How you care today for baby’s gut microbiome matters

With up to 80% of our immune system in our gut, now is the time to support the gut microbiome as baby develops more and more each day. Your action today can help influence lifelong health.

Probiotic selection

Attention to the gut microbiome, hope for many health issues

Gut microbiome development – an important milestone for baby

At birth, babies leave a protected environment and enter a world filled with unknown antigens and pathogens. The first microbes babies encounter can remain with them for the rest of their lives, influencing health. While bacteria reside all over the body, most set up in the gut.

The gut microbiome is interconnected with the entire body

Introducing B. infantis EVC001, the single strain in Evivo, during early infancy allows the gut microbiome to send signals that help benefit immune function and positively impact development.

Early attention to the gut microbiome is key for better health

Before the age of 3, radical interdependent immune, cognitive, and microbiome changes happen. The gut microbiome is malleable early-on, setting more each day until, eventually, it’s set for life. Evivo is safe to feed beginning from day one.

Breast milk nourishes baby — and B. infantis EVC001

Groundbreaking research identified breast milk promotes the growth of B. infantis EVC001, the single strain in Evivo, to achieve persistent and stable colonization, actively replicating with the help of HMOs to become the predominant beneficial bacteria in the infant gut. This creates a protective environment that is restrictive to harmful bacteria, setting a foundation for better health.

breast milk has a partner graphic

Important Definitions

Infant Probiotic

Live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, provide a health benefit to baby.

Mechanism of action

An explainable process that describes how a probiotic works inside the body.


Ongoing and high levels of detection, meaning the microbe must be actively replicating to establish an ongoing presence within the gut.

Evivo helps establish a protective gut microbiome and support healthy immune function.