• May 29, 2018
    Trisha J.
    Changed Baby
    I’ve been using Evivo for about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier. My baby seems to be happier as well! He has really bad silent reflux and we have him on medicine for that too. Evivo has taken care of all the other tummy troubles he’s had since he was born. He no longer screams and cries at the top of his lungs and we can tell the difference between all his cries now!
  • May 24, 2018
    Sarah B.
    2 month old with reflux
    My 2 month old daughter was diagnosed with reflux and would scream a lot. It seemed she was really in pain. We tried Evivo and 2 weeks later she only cries hard when she is tired. She seems to progressively be getting better every day. I will keep giving her Evivo until after 6 months old. I wish I had this to give to my older daughter who was extremely colicky with reflux and a milk protein allergy.
  • May 21, 2018
    Josina V.
    Happy mama
    Evivo is a great product! Saw a difference in my baby after two weeks of being on it. Less fussiness from reflux and gas and pooping less as well.
  • May 21, 2018
    Alisa H.
    3 month old baby with reflux
    My 3 month old has been on reflux medicine since he was 7 weeks old. He would still cry all the time after eating and not be able to sleep at night. Since starting Wvicio, he is like a different baby. Happy all the time, only cries when he is hungry or tired and is going longer at night without eating. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a real change in a reflux baby!
  • May 14, 2018
    Ashley L.
    Evivo works
    Great product! Started using around 8 weeks for my LO tummy issues and reflux. Her problems have drastically improved.
  • May 09, 2018
    Carmen B.
    North Carolina
    Great product
    It's great that my daughter has developed a regular bowel movement after Identified with acid reflux.
  • May 09, 2018
    Meredith S.
    Love it!
    Overall, my son has responded well to Evivo. He had reflux the first few weeks of his life, but it seems to be cleared up now! Its a bit cumbersome to have to mix with breastmilk each day, but we make it work, because it works.
  • May 07, 2018
    Kasey S.
    So happy to have found this!
    I have always been a firm believer in having proper gut health making a huge difference in overall health but I finally got to see just how much this product helps. My son has bad reflux and we ran low on meds this past weekend and he was spitting up so so much and I was afraid to give him a dose of Evivo, but, I did and it helped him a lot the spitting up subsided and he seemed to feel great! Just placed my order for a refill and will continue the use of this product!
  • May 03, 2018
    Kelly P.
    Being a family nurse practitioner in conservative Ohio I was told by my pediatrician not to use a probiotic. After conducting my own review of literature, I decided to try it. My infant has since stopped defecating over 12 times a day, now down to 4-6 times per day. He has gained 2.5 lbs in 3 weeks! He was diagnosed with reflux and is on randitine, but I do believe the gut issue has improved significantly due to Evivo. I will highly recommend this product to my patients. I am very satisfied and will continue to use!!
  • Apr 24, 2018
    Great product! I ordered because my baby boy has really bad gastric reflux and didn’t want to place him on harmful pharmaceuticals that would mask the issue not resolve it. I placed him on Evivo and Nat 10. The results are unbelievable! He doesn’t projectile vomit anymore and spitting up isn’t painful like it use to be for him. I will continue to use both for my little guy! So glad to have found Evivo!
  • Apr 23, 2018
    Lynn B.
    Great stuff!
    So glad we are using Evivo! It’s helped my daughter with her reflux and has given me better peace of mind that I’m doing the best for my child.
  • Mar 28, 2018
    Jessica W.
    No change
    Great idea and fast shipping but have not seen any change in my son, who has acid reflux problems. We are still looking for a better solution, but we will finish the month’s dose.
  • Mar 23, 2018
    Andra W.
    Reflux issues
    We started evivo right after we started zantac and I quit dairy. Her reflux had already improved, but the evivo made her so much more comfortable and content!
  • Mar 15, 2018
    Lynn B.
    Great product!
    Evivo has made a huge difference for my daughter who has bad gas and reflux. She’s now less fussy and gives more smiles.
  • Mar 08, 2018
    Natalie E.
    LOVE Evivo
    Evivo has made a huge difference for our son. He was projectile vomiting multiple times per day since he was born. He is 8 weeks now. We tried everything: breast vs. bottle, special bottles, crib wedge, dietary changes (for me), holding him upright 30 minutes after every feeding, etc. You name it we tried it. Then I happened upon Evivo, we talked with his doctor about it, did lots of reading, and decided to give it a shot. He has been on the Evivo 2.5 weeks now and has only threw up 5 times. It may not seem like it but that is HUGE! Now in full disclosure we are still using all the other "reflux preventative" things mentioned above, but there was no change until we started using the Evivo... and the change was dramatic. It is like night and day. Fingers crossed this is the solution to the problem.
  • Feb 27, 2018
    Lindsay B.
    I would definitely recommend this product
    I feel as though the actual process of using Evivo is very easy and user-friendly. My little one has colic and reflux and will be 5 weeks in a couple days. Our first had severe reflux and colic that went undiagnosed for the first 3 months of her life. So, I wanted to make sure to help our second out early since he started showing similar symptoms. We’ve been using Evivo in combination with chiropractic care and reflux medication. We started with Evivo first then added the other two after about a week and he has been getting all three for about 5 days now. We saw a slight improvement in his fussiness with Evivo alone, but a very noticeable and positive difference in his stool production. He went from pooping 5-7 times a day to 1-3. Now that we’ve added the reflux meds and chiropractor, there’s a huge difference in his demeanor. Today was the first day where he actually seemed content and would only cry when he needed something! I plan on using this product as long as he is breastfeeding and would definitely recommend it.
  • Feb 13, 2018
    Kelsey P.
    Lifesaver for baby
    I was hesitant at first. I’ve tried over a dozen brands of probiotics and strains, the ones that worked with my first born had proven to make little difference in my current little ones system. After a week hold, he suffered horrible reflux but after now almost 3 months of Evivo, he hardly ever spits up! It was literally an instant change the day he got it. And only once have I forgotten to give it to him, which resulted in a day of lots of laundry, so I know it’s not a complete matter of him “growing out of it.” Evivo really made a difference in my baby’s tummy and my sanity because ya know, less laundry is showers for mom is awesome. Thanks!
  • Feb 13, 2018
    Natasha O.
    Helping with acid reflux
    My newborn has silent acid reflux and we are trying many ways to treat it including probiotics.
  • Feb 05, 2018
    Stacey P.
    So far so good. My
    So far so good. My daughter is 4 weeks old with colic and reflux. I'm hoping this helps. , we are only 4 days in, she might be getting better. She gobbles it down and seems to like 8
  • Jan 31, 2018
    Mark P.
    What a blessing!
    Helping my granddaughter so much with her reflux!
  • Jan 18, 2018
    Greg C.
    New York
    Awesome product
    Our son has a lot less reflux and is overall much happier wen taking these probiotics
  • Jan 18, 2018
    Linda H.
    baby has stool every 4-5
    baby has stool every 4-5 days now (before it was a couple times a day) - hope it's a good sign? otherwise his skin improved (baby acne) and he has been eating well. Overall he has been doing really well. His reflux did not improve (it's nothing serious though) but I guess Evivo is not a cure for reflux anyway. How long should the baby be on Evivo?
  • Jan 16, 2018
    Leila H.
    Excellent product
    My baby had lots of problems with gas and reflux, but both have subsided after using Evivo. Great product, that I would highly recommend!
  • Jan 10, 2018
    Valarie S.
    Happy Baby Happy Mom
    I am a mother of a son with silent reflux, anyone who knows anything about reflux knows what a difficult journey this is. Evivo is the first probiotic that actually addresses reflux symptoms. This is the first probiotic that gave my son solid bowels, which were generally runny, also the first PRODUCT that seem to give my son any relief. My son is 13 months now, and was diagnosed with reflux at two weeks. For any parent that is skeptical about this product and are dealing with a child that has gas, digestive, or reflux issues, this is the product for you.
  • Jan 03, 2018
    Elizabeth B.
    New Jersey
    Our overall experience with Evivo has been positive. Our baby has acid reflux so we were told a probiotic could help with her gut. She's definitely been more comfortable. Going to keep up with it!
  • Dec 27, 2017
    Heather C.
    Rhode Island
    Colicky/reflux baby
    Spitting up less and improved sleeping
  • Dec 20, 2017
    Kyoko O.
    Happy baby
    My second daughter was been diagnosed GERD acid reflux and bad rash. As soon as I started removing all cow milk products from my diet, we also started EVIVO. Within two weeks, her skin cleared up, and we now have this happy baby. Her stool color and texture also improved so much.
  • Dec 19, 2017
    Jennifer C.
    Going on Month 2
    Month 1 I saw improvement in his reflux issues so we are looking forward to continuing to see if things continue to improve!
  • Dec 14, 2017
    Jaimie H.
    Baby with digestive issues has had help
    Evivo has been great, my baby has many allergies and colic and evivo has been helping her belly. She also has acid reflux and that has as well gotten much better. Will be ordering again
  • Dec 12, 2017
    Valarie H.
    My son was born with silent reflux, but diagnosed at two weeks. I must admit, silent reflux was something I had never heard of, and I might be the first parent to say this diagnosis is an unpleasant journey to say the least. My son is now 11 months old, and over the course of his life we have tried everything, from western medicines, chiropractors, and holistic medicine, And nothing gave my son relief. We’ve tried three different probiotics and spared no expense, tried every milk and alternative milks that exist (stopped breastfeeding at 5 months), he’s also seen a GI specialist who prescribed expensive gas drops that did not work... the most frustrating thing is that the physicians seemed clueless as to what was going on, not only was my son the indication that reflux existed in babies, but we felt hopeless, and helpless for our son. The most frustrating part is that everyone from physician’s to family and friends trivializes your experience, and does not understand the severity to what your child and family are going through. I had to educate myself so I could help my son, and after doing extensive research I found Evivo. I must say that it took forever to receive the product, something logistically must have happened, and as a anxious, sleep deprived parent it felt like a lifetime, but once I contacted the customer service, I spoke with Erick and the product was at my door the next morning! I noticed a change in my son after day 3, for the first time in his little life he had only awaken three times during the night, and seemed to be resting well. My son generally wakes up 6-10x’s per night. The only time he slept a full night was the first day he was born. It has been a battle. I also notice that he has normal stool, before he had mucous like watery stool. I know this is extensive, but for any parent who is experiencing anything remotely close to what me and my husband have, the Evivo is more than worth a try!!!! I just pray that my son gets better and better from here! Thanks
  • Dec 05, 2017
    Gabrielle B.
    Great product
    Since starting Evivo 2 months ago, my daiughter who had colic has less intense episodes of her coic and her silent reflux also improved. Thank you for such a great product!
  • Nov 21, 2017
    TONYA M.
    Starting to notice a difference
    My 5 week old baby suffers from acid reflux. I was searching the internet for a probiotic and saw Evivo. It works with breast milk So i decided to give it a try. It has only been a few days but t I have noticed a big difference with her being able to pass gas and there has been a decrease with her spitting up. It would come up out of her nose which was scary. If you are considering using this product I would definitely recommend you trying it!
  • Nov 14, 2017
    Christine P.
    The product does not stay dissolved in the breastmilk when only using 5mls. Will be trying 10mls to see if it remains in suspension. As previously reviewed it has cleared my daughter's thrush after use for one week. Will see if further use helps with the twin's reflux and gas
  • Nov 07, 2017
    Kaitlyn F.
    No More Night Time Screaming
    We tried several different probiotics for our baby to help with acid reflux, gas, and colic, but none seemed to help that much. Due to antibiotics during labor, we knew his issues stemmed from lack of beneficial gut flora. Evivo really helped make a difference! He no longer woke up screaming in the middle of the night after about a week. The only downside is that he absolutely hates it. He hates anything you try to put in his mouth through including pacifiers, and a moment of tears is worth a happy tummy! We will continue to use Evivo!
  • Oct 27, 2017
    Amanda M.
    Would recommend
    At 5 weeks my daughter was having a hard time with reflux and she had a pretty bad case of gas and baby acne. Evivo was recommended by a client of mine and I am a fan of probiotics myself so I gave it a try. We are about 10 days in and all three symptoms have improved tremendously. I would definitely recommend this to a friend and plan on continuing to give it to my daughter. The only complaint I have is how it is administered. The powder doesn’t mix that great and the syringe doesn’t pick all of it up. I find I have to use my fingers to get all the powder in her.
  • Oct 27, 2017
    Laura C.
    Helps my baby's stool and gas to a degree... doesn't help with the reflux. Still better than anything I've bought in the store, so I'll keep using it!
  • Oct 27, 2017
    Dabney A.
    Completely Different Baby
    From about 3 weeks on my baby was very gassy and showed signs of reflux. If he wasn’t eating or sleeping, he was, at best very restless and, at worse, very fussy. At the advice of my pediatrician, I put him on liquid probiotics and gave him gripe water to help with the gas. After seeing no progress, I started researching other probiotics and came across Evivo. I started my baby on Evivo between 8 and 9 weeks old. I don’t know if it was him growing out of this phase or if it was Evivo. But, within a day of giving him the Evivo, I saw a marked difference in him. Within 4 days, it was like a completely different baby. I’ve given him one dose of gripe water since we started the Evivo and we’ve been on the product for 4 weeks now. I urge anyone who has experienced the above symptoms with their baby to give this product a try. If I have another baby they will be on this from birth!
  • Oct 20, 2017
    Jamie S.
    North Dakota
    Working great for my colicky baby!
    I wanted to try a probiotic since my son was born via C section. He was also very colicky and had some reflux issues- we started when he was about 2 months old. We’ve been using Evivo for about 3 weeks now and I’ve noticed huge improvements in him! He hasn’t been colicky- normal fussiness and crying but not inconsolable crying anymore! My mom noticed a difference in him too! Thanks Evivo!
  • Oct 14, 2017
    Patrice M.
    Thankful this product is on the market!
    I am so happy that Evivo is on the market! I'm unable to breastfeed so primarily use formula but get breast milk from a local breastmilk bank. I do this for the sole purpose to give my daughter the benefits of breastmilk, and having that maximized by the probiotics of Evivo. I can truly say that she has a healthy gut with no constipation, reflux or other digestion issues. I'm only able to give her one breastmilk feed a day now that she's 7 months old, but do so because I don't want to miss out on the benefits of Evivo. Her caregiver who is a B.S. R.N. and has cared for children for many years says that my daughter has the best output that she has seen, especially in a primarily formula fed baby. We're planning to keep this up until she's a year old!
  • Oct 09, 2017
    Stephanie G.
    I think it's helping
    I have a 11 week old that I’m using this on who has reflux and is difficult to manage at times. I’ve heard probiotics help and I’ve noticed he’s not upset all day long anymore but he is super gassy. I was hoping it would settle after a week of using your product but he is still super gassy and uncomfortable. Is this normal?
  • Aug 29, 2017
    Kristin I.
    What a Difference
    I started giving this to my daughter who has suffered from bad reflux as well as general tummy troubles. Within a few days she cried less, was less fussy and was smiling more. Wish we had started sooner!
  • Aug 03, 2017
    Michelle O.
    Just what my pediatrician recommended
    My daughter has acid reflux and we were told to get on a probiotic. I like knowing that this one is the only one clinically proven to put the good bacteria back. I will be buying again
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