We believe our story can change a baby’s story

The Discoveries That Changed Everything

The beginning

Fueled by our dedication to understand how nutrition and diet impact early development, we sought to study nature’s most complete food: breast milk.

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A key learning

Breast milk contains essential nutrients infants need for healthy development — lactose, lipids, protein, and an important fiber called human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs). Yet, most babies are unable to digest HMOs to access their benefits. Why not?

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Our revolutionary discovery

While these HMOs are key to health—they need a specific bacterial partner, B. infantis, to be digestible.

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An alarming revelation

Research shows 9 out of 10 U.S. babies are missing B. infantis. This beneficial bacteria has been unintentionally eradicated over time, possibly due to increased antibiotic use, formula feeding, and C-sections.

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A protective system can be restored

We uncovered a specific strain of B. infantis, EVC001, to partner with breast milk, a synergy that nature intended, to protect baby from within during a key time for immune system education.

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Now that we know, what can we do?

As researchers, doctors, and parents, we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to finding ways to implement nature’s intended blueprint to guide babies towards health.

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Five world-renowned researchers at University of California, Davis came together around a single goal

Our founders came together around a single goal – improving health through diet and the gut microbiome. Each team member brought a specific scientific expertise, and over decades, made the breakthrough discoveries our company is built on. Our founders continue to collaborate and advise Infinant Health.

Hope for infants, through our science

We aim to unlock the full power of the gut microbiome and full potential of human nutrition to benefit health. Early action, backed by sound research, holds the key to making this possible.

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Dedicated to discovery

We are passionate scientists, clinicians, and parents dedicated to creating healthy tomorrows for future generations. Our company mission is to change the trajectory of human health, one baby at a time.

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Connect with us

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