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"Baby gut health for the win!" - Dr. Travis, The Doctors

Television’s The Doctors covers the importance of infant gut health and new scientific evidence about why B. infantis is critical for baby's long term health, including the reduction of Antibiotic Resistance. 

antibiotic resistance in babies

Baby vs. Antibiotic Resistance

Sinus infections. Strep throat. Ear infections. The list of bacterial afflictions goes on and on, and you fight them the best way you know how—with antibiotics. But what happens when antibiotic-resistant bacteria disarm your trusted defense and leave baby vulnerable? The consequences can be long term with antibiotic resistance on the rise as a major global health threat.

Antibiotic Resistance – Rising Global Health Epidemic

Antibiotic resistance results from many decades of antibiotic overuse, and the subsequent rise of pathogens that harbor antibiotic-resistant genes, leading to levels of antibiotic-resistant genes in the infant gut microbiome now on the rise. In the U.S. alone, more than 2M people develop antibiotic-resistant infections every year, and 200k infants die globally each year as a result of antibiotic-resistant infections. Of the infants harboring these antibiotic-resistant ‘nightmare bacteria’ in their gut, 40% of their newborn infections are resisting standard treatment. These babies can become vectors of antibiotic-resistant genes for their communities, helping spread these bacteria to their families and playmates. Clearly, we are looking at a global health epidemic, and it’s time to start taking preventive measures now.

So what can be done to address the antibiotic resistance crisis? Given that baby’s immune system is rapidly developing during its first six months, it is critical that parents and pediatricians take fast, effective steps to reduce antibiotic-resistant genes in baby’s microbiome. And the first step is Evivo. 

Mother with baby thinking about antibiotic resistance

Your baby’s best defense against antibiotic resistance genes. Evivo.

Our Study showed that even healthy babies can be full of antibiotic resistance genes, acquired as early as their time in the hospital during delivery. Your best defense against them is Evivo, a strong, sure, good bacteria that’s backed by clinical research.  While the study found that the human gut microbiome hosts many antibiotic-resistant genes and bacteria like E. Coli, Clostridia, Staph, and Strep, it also confirmed that these potentially pathogenic bacteria lose their dangerous stronghold with B. infantis, along with the antibiotic-resistant genes that they possess. 

The research showed that B. infantis successfully reduces levels of antibiotic resistance genes in the infant gut microbiome by 90%. And that’s just the beginning.  B. infantis achieves this great and wonderful feat without any nasty side effects and, perhaps more importantly, without adding to antibiotic resistance. Because Evivo is B. infantis, it is a safe, easy way for you to reduce antibiotic resistance genes in your baby’s gut microbiome. 

Additionally, B. infantis found in Evivo is the only probiotic that completely digests human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breastmilk, lowering the pH in baby’s gut making it difficult for antibiotic-resistant bacteria to thrive.  

Dad and baby love.

When antibiotics lose their power, how can you protect your baby?

9 out of 10 babies today lack the key beneficial bacteria, B. infantis. Evivo is the only clinically proven probiotic that restores B. infantis to the infant gut microbiome and reduces antibiotic-resistant genes in infants from the get-go. Here are some tips to keep baby safer and healthier. 

  • Feed your baby Evivo to replace the bad bacteria with good bacteria setting baby up for life long health 
  • Avoid antibiotics for viral infections such as the common cold or the flu 
  • If you’re unsure, ask your pediatrician or healthcare practitioner about the pros and cons of antibiotics, their overuse, and misuse
  • When giving baby antibiotics, follow up with the use of Evivo B. infantis to reduce antibiotic-resistant genes and restore good bacteria to baby’s gut 
  • Make sure baby finishes all the antibiotics to be sure all bad bacteria are gone 
  • Never save antibiotics for next time   
Evivo baby probiotics make Mom happy and keep baby healthy

Evivo is proud to be awarded partner status in the AMR Challenge

The AMR Challenge was launched by the CDC to encourage governments, industries, and organizations to make formal commitments to further the progress against antimicrobial resistance. Evivo is proud to be awarded partner status in the AMR Challenge for our science demonstrating that Evivo successfully reduces levels of antibiotic resistance genes in the infant gut microbiome by 90%.

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