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What You Should Know About Baby's Gut Health

Being Mrs. Beer

In concentrating on my health the past few years, one of the things I’ve really been looking at is gut health. It’s such a big factor in your overall health, and as a result, I’ve been taking a probiotic for a few years now to improve my own gut health.

Since my own gut health is so important to me, it’s only natural that I think of my girls, and especially Ella. I’ve been nursing her for nearly 9 months now and feel like I’ve given her the best nutrition possible there, but that’s only one factor in setting her up for a lifetime of good gut health. She’s now so interested in food and eating, and I want to make sure I maintain the healthy start she’s had. What better way to keep her gut healthy than to give her a probiotic as well?

That’s where Evivo comes in, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try it out with Ella. Evivo promotes the growth of B. infantis in babies, a good bacteria that helps support a healthy gut. While the B. infantis bacteria used to be a common one for moms to pass to their babies at birth, that’s no longer the case – 97% of babies don’t receive it, and in fact, most moms lack it themselves!

The B. infantis bacteria does so much, and it’s crazy how little we know about it. It helps to ruturn baby’s gut to it’s nartural, normal state. It helps baby get all the nutrients they can out of breastmilk. It keeps harmful bacteria from growing. I could go on and on. There’s a ton of information out there.

I started using Evivo with Ella once I received it. It’s ideally used in the first 6 months of life, but it already seems to be helping Ella! Evivo is super simple to use. The packets are stored in the freezer, or in the fridge just before using. I opted to keep ours in the freezer since they’re ready use straight from there... Read more on Being Mrs. Beer