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Newborn Gut Deficiency is a hidden problem impacting more than 90% of babies born in the US today. Colic, diaper rash, eczema, and sleepless nights are signs that your baby’s gut might be impacted by Newborn Gut Deficiency and overwhelmed by bad bacteria.

Evivo has partnered with Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt to help make other new parents aware of this important problem.


Evivo baby probiotics
Evivo baby probiotics

Only Evivo contains the superior strain of B. infantis*

Unlike any other baby probiotic, our activated B. infantis EVC001 begins working instantly to provide the good bacteria baby needs while also reducing bad gut bacteria by up to 80%. Since some of these bad bacteria have been linked to long-term conditions like allergies and eczema, acting now helps keep your baby happy and healthy long into the future.


Dad holding baby
Dad holding baby

The Right Baby Probiotic Matters

With so many options for probiotics for babies, the choice can feel overwhelming. But Evivo is different. Our patented process creates activated B. infantis EVC001. Evivo is the only probiotic strain clinically proven to create this level of protection in baby's gut. In just two days, changes can begin in your baby7.

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Pediatrician checking baby's chest
Pediatrician checking baby's chest

The Pediatrician-Approved Probiotic for Babies

If you're worried about diaper rash, colic, gas, crying, or fussiness, don't wait to talk to your Pediatrician. Talk to your pediatrician about these issues and ask if Evivo can help. 

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few ideas to help you get the conversation going.



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Money Back Guarantee

Money-back, guaranteed.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore the good bacteria, activated B infantis EVC001, to your baby's gut microbiome, keeping your baby happy and healthy into the future. If for any reason you're not satisfied reach out. Details



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      *B. infantis EVC001 out-performs other commercially-available B. infantis strains lacking important functions of the H5 cluster.