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A happy gut means a happy baby. The first 6 months of your baby's life are critical for immune and metabolic development. Bad bacteria in baby's gut is linked to a higher risk of autoimmune and metabolic issues, like colic, eczema, and allergies. Evivo is the only baby probiotic clinically proven to restore the good bacteria, B. infantis, reducing bad bacteria by 80%. 

With your love and the science behind Evivo, you can give your baby the health, strength, and happiness they deserve.

  • Jan 03, 2020
    Willa V.
    New York
    Can't Hurt
    This product does seem to help with my baby's gas and fussiness. We spend more time alert and happy. I will continue to use while nursing.
  • Jan 01, 2020
    Jennifer S.
    Life changing!
    My 4 week old was getting very colicky. He would cry for hours, had lots of tummy discomfort like gas and trouble pooping. Every diaper change was a little bit of poop but not much, which lead to terrible diaper rash and prescription medication. He was miserable. We tried a probiotic drop but it didn’t do anything. Finally after leaving my sister’s baby shower in tears of frustration and discouragement because I couldn’t help my son enough to ease his discomfort and crying I ordered Evivo. After the first day I noticed his gas smelled stinkier. Something was definitely happening in his gut from day one! After 3-4 days he was a new baby. He was calm relaxed and happy. His poops turned into one or two big ones a day and he hasn’t had diaper rash since. He only cries now if he’s hungry, wet or is tired of daddy and just wants mommy. Haha. I am complemented every single day on how happy and chill my baby is. I tell everyone it’s Evivo. He’s such a sweet little guy and I’m so thankful he’s not in pain anymore. This stuff is a miracle!
  • Dec 27, 2019
    Alexandra B.
    Helped us!
    Our baby had lots of gas and was also pooping every single diaper which resulted in diaper rash. Now he poops once every 1-2 days and his gas has gotten much better! No more stomach pains and cries. Thanks Evivo!
  • Dec 26, 2019
    Stephanie W.
    Calmer Baby
    We order this because our baby was having some gas and digestive issues. I like that it was specifically formulated for breast fed babies. The results have been great! She went from crying all the time to a much calmer and happier baby. My only complaint is that we opened one packet and it was empty. So glad we found something that helped!
  • Dec 17, 2019
    Heather M.
    Helped our son!
    Our son was fussy, gassy and was having a bowl movement 7-8 times a day and starting to develop diaper rash. Once we started him on Evivo it went down to 1 bowl movement a day and no diaper rash, plus we saw a noticeable difference in his gas & fussiness.
  • Dec 16, 2019
    Ashley G.
    Thank you EVIVO!
    My 2 month old was having the worst time having BMs. She would be in so much pain and grunt and grunt all day. She was so fussy ALL THE TIME until Evivo. This literally started working within days and I could see a huge difference in her temperament and how she was feeling overall. Her BMs were finally healthy and came with ease. THANK YOU EVIVO for helping my little one!
  • Dec 16, 2019
    Melissa S.
    Helped with Colic
    I ordered these in hopes of helping my newborn. He was having a ton of gas, uncontrollable crying patterns that were hard to bear. I changed my diet to hopefully eliminate food allergies. Nothing seemed to work. I can say, a month starting these, they have really helped. I’ve noticed a huge shift in his attitude, especially during the dreaded “witching hour”. His gas is a lot more tolerable, he passes is easily. He poopy diapers went from green and frothy to mustard yellow. I know he feels better, he’s happier and sleeping more peacefully. Thank you, thank you!
  • Nov 25, 2019
    Justin J.
    North Carolina
    Love love love!
    So wonderful, my daughter loves it and it has helped get her gut bacteria back to normal after I had to take anitbiotics for mastitis!
  • Nov 25, 2019
    Krista G.
    North Carolina
    Helps with diarrhea
    Because of the cost, after buying I have evivo every other day to my little one. Then I got mastitis and the antibiotic gave him bad diarrhea. I started giving it every day and it helped re establish a healthy gut and stop his loose stools. Also even with his diarrhea he never once got a diaper rash or redness. I will continue buying and giving him every other day.
  • Nov 18, 2019
    Sara G.
    Not sure
    I’m couldn’t quite say if Evivo is effective or not. My daughter had colic and very bad gas when she was younger, and Evivo could have contributed to the end of colic and reduction of gas, but it’s impossible to say. Her digestive system could have simply matured naturally. However, because as a parent you are willing to do whatever it takes, I will keep giving my daughter Evivo just in case it’s helping. Now that my milk supply is significantly slowing because of a breast biopsy, I’m using donor milk and I don’t want to disrupt her digestive system any more than I have to, so I will continue with Evivo for another few months.
  • Nov 18, 2019
    Amanda B.
    Works great
    I’ve only ordered this once and so far so good. Helped baby not be so fussy before and after shots.
  • Oct 28, 2019
    Audra P.
    First timer
    Would definitely recommend! Has helped our baby girl tremendously.
  • Oct 28, 2019
    Kalei S.
    Gas and bowel movements
    We’ve been using almost a month and it has truly helped our daughter with her colic symptoms and gas pains! She still struggles sometimes when trying to poop but I think it’s a different cause. Evivo has truly helped her make bowel movements every day and pass gas with much more ease! We will definitely continue using and recommend this to other parents struggling with gas pains, bowel movements, and even colic symptoms!
  • Oct 22, 2019
    Ashleigh S.
    Worked Wonders
    My daughter was suffering infant diarrhea. She had green frothy stools every hour and no amount of changing our diet or block nursing was helping. After only 3 days on this she was having 2-3 BM's a day and they were yellow and thick. Her gas pains and demeanor changed drastically!
  • Oct 21, 2019
    Diane F.
    So far ok
    It has been three weeks so far on Evivo and my baby does seem to be processing breastmilk better, as he is having less frequent BM’s (used to be after every feeding and now is about 4 times a day) but he still has substantial gas and screams when he has BMs. I was hoping that this would help with those issues. Not sure it is the right bacteria strain for that. But I’ll keep trying it as I had a 24 hour antibiotic drip while in labor with him.
  • Oct 17, 2019
    United States
    Works Well
    We have noticed a big difference in our three month old daughter since using Evivo. Our lactation consultant recommended trying it for a month to help with gas and reflux. She is spitting up way less and overall seems much more content. The price is high for our tight budget but we are doing our best to make sure we can continue giving it to her!
  • Oct 16, 2019
    Michelle L.
    So far so good!
    I believe in taking probiotics myself and there is anecdotal evidence that they help preemie babies like mine... so why not? So far my twins are doing well. Colic and reflux are not too bad. There is no way to pin point what specifically Evivo is doing for the boys, but they take it and don't seem to mind at all.
  • Oct 14, 2019
    Meegyn J.
    I was hoping for a miracle
    My son has had night time gas for 9 months now with no hope in sight. I was praying this would help us, unfortunately it didnt do anything for him.
  • Oct 14, 2019
    Emma B.
    The BEST probiotic! Helped my colicky newborn.
    I’ve been using Evivo for 1 month now with my newborn. He spent a week in the NICU and had to go through a full dose of antibiotics when he was first born. This gave him such an upset tummy that kicked in when he was 3 weeks old! My happy boy quickly turned into a very upset gassy baby. After a week on Evivo we saw a major difference. There was an adjustment period at first that took a few days, he was still fussy and had had some big blowouts. But about after 5 days we saw a major difference! He's gone from going to the bathroom 5-6 times a day to once a day and isn’t a gassy colicky baby anymore! We love Evivo because it gives your baby the good bacteria they need, which most other companies don’t. We will be using Evivo as long as we continue breastfeeding and I would highly recommend it to any of my friends!
  • Oct 07, 2019
    Lanie H.
    It has made a difference
    So far we have seen a change in the amount of bowel movements our daughter is having. They have decreased, which has helped her diaper rash completely clear up.
  • Oct 04, 2019
    Tanya H.
    What a lifesaver!
    This helped my 3mo old daughter tremendously. She had awful nights of crying daily due to reflux. Within 5 days of taking Evivo, her stool changed and her crying started to lessen. Today, no crying and she hasn’t been on it for one month yet. Ordering her 2nd month today. I would try this product if you are having issues with colic or reflux. The only issue I had in the first week was that I wasn’t prepared for the gas and stool change. After calling customer service, Eric assured me this is all normal and it would get better. He was right!
  • Sep 23, 2019
    Chevie H.
    Regular BMs have made my baby comfortable
    I have a healthy, almost 7 week old, baby. Before Evivo my little man use to poop multiple times a day and shart (sh*t-fart) every single diaper. He would struggle all the time to fart and poop. He would always be hungry and My milk supply couldn't keep up and I would need to supplement with formula.. Now we have been using Evivo for almost a month and he poops every other day. He gained over 4.5 lbs since he was born. To me it seems that the good bacteria helps him "absorb" more nutrients from my milk. I would have given this 5 stars but the first time I gave him this treatment I did it right before bedtime and he kept me up all night. It was a rough in our household for a few days while his stomach adjusted to the good bacteria & got rid of the bad bacteria. It would have been nice to have known this before starting this. I do recommend this product and will continue this treatment for as long as I can afford it for the 1st 6 months of his life.
  • Sep 23, 2019
    Catherine D.
    So far so good
    My husband and I are firm believers in maintaining good gut health so when I had to be put on antibiotics after having our son, my concern was how my son’s gut health would be affected while taking them. We ordered Evivo and it came very fast and is pretty easy to administer. At the same time that I was taking the antibiotics, my son broke out in baby acne. I don’t know if the two are related but his acne slowly cleared after giving him Evivo. I’m not sure if I can tell any other noticeable differences while he’s been taking Evivo but I’m trusting that the Evivo is working to help him maintain a healthy gut flora.
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