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baby colic and bad bacteria

Don’t just soothe baby colic, solve baby colic*.

Baby colic can stem from a number of possible reasons, including an immature digestive system and the types of bacteria found in baby’s digestive tract. And the best way to help end baby colic rests in restoring the good bacteria in baby’s gut—B. infantis EVC001. Only Evivo is clinically proven to restore this good bacteria to baby’s gut, reducing bad bacteria by 80%. In just two days, your baby’s discomfort can begin to dramatically improve.7


baby colic and bad bacteria

Parents agree, Evivo can help

63% of Evivo parents report a decrease in baby colic symptoms, such as gassiness and fussiness.* And for many, this relief was immediate. With so many probiotics available, the choice can be overwhelming. 

Evivo can help!

* Reduction in key symptoms of baby colic, as reported by survey of 1,621 Evivo users, conducted 3/20/18 – 6/15/20

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Combat intestinal inflammation, a leading marker of baby colic.

Over the past three decades, the United States and other developed countries have experienced an alarming rise in inflammation-linked diseases. Intestinal inflammation that lasts a long time is linked to the development of many health conditions, like colic, asthma, eczema, and even Type 1 Diabetes. In babies, if the gut microbiome has high levels of bad bacteria and low levels of protective bacteria, intestinal inflammation can occur. Signs your baby is suffering from inflammation include gassy discomfort and a bloated tummy. Parents who have a baby with colic know those symptoms often go hand in hand with hours of heartbreaking crying. 

But Evivo has made an important discovery. A new study published in Pediatric Research found that feeding babies Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) reduced intestinal inflammation by up to 98%. Evivo is a safe and natural way to ensure B. infantis, the good bacteria that baby needs, is present in baby’s gut to reduce bad gut bacteria and significantly reduce the key markers of inflammation that often accompany baby colic.