Evivo baby probiotics make Mom happy and keep baby healthy

Hey, baby!

Evivo was made just for you.

Introducing Evivo. The first and only baby probiotic of its kind. Evivo (B. infantis) fully utilizes breast milk to protect baby's gut with the good stuff­.


Evivo is a baby probiotic that works with breast milk.

97% of babies need it now.
We can help.

The good bacteria B. infantis has gone missing in nearly all babies. Your baby needs it to keep the bad stuff—potentially harmful bacteria linked to a higher risk of colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes, and obesity—in check. 


97% of American babies do not have protective B. Infantis in their gut.

B. infantis is missing.
Where did it go?

No one is to blame. Over generations, the increased use of antibiotics, C‑sections, and formula feeding led to a decrease in the mom-baby transfer of good bacteria.

Today, Evivo restores B. infantis and provides the gut protection babies need.


Animated Evivo baby probiotic sachet

The Evivo Advantage. 

Over a decade of research from the University of California led to the creation of Evivo. Evivo is clinically proven to work with breast milk to maximize the good bacteria babies need and reduce the abundance of potentially harmful bacteria in their gut.

It restores your baby’s gut microbiome to its original, natural state.

Oh, the love.
Healthy babies. Happy moms.

  • Evivo Baby Probiotic Review
    Pretty sure this stuff is miraculous.

    - Virgina D. from NJ

  • Evivo Baby Probiotic Review
    Evivo saved the day!

    - Shelly M. from OR

  • Evivo Baby Probiotic Review
    Has restored sleep!

    - Michelle R. from TX

  • Evivo Baby Probiotic Review
    Definitely a must for new parents.

    - Melissa S. from WA

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