baby poop

The mysterious world of baby poop. Here’s what to look for, Mom.

Baby poop. It’s one of the first clues to understanding your baby’s gut health. A quick check of baby’s diaper can tell you what you need to know. Because what’s showing up there can give you a pretty good read on what’s going on in baby’s gut. 

What’s really going on in baby’s diaper?

Is baby’s poop soft and well-formed? Or is it mushy or watery? Does baby go poop two to three times a day or more like 5-8 times a day? Baby poop can be a mystery, but if you know what to look for, it can help you figure out what’s best for your baby.

If there’s something going on in baby’s gut, the first place to look is in their diaper. The quality of baby’s poop will signal the presence of ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ bacteria in baby’s gut. If your baby has 5 or more watery poops per day, chances are baby’s gut has more bad bacteria than good. When baby’s gut is unable to properly break down nutrients in breast milk, baby can’t absorb them, and all the unused nutrition goes to waste, passing through the system as baby poop.

If baby has fewer, soft and well-formed poops per day, that’s a sign that baby properly digesting and absorbing the nutrients from breast milk. Good for you both! But if baby is missing the good gut bacteria it needs, she is not alone. There are plenty of babies in the U.S. who are also experiencing a lack of good gut bacteria. In fact, nine out of ten babies are missing the good gut bacteria B. infantis. It’s a common occurrence and can be attributed to the wide use of antibiotics and the increasing number of C-sections we have today.

What you can do about it is simple: reintroduce B. infantis to baby’s gut. Evivo is activated B. infantis; it works with breast milk to help your baby absorb the necessary nutrients for optimal nutrition and to help good bacteria to thrive.

In our clinical studies, the babies taking Evivo had, on average, just two to three soft, well-formed baby poops each day. Some had fewer, pooping only every few days. Just two to three, instead of the somewhat continuous five to eight watery ones. That’s the activated probiotic at work.

Evivo is the only baby probiotic clinically proven to restore the important good bacteria, B. infantis, to baby’s gut, and reduce bad bacteria in baby’s gut by 80%. Evivo restores baby’s gut to the state that nature intended and sets up baby for health that can last a lifetime. Ask your pediatrician about it. 

baby poop

The first and only baby probiotic of its kind.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. A daily probiotic powder, Evivo mixed with breast milk and fed to babies helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective environment in baby's gut. It also helps develop a baby's metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that lasts a lifetime. 

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Customer Reviews About Evivo and Baby Poop

  • Sep 20, 2021
    Alexandria G.
    Way less poop
    It’s only been 3 weeks - and my baby went from multiple poops per day to one per week so far. It freaked us out to be honest but he doesn’t seem to be bothered. When he does poop now he POOPS…blowout style - he was only 3 weeks when we started him because of what we thought was gas. He does seem to be more comfortable now - gas and straining/crying still happens but not to the point where he’s inconsolable. We are going to do another month and see how he does!
  • Aug 27, 2021
    Jessica K.
    New York
    Happy Baby
    Starter giving Evivo to my baby around 4mo. I wish I’d known about it sooner! It fixed my colicky guy’s gassy tummy, and best of all no more green poops! He’d been having progressively greener poops for weeks and lots of digestive discomforts. Within three days of starting Evivo, no more green poops and a much happier baby! Little guy is now 11mo, and we’re still nursing and feeding Evivo. He loves the flavor, and helps me depress the plunger to feed every night before bed. This stuff is magic!
  • Aug 10, 2021
    Gillian M.
    Helps my baby's digestion
    I love using evivo, after a couple weeks of using it every day, I noticed my son's digestion getting better. His poops are more consistent and solid, and he seems to be able to pass gas with more ease. Looking forward to using it more to help his system and overall well being.
  • Aug 05, 2021
    ekaterina v.
    Great product!
    We started giving Evivo to our 3.5mo baby 3 weeks ago per recommendation of a lactation consultant and it helped a lot! His stool became much better and it’s less frequent now so I assume he absorbs my milk better (we went from 6-8 time poops per day to once per day) and seems he is less fussy now. Highly recommend!
  • Jul 29, 2021
    Jennifer S.
    Gas pains gone
    Our daughter had problems pooping and with gas pains from birth. It broke my heart to see her in such pain. We tried everything to get her to poo in order to relieve the gas pains. Finally we gave in and paid for Evivo as a last resort as it's quite expensive. She's been taking it for 3weeks now and hey presto... She now rarely has any gas pains, colic has gone and she's gone from pooping once every 7-10days to once every 2-3 days! We now not only have a much happier baby, but she's now started eating more and has finally gotten into an eat-play-sleep rhythm. I wish we'd tried this so much sooner! She now 11weeks old.
  • Jun 07, 2021
    Paige T.
    Happy baby
    My son use to get bad gas pains and frequent BM 10 or more a day, he would always strain hard and had very loud poops. Since he’s been on evivo he has has less BM and is no longer staining till he’s red in the face
  • Jun 01, 2021
    Coe, G.
    Going well so far!
    My breastfed baby seems to be happier overall now that we have been using Evivo. He is 2 months old and was born via C-Section which I have read can cause issues with their gut health. He is generally a very gassy baby but also started not pooping as much and now with Evivo his bowel movements have become more regular as well. Also a tip I would recommend for anybody considering Evivo is to invest in a pacifier syringe! It makes the process so simple and the syringe Evivo comes with fits right into it :)
  • Mar 03, 2021
    Rochelle B.
    Good service and quality, TBD on results
    Evivo is the real deal - item arrives quickly and insulted to keep it cold. Always skeptical of non-refrigerated probiotics. I know Evivo does SOMETHING, because our baby’s poops went suddenly from 5+ times per day to once every 3 days. Kind of jarring, but customer service assured us it’s totally normal. Still to be determined how it actually helps our baby’s gut, though. He still has gas, spits up a lot, and deals with reflux. Happy with purchase, but just know it’s not a miracle cure. Some babies just have underdeveloped esophaguses, which exacerbates digestive issues.
  • Mar 02, 2021
    Hillary M.
    North Carolina
    Worked until it didn't
    I noticed that this helped with the consistency of my son's poops. They had been very watery and I felt like he wasn't absorbing the nutrients like he should. This improved after a couple of days of the probiotic. But after 3 weeks he was so constipated that he was miserable. He didn't poop and screamed in pain for 5 days. I stopped giving the probiotic and he finally pooped. I don't think I'm going to keep giving it day after day. I may cycle it with other probiotics.
  • Feb 16, 2021
    Hannah L.
    Life changing
    I can’t recommend Evivo enough! My baby was pooping 8-12 times a day and in terrible pain each time. He was gassy and fussy all day. It was taking all the joy out of being a new mom! Within 3 days of starting Evivo we started to see changes. Our baby was happier, had 3-4 stools a day, less gas, and he even slept better. This was a life changer for us! I recommend Evivo to all my friends with new babies and can’t thank the company enough for making this product. So, so happy my baby is no longer in pain and we can enjoy life together!