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Healthy baby gut

Baby Gut Health. It Matters.

Did you know a healthy gut is critical for immune system development? And having a gut filled with good bacteria early in life can have an impact on overall future health? Clinically proven B. infantis EVC001 found in Evivo can establish your baby’s gut health and may help your baby avoid issues like colic, diaper rash, fussiness, gassiness, eczema, and even allergies and Type 1 diabetes in the future.

Hear from experts why baby gut health matters.


90% of babies have newborn gut deficiency

Baby gut health starts at zero.

Your baby is born without gut bacteria. Back in the day, a specific good bacteria, B. infantis, was passed down from mom to baby during birth protecting baby’s gut from bad bacteria and providing a healthy state for immune system development from day one. So, what’s happened to change all that? Over time, due to necessary modern medical practices such as use of antibiotics and C-sections, the passage of B. infantis, has slowly disappeared. In fact, research shows 90% of babies born in the US today have Newborn Gut Deficiency which means they lack B. infantis in their gut. Evivo can help.

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Evivo Baby Probiotic package

Establish a healthy gut for your baby with Evivo, activated B. infantis EVC001.

Only Evivo contains clinically proven activated B. infantis EVC001, the specific bacteria strain babies need. When paired with breast milk, B. infantis EVC001 rapidly multiplies to crowd out up to 80% of the bad bacteria linked to common baby discomforts and long-term health conditions. Evivo is activated, a live bacteria stored cold for potency so that it can start working immediately to create a protective environment in your baby’s gut.

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Don't just take our word for it

Research shows parents reported a significant improvement in diaper rash, colic, and sleeping within a few days of feeding Evivo.

  • Nighttime sleep behavior
    52% slept longer with Evivo
    Evivo Baby Probiotic Review

    "Evivo has helped my five-month-old in so many ways. He sleeps better at night and has significantly less spit-up. It has made quite the difference in our lives!"

    -Chrissy, TX

  • Gas and fussiness
    63% reported a decrease in gass and fussiness
    Evivo Baby Probiotic Review

    "We started Evivo when our little girl was four weeks old. She came home from the hospital happy but became progressively colicky. Our healthcare provider suggested Evivo. We saw a change in just a few days!"

    - Mary, CA

  • Diaper rash
    72% reported significant or complete reduction in diaper rash
    Evivo Baby Probiotic Review

    "My baby girl went from having eight bowel movements a day to having one, and diaper rash is no longer a concern. I would recommend Evivo to anyone."

    -Bettina, CA

Pediatricians and Gut Experts agree, Evivo works.

Money Back Guarantee

Money-back, guaranteed.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore the good bacteria, activated B infantis EVC001, to your baby's gut microbiome, keeping your baby happy and healthy into the future. If for any reason you're not satisfied reach out. Details