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Evivo baby probiotic is the result of over a decade of research and clinical trials at The University of California Medical Center. Our breakthrough findings about the baby gut microbiome and infant probiotics are covered in well-respected publications around the world. 

This is why pediatricians, midwives, lactation specialists, pharmacists, and countless moms recommend giving Evivo early in life to completely restore and naturally protect your baby's gut, building the foundation for good health that can last a lifetime.

  • Jun 11, 2018
    Tanya S.
    Helped our little man so much!!
    Evivo was recommended to us by our Pediatrician to help settle our LOs stomach, we suspected he had a dairy intolerance. I was hoping Evivo was the turning point and it sure was, back to out happy baby and regular looking Poo.
  • May 07, 2018
    Kathryn F.
    Love it!
    I am so happy I tried Evivo. My first baby was born 2 months ago and while she did poop frequently it seemed like something was bothering her. She made constant grunting noises and cried -her doctor said it was just colic. Within a week of trying Evivo the grunting and crying stopped, she pooped less often and slept longer at night.
  • May 03, 2018
    Kelly P.
    Being a family nurse practitioner in conservative Ohio I was told by my pediatrician not to use a probiotic. After conducting my own review of literature, I decided to try it. My infant has since stopped defecating over 12 times a day, now down to 4-6 times per day. He has gained 2.5 lbs in 3 weeks! He was diagnosed with reflux and is on randitine, but I do believe the gut issue has improved significantly due to Evivo. I will highly recommend this product to my patients. I am very satisfied and will continue to use!!
  • Apr 24, 2018
    Kristin N.
    It really works!
    I started using this product when my baby was about 7 weeks old, he was sleeping terrible, having horrible gas and acting like he was in pain. Despite our concerns our pediatrician said it was just colic and he was perfectly fine. After some research I came across Evivo and decided to give it a try. After a week he was sleeping better, having more regular poops and didn’t seem to be in pain. We’ve been using the product for two months and he’s been doing great. Silly me thought I would try to stop giving it to him to see if his digestion system had worked itself out. Horrible decision! It’s been three days without and he is back to being completely miserable. Needless to say I am ordering some more immediately!
  • Apr 23, 2018
    Karen S.
    Eczema and Food Allergies
    My then 8 month old had a pretty bad eczema rash her doctor said was correlated to food allergy/sensitivity. We started her on EVIVO and eliminated some foods to figure out her sensitivity, and her rash went away after about a month. Her bowel movement went from very watery diarrhea everyday to a more pasty poop every other day. No more mucous in her poop, and overall, I am very happy with how EVIVO is helping her gut health.
  • Apr 04, 2018
    Michael T.
    Great product
    My wife and I started our newborn on Evivo at about two weeks of age. Our daughter is exclusively breastfed (no formula). Since giving her Evivo she has slept great, has minimal stomach discomfort, and never gets constipated. She is very healthy and alert and her pediatrician tells us she is one of the healthiest babies she has had as a patient in a very long time. I am a firm believer in the product and we will continue to give it to her as long as she is breastfed.
  • Mar 22, 2018
    Tiffani B.
    North Dakota
    Colicky 7 week old baby girl
    I noticed a difference in my daughter after only 2 days of using Evivo. She was actually awake & content during the day. Prior to using Evivo she would scream & seem in physical pain (from gas we assumed) whenever she was awake. I tried changing my diet, quitting caffeine, gas drops, gripe water, baby swing, swaddle wraps, swaddle ups, you name it, even brought her to the chiropractor 3 times. Nothing worked. She had an IM shot of antibiotic at only 5 days old for a severe eye infection and I thought that may have wiped out her good gut bacteria, which is why I started looking into probiotics. I liked that Evivo was evidence based and promoted by a doctor. I've been using Evivo for about a week now & I really feel she's a new baby. Not perfect; I mean she's still a little fussy and still wakes every 2-4 hours at night, but how much of that is just normal for a breast fed now 2 month old baby? I mean maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'm a believer, & I'm gonna buy another 2 month supply.
  • Mar 21, 2018
    Johanna L.
    Up in the Air
    I’m up in the air about this product. Pros: my 11 week old son has had less gas and trapped air pains. Cons: it smells and tastes horrible. He cries every time I try to administer it and spits some out half the time. I sent a message to Evivo asking about the effectiveness of mixing the powder in a 4oz bottle of breast milk instead, but never heard back. Another concern is that since starting this, he hasn’t pooped in 5 days! He usually has several bowel movements per day and now he’s gone to none. Our pediatrician said that we can wait up to 10 days for a bowel movement, so hopefully it will happen by then. If not, I’m discontinuing this and finding another probiotic that doesn’t make him cry and stopped up.
  • Mar 20, 2018
    A Zeller
    New Hampshire
    Definitely Helps with Digestion!
    My newborn girl was pooping between 8-10 times a day from day 1, and it was causing her really really bad diaper rash that we couldn’t get to go away! Cue me asking her pediatrician for a recommendation and he suggested a probiotic. Light bulb! I remembered Evivo from an ad on Instagram and read every single review. I had a feeling it would help and it did! She’s down to 2-3 poops a day and her bum looks much better! She also seems to be passing stool much more comfortably! Yay!
  • Mar 19, 2018
    Connie R.
    Probiotic miracle
    My little one had been struggling to poop and even pass gas. We had mentioned to our pediatrician and she had given us samples. A few days into using the product we noticed a huge difference in her behavior. She didn’t scream out in pain to pass gas and her pooping seemed to be easier to come out. This has been an amazing addition to her new little life and we will continue it while she breastfeeds.
  • Mar 19, 2018
    Sara R.
    It's like we have a new baby!
    Our daughter had been refusing to eat. Every time we put the bottle to her mouth she would scream. Our doctor told us to give her Evivo every day. With in two days she stopped screaming, and eats with pleasure. Her poops and farts to have a very potent smell and her poop is a sort of grey color. But, she is happier than she’s ever been.
  • Mar 13, 2018
    Jaimie L.
    Baby is in 90th percentile
    My daughter has been taking envivo since about three weeks old. We’re normally consistent with it but sometimes miss. When we do she gets backed up. She often wouldn’t go to the bathroom for two or three days. Now she is regular. Also, she is a monster baby now! She weighs 16 lbs at four months. I am confident the weight gain was so great because of the envivo. There is definitely something to it. She hasn’t gotten sick once, not even a sniffle. Feel very blessed to have found this. I was at a bed and breakfast and a doctor at Sutter Health in Elk Grove was staying there as well. He told us about the UC Davis study about gut bacteria and babies. Randomly a week or two later, envivo came across my Facebook or Instagram and I researched it. Really think babies within the failure to thrive category, etc would benefit from this. I am not a doctor, however.
  • Mar 08, 2018
    Natalie E.
    LOVE Evivo
    Evivo has made a huge difference for our son. He was projectile vomiting multiple times per day since he was born. He is 8 weeks now. We tried everything: breast vs. bottle, special bottles, crib wedge, dietary changes (for me), holding him upright 30 minutes after every feeding, etc. You name it we tried it. Then I happened upon Evivo, we talked with his doctor about it, did lots of reading, and decided to give it a shot. He has been on the Evivo 2.5 weeks now and has only threw up 5 times. It may not seem like it but that is HUGE! Now in full disclosure we are still using all the other "reflux preventative" things mentioned above, but there was no change until we started using the Evivo... and the change was dramatic. It is like night and day. Fingers crossed this is the solution to the problem.
  • Feb 13, 2018
    Rene F.
    Thank you Evivo
    My son would always seem to have a lot of gas and stomach pain. I felt so helpless when he would cry and scream in discomfort especially after I would breastfeed him. His pediatrician recommended I try eliminating dairy from my diet, still my son seemed In so much pain. After some research I came across Evivo and decided I would try. After just 1 week my son no longer seemed to be gassy or in any pain whatsoever! It’s now 3 months on Evivo and I can’t be more thankful my son is the happiest baby.
  • Feb 02, 2018
    Courtney B.
    The fix I didn't know we needed!
    Evivo has changed our lives and I didn’t even know we needed the change. My son has always been a regular pooper and never showed signs of discomfort, but being a new momma, I wasn’t aware of the signs of a gut in distress. My son’s poops were mucusy and often green. The doctor wrote it off to “not getting enough hind milk” or “That’s just his ‘normal’ poop”. And when my son got eczema, my doctor told me “Infants have sensitive skin”. And laslty when we left urgent care due to a reaction to cashew exposure, I decided there was more to this then a list of coincidently symptoms, especially because I am such a healthy, balanced person who deliver vagjnially, refused antibiotics, and have exclusively nursed. My friend who works for Evivo had raved about the benefits of this probiotic when I was 6 months pregnant and it fell off my radar. She pinged me again about it after our urgent care visit, I bought it within the hour, and had it the NEXT day! We have been using it for a week and my son’s skin has fully cleared up from any sign of eczema and his poops are the yellow, seedy look I’ve always been told of, but have never seen myself! Another small win, we haven’t had a blow out since starting Evivo and we used to have at least twice a day. It’s totally worth the price, for it is less than you pay for a coffee a day!
  • Jan 31, 2018
    Vanessa Brinkmann
    It worked!
    My 5 month-old daughter had been having terrible gas pains that had her screeching and buckling up her legs a lot. She also was pooping only every week or so. We tried pear juice to help her poop, and I tried cutting back on dairy - no improvement. Doctor didn't have any other suggestions beside baby laxatives, which I really didn't want to do. Finally I found Evivo and it made such a difference! She poops every 2-3 days for the most part; significantly less gas pain; passes gas easily. Such a relief! I highly recommend. Note - give it 2 weeks. The improvement does not show right away - and I am so glad we stuck with it.
  • Jan 30, 2018
    Jennifer B.
    I’m so sad that I didn’t start this earlier. It would have saved us so much stress that occurred during my son’s first 2.5 months of life. After just one week of taking Evivo his digestive issues completely turned around. He was pooping up to 20 times per day causing horrendous diaper rash that has us seeing doctors weekly and me, as the breastfeeding mom, cutting foods out of my diet like dairy, soy, corn and eggs. I was about to cut out gluten and nuts next when Evivo turned everything around after only a week he now poops maybe 4 times per day. If I can successfully reintroduce all the foods I cut out I’ll actively force all the parents I know to give Evivo to their new babies digestive issues or not! It works and really makes a lot of sense that good bacteria would be missing after the use antibiotics in general in our society. The only trouble was he would spit it out or spit up soon after taking it but even so he got enough to reap the benefits. I found best luck with putting the syringe into the side of his mouth while he breastfeeds. Thanks Evivo for helping my son’s digestion issues!
  • Jan 10, 2018
    Mary K.
    good product!
    Our pediatrician recommended Evivo for our newborn to possibly help with her being gassy. So far it seems to be working as she is grunting less and doesn't seem to be as gassy and fussy as before using Evivo.
  • Jan 03, 2018
    Sarah M.
    New York
    Pleased once Again!
    We continue to buy this product at the advice of our pediatrician, and we continue to be happy with the product.
  • Dec 28, 2017
    Sarah M.
    New York
    Continue to be pleased
    We have used Evivo since our daughter was born, per the recommendation of our pediatrician. It is a great product.
  • Dec 19, 2017
    Lauren W.
    North Carolina
    Love Evivo
    I’m a first time mom to a now-7-week-old breastfed baby girl. She was gassy from just about the very beginning and seemed uncomfortable a lot of the time, fussing and crying and passing stool that made me question whether she had a sensitivity or even intolerance or allergy to something in my diet. After her diapers were negative for any blood, the pediatrician gave us the idea to try Evivo when she was just under a month old. We had been using another brand of off the shelf infant probiotics for about a week and a half and hadn’t seen too much change and, as it was so hard on us to see her in discomfort and what even sometimes seemed like pain, we ordered Evivo. Within a week, I could tell a difference in both her diapers and her disposition and now, after almost three weeks of daily use, she seems so much happier! We no longer see green mucousy stools and rarely feel the need to use gas drops or gripe water anymore (before starting Evivo, we were using gas drops daily - some days multiple times). I don’t question my diet anymore because she does not seem to be in intestinal pain, even when passing gas or stools. While I obviously can’t say that simply giving her time to adjust hasn’t played a role in the change we’ve seen, I very sincerely believe Evivo was a major part of bringing about our happier, more comfortable baby. Aside from these positives, I also love the fact that we are populating our daughter’s gut with good bacteria early on! Working in mental health and having an understanding of the brain-gut connection makes this something that is very important to me.
  • Nov 30, 2017
    Sarah M.
    New York
    Very Pleased
    Our pediatrician recommended Evivo for our 3 week old daughter, as she was on antibiotics in the NICU. It is a great product.
  • Nov 28, 2017
    Cassandra C.
    The Answer to Newborn Digestive Distress
    We purchased Evivo after our pediatrician recommended we give our newborn a probiotic for the digestive distress/colic he was experiencing. After researching our options, we decided to give Evivo a try. We started giving our son Evivo when he was three weeks old and within two weeks, his colic had improved, his discomfort from gas and bloating had significantly improved and his sleep pattern has improved.
  • Nov 14, 2017
    Brooke L.
    My review
    Was recommended by our pediatrician. Rather expensive compared to quality probiotics I take for myself. It has a sulfur-like smell I’ve never experienced with other probiotics. The powder does not fully dissolve in breast milk solution. I have to insert the remaining powder in her mouth after using solution in thread. Even though it’s a tedious process to give baby this supplement every day, I don’t imagine there is really any other way to ensure baby is getting full dose. Just takes some time to get in a rhythm using this product.
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