Is baby gut health really just gut health for babies? 

Gut health is important for everyone, but did you know that baby gut health is even more important? That’s right, mom. Between the ages of brand-spanking newborn and 6 months old, baby gut health is especially critical because that’s when baby’s immune system and metabolism are in key developmental stages. What you do—or don’t do—to boost gut health in your newborn’s first 6 months starts your baby on the right path for the rest of their life.

9 out of 10

Baby gut health starts at zero.

Your baby is born without gut bacteria. The first bacteria they receive for their own gut microbiome is at birth, from you, Mom. Back in the day, a strong baby gut was largely due to the good bacteria, B. infantis, that mothers passed on to their babies during childbirth. The good bacteria, B. infantis, crowded out the bad bacteria, ensuring that bad bacteria were outnumbered. And babies would grow up with the right baby gut microbiome and good baby gut health to cultivate a stronger immune system and metabolism from day one.  

So, what’s happened to change all that? Over time, due to modern medical practices like the increased use of antibiotics and C-sections, the beneficial gut bacteria, B. infantis, has slowly disappeared. Moms who didn’t receive it at birth were unable to pass it on to their babies, and this deficit continued through generations. Babies were left with decreased gut protection and a gut filled with bad bacteria. Today, nine out of ten babies don’t acquire B. infantis at birth. And that’s not good.


A chance to restore baby gut health.

The lack of the good bacteria B. infantis in baby’s gut means bad bacteria are able to thrive. Higher levels of bad gut bacteria are linked to increased risk of colic, allergies, eczema, diabetes, and obesity. So, to improve baby gut health, scientists at the University of California, Davis discovered that the reintroduction of B. infantis to baby’s gut can greatly reduce the amount of bad bacteria in baby’s gut. B. infantis was able to digest special nutrients found in breast milk which allowed the B. infantis to thrive. The quick and steady growth of this good bacteria crowded out bad bacteria! Scientists showed that B. infantis can reduce bad bacteria in baby’s gut by 80% and restore baby gut health to its original state, how Mother Nature has always wanted it to be—healthy and strong. 

Evivo Package Shot

Baby gut health is at its best with Evivo.

Evivo (activated B. infantis) provides the good bacteria your baby needs for strong baby gut health. When you give your baby Evivo mixed with breastmilk, you take the first big step towards improving baby gut health. Evivo is the first and only baby probiotic clinically proven to reduce bad gut bacteria by 80% and restore baby’s gut to its original state. With Evivo working hard for baby gut health, baby’s immune system and metabolism can develop properly, setting up baby for health that can last a lifetime.

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Real mom reviews

  • Jul 17, 2020
    Lindsay E.
    So very happy
    Should have ordered sooner, made a huge difference for us. Also knowing what I know now about gut health and C section babies, I am even happier that we decided to give Evivo a try!
  • Jul 01, 2020
    Anne C.
    Healthy start
    My baby loves it. Easy to give. She seems to be sleeping better with less colic so I’m happy too!
  • Jun 14, 2020
    Arielle F.
    I am a health coach that specializes in gut health. My son was put in the NICU and given anti so I immediately was trying to figure out how to help heal his gut. Thank god for EVIVO!!!
  • May 18, 2020
    Caitlin T.
    New York
    Major Differences and Peace of Mind
    Seriously thrilled with the major differences Evivo has made for our daughter (significantly less gas, much more regular bowel movements, cleared diaper rash) and the peace of mind that comes with knowing we are giving her a quality, innovative probiotic that is so essential to her gut and overall health. We only wish we had had this as an option for our other two children. All three were born via c-section and if we had known about Evivo, for sure we would have had them on it from the start.
  • Apr 07, 2020
    Amanda O.
    It’s working!
    Great investment in our son’s health. We’ve used it for 6 weeks so far and he is 11 weeks old. This has highly soothe his acid reflux. He is not as colicky either. I only wished we had it 3.5 years ago for our daughter who suffered. If in doubt, try it out.
  • Apr 06, 2020
    Desiree G.
    Evivo is AMAZING
    I started my 3 month old on Evivo about 3 weeks ago and I was a little skeptical at first but so glad we chose this product. My poor baby used to scream and cry all hours of the day, we were giving gas drops and gripe water; his doctor even suggested doing a dairy elimination diet to see if it helped. After less than a week on Evivo, he was so much happier, no longer struggling to pass gas or poop. We went from 6-7 runny poops a day to now having 1-2 more normal poops a week. I can’t say thank you enough to Evivo for restoring my baby’s gut health and getting rid of all his tummy problems
  • Feb 18, 2020
    Krystal J.
    South Carolina
    Excellent Product
    I use this product for my 3 1/2 month due to her gassiness and excessive spitting up. She seems to be much less gassy, still spitting up but less frequently. While it is an expensive product, I think it is worth it, especially to help my daughter's gut health get off to the best start possible. I will continue to use it as long as I can afford to!
  • Feb 06, 2020
    Diana A.
    North Carolina
    Lifesaver for Gassy Babies
    4 weeks after my daughter was born, I caught an upper respiratory infection. My antibiotics wiped out her intestinal flora and she went from mostly happy to fussy and crying often. Within 2 days of giving her Evivo, she calmed down. Everyone remarks on how chill and happy she is and I believe it’s thanks in part to Evivo! She also went from pooping a little bit a few times a day to having one major poop every 2 or so days. I definitely recommend Evivo to every new mom. It’s an investment in your baby’s health and happiness!
  • Nov 11, 2019
    Carmen J.
    Diaper rash disappeared, fewer BMs
    My newborn was having frequent small BMs, like 5 a day. After a few days of evivo he changed to having one larger stool every few days. His diaper rash also disappeared. Since I had antibiotics during labor, I’m glad to know I am renewing my sons gut health.
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