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Two Clinically Proven Ways to Boost Your Baby’s Immune System

By: Megan Landrum | October 26, 2020

Immune system

As parents, we want to protect our baby from any possible harm. We set up a safe sleep environment, start to baby-proof the house, maybe even take an infant CPR class. But how do we provide protection for their developing immune system and keep them safe from viruses and other illnesses?

Now more than ever, boosting immunity for our little one is top of mind. As we head into flu season, let’s take a look at two clinically proven ways to boost your baby’s immune system.

1.    Breast Milk
If you are an expecting or a new parent, you are very likely familiar with the benefits of breast milk. The first 6 months of life are a critical window for immune development. Antibodies, certain proteins, and immune cells in breast milk can provide protection while baby’s immune system is still developing. So, not surprisingly, babies fed breast milk tend to get sick less often.

Having recently gone through the breastfeeding journey myself, I know it often comes with challenges. Keep in mind, feeding breast milk does not have to be all or nothing. Do what you can to provide your newborn with some immune-boosting breast milk, knowing that however you feed, a fed baby is always best. 

2.    Evivo Baby Probiotic
We now know the type of bacteria in baby’s gut plays a critical role in how the immune system develops. Bad bacteria in the gut can cause intestinal inflammation, resulting in improper immune development. A specific strain of good bacteria found in Evivo Baby Probiotic (B. infantis EVC001) has been clinically proven to reduce the growth of bad bacteria in baby’s gut by 80% while lowering intestinal inflammation by up to 98%. 

Feeding Evivo once daily ensures baby has the good bacteria needed to create a protective environment in the gut, leading to proper immune system development.

Hopefully, these tips give you peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy the early days with your baby, knowing they have a good foundation for health now and in the future.