Why are they passionate about Evivo?

Dr. Payal Adhikari

“The goal of infant probiotics is to set up the body for good health from the start. I specifically recommend Evivo to all newborns because all babies should have B. infantis in their GI tracts, helping them maximize breast milk and helping them incorporate good bacteria in the gut.”

Clinical Implementation Director
Mom of 2

Payal Adhikari

Dr. Jennifer Bragg

“I love that there’s a simple solution that can help parents, especially in the newborn period which can be so stressful.”

VP of Clinical Implementation
Mom of 2

Jennifer Bragg

Dr. Albert Antonio

“Evivo and its role in supporting the infant gut microbiome is an example of thoughtfully harnessing the synergy between nature and our best understanding of the developing infant immune system to support the growth of all babies. The microbiome science resonates with my research experience with neonatal immunology and microbiology and passion for caring for babies.”

Neonatologist & Pediatrician
Dad of 2

Albert Antonio

Dr. Erin Qualter

“I am passionate about Evivo because it has the ability to restore what nature intended for babies.”

Clinical Implementation Director
Mom of 3

Erin Qualter

Carrie McGuckin, RNC-NIC

“I never thought I would leave the bedside, but the science behind Evivo really intrigued me. The more I learned and the more I saw actual benefits, the more I knew I had to be involved in this mission to get B. infantis back into babies everywhere. Evivo is putting back what nature intended to be present in the first place. I love that it is so simple and yet the impacts can have such potential to change baby’s lives for the better.”

BSN, Certified Nurse for Neonatal Intensive Care
Director of Corporate Excellence
Mom of 3

Carrie McGuckin

Evivo helps establish a protective gut microbiome and supports healthy digestive & immune function.