Is baby gut health really just gut health for babies? 

Gut health is important for everyone, but did you know that baby gut health is even more important? That’s right, mom. Between the ages of brand-spanking newborn and 6 months old, baby gut health is especially critical because that’s when baby’s immune system and metabolism are in key developmental stages. What you do—or don’t do—to boost gut health in your newborn’s first 6 months starts your baby on the right path for the rest of their life.

9 out of 10

Baby gut health starts at zero.

Your baby is born without gut bacteria. The first bacteria they receive for their own gut microbiome is at birth, from you, Mom. Back in the day, a strong baby gut was largely due to the good bacteria, B. infantis, that mothers passed on to their babies during childbirth. The good bacteria, B. infantis, crowded out the bad bacteria, ensuring that bad bacteria were outnumbered. And babies would grow up with the right baby gut microbiome and good baby gut health to cultivate a stronger immune system and metabolism from day one.  

So, what’s happened to change all that? Over time, due to modern medical practices like the increased use of antibiotics and C-sections, the beneficial gut bacteria, B. infantis, has slowly disappeared. Moms who didn’t receive it at birth were unable to pass it on to their babies, and this deficit continued through generations. Babies were left with decreased gut protection and a gut filled with bad bacteria. Today, nine out of ten babies don’t acquire B. infantis at birth. And that’s not good.


A chance to restore baby gut health.

The lack of the good bacteria B. infantis in baby’s gut means bad bacteria are able to thrive. Higher levels of bad gut bacteria are linked to increased risk of colic, allergies, eczema, diabetes, and obesity. So, to improve baby gut health, scientists at the University of California, Davis discovered that the reintroduction of B. infantis to baby’s gut can greatly reduce the amount of bad bacteria in baby’s gut. B. infantis was able to digest special nutrients found in breast milk which allowed the B. infantis to thrive. The quick and steady growth of this good bacteria crowded out bad bacteria! Scientists showed that B. infantis can reduce bad bacteria in baby’s gut by 80% and restore baby gut health to its original state, how Mother Nature has always wanted it to be—healthy and strong. 

Evivo Package Shot

Baby gut health is at its best with Evivo.

Evivo (activated B. infantis) provides the good bacteria your baby needs for strong baby gut health. When you give your baby Evivo mixed with breastmilk, you take the first big step towards improving baby gut health. Evivo is the first and only baby probiotic clinically proven to reduce bad gut bacteria by 80% and restore baby’s gut to its original state. With Evivo working hard for baby gut health, baby’s immune system and metabolism can develop properly, setting up baby for health that can last a lifetime.

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Real mom reviews

  • Jan 08, 2019
    Harrison C.
    North Carolina
    Great Product
    Great Product. Would definitely recommend to improve gut health.
  • Dec 06, 2018
    Whitney M.
    North Dakota
    Give it a try
    We weren’t trying Evivo for any specific reason other than believing in probiotics for gut health. I like administering the single dose packets mixed with breastmilk better than the oil based drops. No big/noticeable difference but will be sticking with the product.
  • Dec 03, 2018
    Audra E.
    My baby's health has skyrocketed since Evivo
    I have a 6 month (4 months adjusted) old who was born 8 weeks early weighing in at 3 pounds 7 oz and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. She came home with instructions to add some special formula to her bottles of my pumped breast milk to help her gain weight. Unfortunately she’d spit up every time we have her the formula which I already wasn’t too keen on since it contained soy and corn syrup solids, but the spitting up also made it counter productive to its actual use for her. I found these probiotics and discontinued the formula to try this instead to focus on her gut heath (which I know is important as all health starts in the gut) and within a week, she gained weight 3x as fast as she did when she had taken the formula additive. I have a baby scale so was watching it shoot up wondering if something was wrong with my scale. Fortunately, it was spot on! I started these not expecting results right away but the pictures from one week to the next were amazing since she was flesh and bones in one and finally had dimples in her elbows in the other. She has been on these for 3 months now (rarely spits up now) and is only two pounds smaller than her fully termed cousin who is 7 months old! This little girl is doing so well she is now wearing 6-9 month clothes when she should technically be a size smaller for her adjusted age. I will also note her daddy came home with the flu after Thanksgiving. She can’t have a flu shot so I’ve been dreading the day she was exposed to it. She only ended up with a slight fever of 99.9° for less than a day and hardly had any coughing. I believe this and the vitamin c I had given her as soon as her daddy got sick made all the difference! So to say the least, I’m incredibly impressed and writing this review to get my coupon to use on my next order. If you’re concerned about the price, I justify it by the fact I’m not paying anything for formula and I know I’m saving money not having to take her to the doctor to treat the flu! So it’s totally worth the investment in my opinion.
  • Nov 29, 2018
    Rachel V.
    My baby stopped having loud gas. He doesn’t seem to struggle to poop anymore as well! His spitting up also has reduced. Makes me feel good that I can help him with his tummy health!
  • Nov 29, 2018
    Rachel V.
    My baby stopped having loud gas. He doesn’t seem to struggle to poop anymore as well! His spitting up also has reduced. Makes me feel good that I can help him with his tummy health!
  • Nov 26, 2018
    Joseph B.
    Love this probiotic.
    Have read all the research associated with Evivo but our baby has been much less gassy since starting; additionally, he has gone from having large-volume bowel movements with every feed (resulting in a diaper dermatitis so bad that he bled) to one to two bowel movements every one to two days. While we bought this more for the long-term health benefits, these immediate changes have been gratifying.
  • Nov 16, 2018
    alicia a.
    Our newborn is sleeping consistently 10 Hours a night!
    I was one of the folks that was skeptical that this would help our little one. His constant grunting was wrenching my heart and even though we decided to go with an organic european formula Holle, he was still grunting trying to get his little system acclimated. I bought a $40 probiotic Galla and it didn't do much to clam the grunting. I am not able to fully breastfeed, just partially, and between this new probiotic just before bed, some warm, pumped breastmilk and a heating pad to warm up his crib right before bed, he's been out for 10 hours most night the last month and he's only 9 weeks old at this point! I also am very pleased to know that his little system is getting the best shot at building immunity and gut health. Praying it helps him stay healthy once we have to take him to daycare next week when I go back to work. Have a feeling it will. All of this combined with a delayed vaccine schedule I feel better knowing I'm giving him the best shot at a healthy start...thank you Evivo!
  • Nov 06, 2018
    Katie d.
    Happy baby happy mama!
    Evivo is amazing! After a week and a half of no bm, my breastfed, 6 week old, baby girl was not comfortable! After the second dose of Evivo she had a blow out and has been regular and happy ever since! Plus I know it’s doing great things for her overall but health. I recommend it to everyone!
  • Nov 06, 2018
    Whitney B.
    Hard to know, but hopeful
    My baby doesn't sleep well (evivo hasn't helped), and poops constantly (evivo hasn't slowed it down), so don't buy this product and expect some miracle... however- I trust the company that provides the product, and I'm hopeful about its long term ability to help my baby grow into a healthier kid and adult. He's had several courses of antibiotics at 4 months old, and was born by C-section. All the research Evivo has done indicates that this is one the best things a parent can do to help support their kid's health. As such, will keep buying regardless of no decrease in poop, and no increase in sleep :). Re: taste- Of COURSE this depends on your baby. My baby doesn't love it (he makes a face and his gag reflex kicks in a bit, but he swallows it and it has gotten better as time goes on). Re: delivery, communication, packaging, and product consistency: all A
  • Nov 05, 2018
    Sarah S.
    This Product Truly Works
    I noticed a difference with Evivo within 5 days of starting it. My then, 2 month old daughter was having 5-6 watery stools a day. Now she is having maybe 1 soft, mustard colored stool a day. I had her on another probiotic prior to this and I did not see any difference in her stools. I wanted to at least give it a try for 1 month but I will be using it till she is at least 6 months of age. I highly recommend this investment. Gut health is key.
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