baby colic and bad bacteria

Don’t just soothe baby colic, solve baby colic*.

Baby colic can stem from a number of possible reasons, including an immature digestive system and the types of bacteria found in baby’s digestive tract. And the best way to help end baby colic rests in restoring the good bacteria in baby’s gut—B. infantis EVC001. Only Evivo is clinically proven to restore this good bacteria to baby’s gut, reducing bad bacteria by 80%. In just two days, your baby’s discomfort can begin to dramatically improve.7


baby colic and bad bacteria

Parents agree, Evivo can help

63% of Evivo parents report a decrease in baby colic symptoms, such as gassiness and fussiness.* And for many, this relief was immediate. With so many probiotics available, the choice can be overwhelming. 

Evivo can help!

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* Reduction in key symptoms of baby colic, as reported by survey of 1,621 Evivo users, conducted 3/20/18 – 6/15/20

Customer reviews about Evivo for baby colic


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  • Sep 21, 2021
    Jamie C.
    Worked wonders with a colic baby!
  • Sep 02, 2021
    Jessica P.
    North Carolina
    Getting another month!
    My 9 well old has been on Evivo for three weeks now and I have noticed a decrease in her colic. I have decided to continue her on for another month. I look forward to seeing her get even better!
  • Aug 22, 2021
    Lauren C.
    All the difference
    We love evivo I can honestly tell a difference. I know when he’s missed one day! It really works through the colic stages
  • Aug 21, 2021
    Monica L.
    Better sleep
    We would definitely recommend Evivo. We noticed a huge difference in the quality of our little one’s sleep since starting Evivo. Where we were giving gas drops pretty regularly to help elevate gas issues, with Evivo we have significantly cut back on the need as our baby is less fussy and passes gas much easier. We’ve count ourselves pretty lucky to avoid any colic so far and I truly believe Evivo has helped made that possible.
  • Aug 04, 2021
    Rachel M.
    Works wonders for my baby
    I love this product. My baby was about 5 weeks old when I started it. She was a csection baby, spit up ALOT (like projectile because she would engorge herself), gassy, fussy, not colic but it she wasn't sleeping, she was trying to nurse because her belly was so confused. So I thought why not try the probiotics...they can't really do any damage, and with her being born with a double wham to her gut I thought let's just give it a try. I noticed a huge difference in just 36 hours after her first dose. Now she is a chill baby, loves being awake, she stops nursing when she's full, sleeps great through the night, and has normal small volume spit ups. I will be keeping this in our daily regimen. So happy I looked into this product!
  • Jul 29, 2021
    Jennifer S.
    Gas pains gone
    Our daughter had problems pooping and with gas pains from birth. It broke my heart to see her in such pain. We tried everything to get her to poo in order to relieve the gas pains. Finally we gave in and paid for Evivo as a last resort as it's quite expensive. She's been taking it for 3weeks now and hey presto... She now rarely has any gas pains, colic has gone and she's gone from pooping once every 7-10days to once every 2-3 days! We now not only have a much happier baby, but she's now started eating more and has finally gotten into an eat-play-sleep rhythm. I wish we'd tried this so much sooner! She now 11weeks old.
  • Feb 22, 2021
    Savannah W.
    Sanity Saver
    Our son was born in December 2020 by c-section and came home with colic. While this wasn't the worst colic in history, it definitely took a toll on our 2-year-old and us. Our pediatrician recommended a probiotic for gut health. She said some parents see relief while others didn't and that it was totally up to us to try it. We looked in the store and found various probiotics, all with different price ranges. We were at a loss. After all the probiotic research, a sponsored ad for Evivo popped up on our social media. We looked into it and felt the live bacteria was a better bet than most store-bought drops. We decided to take a chance, and I couldn't be happier about the results (and neither could our baby). We started to see results in the first week of use slowly. Now, as we are finishing off our first month supply, we have no colic, gas, or tummy issues of any kind. We have such a happy baby now, especially in the evenings. We are so thankful for that sponsored ad popping into our lives. Thank you, Evivo!!!
  • Dec 31, 2020
    Jessica B.
    Happy Baby, Happy Mom, Happy Life
    In 2018, my husband and I were blessed with Baby Boy #1. At 2 weeks of age, we were wondering what we had done. He had reflux as well as horrible colic - up all night, gassy, crying in pain - in was horrible. His pediatrician had me doing a dairy free diet and having him sleep on an incline but nothing seemed to help. Then my mom, who is a nurse for a different pediatrician, suggested that I try Evivo. Finally, he was sleeping and not as gassy. By 4 months of age, I was eating dairy again, and my baby boy was still happy. Amazing! This year, we were blessed with Baby Boy#2. You would think that I would have learned from my first experience, but I did not. At 4 weeks of age, we were once again experiencing colic and an unhappy baby. I mentally slapped myself and quickly ordered Evivo. Within a few days, he was less gassy, only having 1-2 dirty diapers a day (versus 7-8), and much, much happier. At 8 weeks, he is sleeping 10 hours at night and only waking up once to eat. You can be sure that if we are blessed with another member of our family, there will be a box of Evivo in the freezer awaiting the arrival of baby #3 because Evivo = Happy Baby = Happy Mom = Happy Life! Thank you Evivo.
  • Nov 02, 2020
    Claudia R.
    Makes a difference
    I was hesitant to try because of the price and some negative reviews, but our experience turned out to be positive. We started the probiotic at 3 weeks old, just as colic was beginning to emerge with our daughter, who had received antibiotics during labor and just prior to birth. She had lots of gas, frequent and VERY watery stools (about 6 times a day), which created a bad diaper rash, in addition to diagnosed and medicated GERD (medication was started before probiotics). These/colic made our daughter cry a great deal especially during the evening, made it challenging to soothe her, and made bedtime very unpredictable (even more so for a newborn). The gains of this probiotic were gradual though we did start to see a difference basically after the first dose, when she went from 6 stools pe day to 3, and a healed bum/rash in less than 48 hours; we are only 2 packets away from completing a month supply, and our daughter's crying has been significantly reduced, she is much more easily soothed, and predictable in nature (she fusses for eating and sleeping). She is also having approximately one large stool every other day, and it has more consistency (not watery, more pudding like). She continues to pass gas and GERD medication.
  • Sep 15, 2021
    Claudia R.
    Evivo - GUT HEALTH
    So far, we are seeing great results with Evivo. My grandson has less gas, sleeping better and not as colic in the afternoon. My daughter-in-law had been on an antibiotic when she was first breast feeding and it had caused issues with the baby's delicate stomach. She has since stopped breast feeding and uses the Evivo with formula and each day, he seems to get happier and less colic.

Combat intestinal inflammation, a leading marker of baby colic.

Over the past three decades, the United States and other developed countries have experienced an alarming rise in inflammation-linked diseases. Intestinal inflammation that lasts a long time is linked to the development of many health conditions, like colic, asthma, eczema, and even Type 1 Diabetes. In babies, if the gut microbiome has high levels of bad bacteria and low levels of protective bacteria, intestinal inflammation can occur. Signs your baby is suffering from inflammation include gassy discomfort and a bloated tummy. Parents who have a baby with colic know those symptoms often go hand in hand with hours of heartbreaking crying. 

But Evivo has made an important discovery. A new study published in Pediatric Research found that feeding babies Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001) reduced intestinal inflammation by up to 98%. Evivo is a safe and natural way to ensure B. infantis, the good bacteria that baby needs, is present in baby’s gut to reduce bad gut bacteria and significantly reduce the key markers of inflammation that often accompany baby colic.