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Setting Nutritional Goals for the Whole Family

By: Katie Reed, A Mother Thing Blog

Everything you need to know about baby probiotics

We are well and truly into the holiday season now, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve been overindulging in all sorts of holiday treats! Who can resist those delicious baked goods this time of year, eh? But I must admit that every year around this time, I start thinking ahead toward the new year, when I know I’m going to have a ton of regrets about all the excess calories I’ve taken in. For me, it’s especially difficult because I suffer from chronic IBS, which means when I eat badly, I suffer. My kids, unfortunately, take after me in that regard, and so we are extra vigilant when it comes to gut health.

You may have heard talk about the importance of digestive health in magazines and on TV. Recent advances have meant that we have a much better understanding of how our gut can play a huge role in our overall wellness. Keeping our digestion working well is so important – and not just for grown-ups! Kids are especially in need of guidance on good nutrition, as what we teach them now will inform their health for the rest of their lives! Even babies can benefit from setting nutritional goals. Read on to find out exactly what you can do to help your entire family work toward better immunity, better health and an overall better life.

Babies and Supplements
When it comes to babies, we know that all a baby needs to survive their first year is milk. Though most parents begin weaning at around the six-month mark, the truth is that a baby would do just fine on breastmilk or formula alone. In more recent years, pediatricians have been advising mothers to supplement with Vitamin D drops, a suggestion borne of the fact that most infants do not get enough sunlight, and there has been a rise in cases of rickets. The idea of supplementing babies may have seemed crazy a few years ago, but now it’s advice regularly given to new moms.

With the focus on gut health, there have been amazing advances for ensuring every new baby gets a great start in life – specifically, I am talking about probiotics. This has been a huge buzzword for health-conscious people for the last decade or so, and it is a huge boon for those who suffer from digestive discomfort. One of the main reasons we suffer from gut issues is that over the last century there has been a huge surge in antibiotic use, as well as record numbers of C-sections. Babies born of C-section are missing out on the good bacteria that would normally be transferred to them during vaginal birth.

There is a very specific bacteria that all babies used to be born with. That bacteria is B. infantis, the key good bacteria that digest special nutrients in breast milk and protects baby’s gut.  Now, 90% of babies are born without this bacteria, which allows the bad bacteria to thrive – particularly those linked to a higher risk of autoimmune and metabolic issues.

Evivo is a clinically proven probiotic specifically made for babies. Simply mix it with a few mL of breast milk, and feed it to your baby once a day. They can take it from day one, and it can help boost immunity and guard against colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity! After all, it’s not enough for our babies just to survive. We want them to thrive! Supplementing with Evivo will help give them the best start in life...Read more on amotherthing.com