bacteria that are missing.

A daily serving of Evivo mixed with breast milk means a fully restored gut for baby and a sigh of relief for Mom.

  • Oct 02, 2017
    monica g.
    New York
    Gassy baby!
    ...Oct 02, 2017 Gassy baby! My newborn was the gassiest baby, he would continuously moan and groan and bring his legs up to his stomach to relieve gas. I was convinced that the antibiotics during labor had affected his gut flora. I tried gripe water...
  • Mar 05, 2018
    Emily S.
    From gassy to happy
    ...Mar 05, 2018 ES From gassy to happy My little guy was extremely gassy from the time he got out of the womb and he seemed to get tummy aches everyday from it. I saw Evivo advertised on my FB page and thought I would look into it more. After trying...... Evivo now for a couple weeks I can tell you that my son is A LOT less gassy ...
  • Jan 10, 2018
    Mary K.
    good product!
    ...Jan 10, 2018 MK good product! Our pediatrician recommended Evivo for our newborn to possibly help with her being gassy. So far it seems to be working as she is grunting less and doesn't seem to be as gassy and fussy as b ...
  • Nov 29, 2017
    Charmaine D.
    Best probiotic for my baby!
    ...Nov 29, 2017 CD Best probiotic for my baby! My baby used to be super gassy and bloated and she has stinky poop every time I change her diaper. She would cry and fuss because she's too gassy that she couldn't sleep and I'm so frustrated thinking...... was, lacked the some good bacteria in their gut. I found this product and I made decision to try and get a 1 month kit. After one day of giving her Evivo I started noticing that her belly is less distended and she's less gassy ...
  • Oct 06, 2017
    Newark, California
    Thank you Evivo!
    ... after birth) that lead to not having the right bacteria. He was extremely fussy after bringing home, very gassy and had frequent, wet bowel movements that lead to severe diaper rash. We looked into anti-gas droplets and the probiotic product from...... bowel movements and was much less gassy ...
  • Oct 27, 2017
    Ashlin H.
    Helps get system back regular
    ...Oct 27, 2017 AH Helps get system back regular We have used it for 2 weeks now and my 2 month old went from only pooping once a week and gassy to now pooping almost daily or every other day she is still a little gassy at ...
  • Oct 09, 2017
    Stephanie G.
    I think it's helping
    ...Oct 09, 2017 SG I think it's helping I have a 11 week old that I'm using this on who has reflux and is difficult to manage at times. I've heard probiotics help and I've noticed he's not upset all day long anymore but he is super gassy. I...... was hoping it would settle after a week of using your product but he is still super gassy ...
  • Apr 02, 2018
    Casey H.
    South Carolina
    So far, so good!
    ...Apr 02, 2018 CH So far, so good! We have only been using Evivo for a week, but my husband and I have both seen positive changes already. Our little man (4weeks) was extremely gassy, causing great discomfort. While he's still gassy ...
  • Nov 14, 2017
    Mandi B.
    Great product, saw improvements almost instantly
    ...Nov 14, 2017 MB Great product, saw improvements almost instantly I've always known the importance of probiotics and once my baby was a few weeks old I started looking into finding one because he was always gassy, constantly pooping...... and increasingly fussy. After looking into Evivo we decided to go with it because of the strand of bacteria. Once we started Evivo we could tell a difference and improvement within just a couple of days. Our son is 5 weeks old and now much less gassy ...
  • Mar 26, 2018
    Jessica R.
    Love this
    ...Mar 26, 2018 JR Love this My daughter became more regular and has not been gassy since starting her on this probiotic. See All Reviews...
  • Jan 10, 2018
    Eric N.
    Love love love it!
    ...Jan 10, 2018 EN Love love love it! This has been a game changer for my gassy baby! See All Reviews...
  • Dec 27, 2017
    Charmaine D.
    The best probiotic there is!
    ...Dec 27, 2017 CD The best probiotic there is! I've noticed a significant difference with my baby's bowel movement when I started her with Evivo. She's also less fussy and less gassy. See All Reviews...
  • Oct 27, 2017
    Pamela R.
    Happy baby happy mama
    ...Oct 27, 2017 PR Happy baby happy mama Since starting evivo my daughter has been sleeping so much better, less gassy and happier overall. See All Reviews...
  • Oct 07, 2017
    Megan B.
    So far so good!!
    ...Oct 07, 2017 MB So far so good!! My 10 week old is much less gassy and happier since taking this probiotic! Will definitely get more. See All Reviews...
  • Mar 26, 2018
    Yuleiny C.
    Great Product!
    ...Mar 26, 2018 YC Great Product! Evivo does what it says. Baby went from 4 to 5 poops a day to only 1 or 2. She is less gassy and poops with ease. See All Reviews...
  • Feb 06, 2018
    LISA D.
    Helped so much
    ...Feb 06, 2018 LISAD Helped so much Evivo has helped my baby so much! She is much happier and not as fussy and gassy! Thank you. See All Reviews...
  • Dec 19, 2017
    Bethany K.
    Great Probiotic
    ...Dec 19, 2017 BK Great Probiotic This is a great probiotic. My son was fussy with a lot of gas. He was also born via C-Section. Once we started giving him this probiotic he became much happier and a lot less gassy. See All Reviews...
  • Sep 23, 2017
    Brittany B.
    Great product
    ...Sep 23, 2017 BB Great product This has changed my daughters stools for the better! She seems to be less fussy and gassy too! Looking forward to continuing this and will start my future children on this at birth! See All Reviews...
  • Feb 05, 2018
    Gabriela H.
    Great probiotic
    ...Feb 05, 2018 GH Great probiotic Started using at 7 weeks, baby is much less gassy and pooping less often. Product does smell but baby doesn't seem to mind, takes it well. See All Reviews...
  • Jan 10, 2018
    Presley D.
    South Dakota
    Love this!
    ...Jan 10, 2018 PD Love this! My 4 month old is overall so much happier while on Evivo! She was quite gassy before and poops less often now as well. Will definitely continue using. See All Reviews...
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The first and only baby probiotic of its kind.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. A daily probiotic powder, Evivo mixed with breast milk and fed to babies helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective environment in baby's gut. It also helps develop a baby's metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime. 

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