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Evivo Reviews about "Pain"

Most babies will have gas at some point in their infancy, but for some, it can cause pain.

Research shows too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria can result in tummy trouble, such as gas, bloating, and general discomfort. Evivo is the first and only probiotic of its kind clinically proven to reduce bad gas-causing bacteria by 80% and repopulate baby’s gut with the good bacteria that are missing.

A daily serving of Evivo mixed with breast milk means a fully restored gut for baby and a sigh of relief for Mom.

  • Jul 09, 2018
    Brandi W.
    Evivo is wonderful!
    I ordered Evivo after a recommendation from my son’s pediatrician to help with his painful gas pains. After about a week of using Evivo, my son’s gas pains were much more tolerable for him and his bowel movements were more consistent. Great product!
  • Jul 02, 2018
    Ashley E.
    Amazing results!
    My 10 week is old now has zero gas/gut issues! He was having major gas pains ever since we brought him home. Not anymore. We are beyond happy with this product!
  • Jul 02, 2018
    Katie C.
    New York
    Gave baby gas
    After reading the research on this, I’m a believer that it’s probably beneficial for my baby, so will continue to use it. I had a vaginal, full-term delivery with no complications. Baby was healthy and had “normal” bowel movements (one watery yellow stool after every nursing session) for the first 3 weeks of life before introducing Evivo. 48 hours after Evivo, she started to become extremely gassy and fussy, and didn’t poop for a full 24 hours. Evivo support says this is normal as the “bad” bacteria is being removed. I’d like to know why this is, as to me it doesn’t make sense. After 48 hours she had a huge orange blowout in her diaper. It smelled more lactic/vinegar than her previous poops - more of a noticeable unpleasant smell. Three weeks into it, her poop is still orange and infrequent with a similar aroma. She seems to be less in pain from gas. I’m not sure if she *needed* Evivo or not, and it certainly felt terrible to see her in pain. I will continue knowing I’m not harming her and may be giving some benefit.
  • Jun 12, 2018
    Jessica K.
    Love it!
    My little one was really gassy and having a stool at almost every diaper change! Now he isn’t screaming with gas pain (maybe 1x a week vs daily) and he has 1 big stool every 1 (sometimes 2) days.
  • Jun 12, 2018
    Alison A.
    Evivo helped sooo much!
    Our newborn was having a lot of pain at night, which was causing her to wake often, sometimes every half hour. We thought it was GI distress-related and so wanted to try a probiotic. We learned about Evivo through another mom, and after reading the website and the evidence behind it, we gave it a shot. Our daughter sleeps so much better and rarely has any pain at night. We saw improvement within a couple days of using Evivo. We plan to continue using Evivo and would definitely recommend it to other parents.
  • Jun 07, 2018
    Michelle C.
    What a difference!
    We started giving our daughter Evivo around 8 weeks. Since birth she had been having some poo in every single diaper, and consistently had diaper rash. She also had such pain from gas. I knew this wasn’t normal, even though her pediatrician said it would improve when her digestive system matured. After many nights of a crying baby trying to pass gas, I decided to try evivo. Within days she stopped having poo in every diaper, and instead had 1 bowel movement a day. She also has MUCH less pain when trying to pass gas. I am so glad that we started her on Evivo!
  • Jun 04, 2018
    Great product
    Overall I think Evivo is a great product and have noticed a huge difference in my newborns tummy pains. It is gritty though and because it doesn’t all dissolve, I feel that some of the probiotic goes to waste
  • Jun 04, 2018
    Kalley S.
    Evivo helps!
    My daughter was born 6 weeks early via c-section. She wasn't exposed to any beneficial bacteria during birth. She struggled with gas, as passing stools. Her scream/cry broke my heart. The first time I used evivo I could tell a difference. She still struggles occasionally, but gets a red face and some grunts at most. No more painful screams. Best purchase, I've made in a while!
  • May 30, 2018
    Kristina W.
    Seems to be helping
    Overall, our experience has been pretty good. It took a while for our son to adjust to evivo. We started him around 2.5 weeks. He seemed to spit up more after starting it, but we didn’t know if it was just because he started eating more overall. After a month that leveled off. He doesn’t seem to have as much gas pain like he did and he’s pooping 2-4 times a day instead of nearly every diaper change. His poop instantly started smelling like the probiotic after starting. It hadn’t had an odor before. At almost 2 months he’s finally getting the hang of taking his probiotic.
  • May 29, 2018
    Quinyahna L.
    Made a Bad Gut Good Again
    Since my son was 3 weeks he had an issue with grunting and gas pain. First we tried a national brand probiotic with no change. After two weeks of Evivo we were able to reduce the use of gas drops, and his bowel movements started to become more normal. Very satisfied, will continue to use while breastfeeding.
  • May 24, 2018
    Mary H.
    Helped eliminate painful tummy cramps
    Evivo has been a lifesaver! Our little girl had painful tummy cramps beginning at one-two weeks, started using Evivo and she was doing much better in one week!2 weeks passed and she had no painfultummy cramps. Thought she was colicky andnow she’s not for sure!
  • May 24, 2018
    Sarah B.
    2 month old with reflux
    My 2 month old daughter was diagnosed with reflux and would scream a lot. It seemed she was really in pain. We tried Evivo and 2 weeks later she only cries hard when she is tired. She seems to progressively be getting better every day. I will keep giving her Evivo until after 6 months old. I wish I had this to give to my older daughter who was extremely colicky with reflux and a milk protein allergy.
  • May 21, 2018
    Audrey C.
    Awesome stuff!!!!
    Evivo has been a life saver! My 4month old daughter has been having lots of gas, not pooping, and having a hard time breast feeding. Within two days of taking Evivo I noticed a difference. She not longer is in pain and is pooping more frequently. This is a great product
  • May 21, 2018
    Sarah J.
    Helpful for ALL of Us!
    We started giving our son Evivo when he was just about a month old. Before we gave it he was fussy and crying and noticeably uncomfortable and in pain. After only a few days he is calm and is able to pass gas far easier, and with less pain, than before. He tolerates the daily dose so well everyday and doesn't fight it one bit. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!
  • May 14, 2018
    Megan G.
    Great product
    My daughter always would spit up and seem like she was in such pain! After a week we noticed a huge difference and her digestion seems to be on track!
  • May 14, 2018
    Kristie L.
    Happy baby
    I have already recommended this product to friends. My 1-month-old baby would have gas pains for hours. After a couple days of using Evivo we noticed a big difference. He was happy! We felt like we could get to know him better. His thrush also cleared up within a week or so, without any other treatment. Thanks Evivo!
  • May 14, 2018
    Grace C.
    A pain to prepare but would recommend
    When my baby had his 2 month vaccine, his poo changed and he had a slight fever. I then started evivo for him. During his 4 month exam, my baby’s poo remained normal, and he had no fever. Unsure if this is correlated, but it seems to be working. My baby actually poops a lot less than before, every 2-3 days. My only negative is that it is a bit of a pain to mix the powder everyday, especially for someone who does not pump. Would recommend it for someone who’s concerned about optimizing the your baby’s gut health.
  • May 09, 2018
    Karen J.
    Might be helping?
    We started our daughter on Evivo around 8 weeks because she was restless when sleeping and grunting/straining a lot, so we thought it might be gas pain. We’ve noticed that the frequency of her stools has decreased and her straining has decreased too, but it’s hard to tell if that’s Evivo, or her gut maturing, or me quitting dairy. It doesn’t dissolve that well and it has a strong smell, I’m not sure if she likes it, but she is taking it. But it’s worth it if only for my piece of mind that she’s getting good bacteria she needs after being born via C section.
  • May 07, 2018
    Siyana R.
    not sure if it really helps
    my baby is extremely gassy ever since we came back from the hospital. at 4 weeks she was crying constantly and being in pain. we started Evivo and now she cries only between 7-9:30pm on and off which is better but I expected more... will continue using for now..
  • Apr 30, 2018
    Nichelle M.
    Great Product
    It helped my baby out a lot. Wasn't waking up as often with gas pains in the middle of the night.
  • Apr 30, 2018
    Maryelaine S.
    The cure to our little one's gas
    Being in the healthcare profession, I am particular about the supplements I take so when our daughter was born via c section unexpectedly I knew we would have to find a high quality probiotic for her. From birth I could tell we had a gassy baby on our hands. She would cry in pain. Then I stumbled upon evivo. I appreciated that evivo is backed by research so I ordered it and thought "what the heck, lets see what happens." The change in her gas is noticeable. It is so much less and hardly ever seems to bother her. We are traveling this week and I forgot to pack her evivo. Mom fail for sure. Her gas is back and it seems her bowel movement pattern is off. I'm looking forward to getting home for no other reason than to get her digestive health back on track!
  • Apr 24, 2018
    Lindsay G.
    We love Evivo! It helped our one month old go from pooping 8 times a day to once and helped his gas pain tremendously!
  • Apr 24, 2018
    Great product! I ordered because my baby boy has really bad gastric reflux and didn’t want to place him on harmful pharmaceuticals that would mask the issue not resolve it. I placed him on Evivo and Nat 10. The results are unbelievable! He doesn’t projectile vomit anymore and spitting up isn’t painful like it use to be for him. I will continue to use both for my little guy! So glad to have found Evivo!
  • Apr 24, 2018
    Kristin N.
    It really works!
    I started using this product when my baby was about 7 weeks old, he was sleeping terrible, having horrible gas and acting like he was in pain. Despite our concerns our pediatrician said it was just colic and he was perfectly fine. After some research I came across Evivo and decided to give it a try. After a week he was sleeping better, having more regular poops and didn’t seem to be in pain. We’ve been using the product for two months and he’s been doing great. Silly me thought I would try to stop giving it to him to see if his digestion system had worked itself out. Horrible decision! It’s been three days without and he is back to being completely miserable. Needless to say I am ordering some more immediately!
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