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Colic and Baby’s Gut Health: What I've Learned

By: Tovah Novak | March 5, 2020

baby on changing pad

Did you know that bad bacteria in your baby’s gut can be linked to colic, fussiness, eczema, diaper rash, allergies, diabetes, and even obesity? Neither did I, until I had a baby with colic and eczema and was desperate to find a solution. It can be so hard to find resources and information that you can trust online, so I’m super happy to be able to share with you my personal experience with Evivo, the first and only clinically proven infant probiotic. 

Evivo has B. infantis EVC001, a proprietary strain that helps to restore good bacteria to baby’s gut! Without B. infantis, bad bacteria can thrive in your baby’s gut and lead to horrible symptoms. I remember the nights with colic. I remember my baby crying, me crying from frustration, trying every vibrating chair, bouncy toy, swaddle, white noise machine and the list goes on without anything working. It’s so hard as a parent to know that your baby is not happy and in pain and to not have the tools to help them. Evivo came to my rescue and when it worked and helped relieve my son’s colic, I kept wondering: how many other parents are going through this same thing and haven’t discovered Evivo yet?

Evivo helps to restore B. infantis in a baby’s gut and provides the gut protection that babies need from day 1. An infant gut that doesn’t have good bacteria, especially in the first 6 months, has been linked to inflammation and a higher risk of autoimmune and metabolic issues. Inflammation can cause gassy discomfort, a bloated tummy, and colic. For any parent that has had a baby with colic, you know how horrible it is to watch your baby scream and cry and to not be able to do anything to help them. Giving your baby Evivo starting at birth, can help to restore the good bacteria, B. infantis, in your baby’s gut and end colic! Yes, you read that right! It can help to end colic. It’s not a surprise, I’m sure, that Evivo is not only recommended by me, but also by top pediatricians and lactation consultants! Don’t be shy! Ask your pediatrician about Evivo the next time you bring your baby in.

I was shocked to learn that despite there being a solution like Evivo available to parents, 9 out of 10 babies are experiencing a disruption in their gut causing more bad bacteria to thrive. Simply using Evivo from day 1 you can eliminate bad bacteria in your baby’s gut! 65% of moms who used Evivo reported a decrease in colic symptoms after giving it to baby and 52% noticed that baby’s nighttime sleep was longer and more consistent. If you’ve been considering using a probiotic for your newborn, I can’t recommend Evivo enough!

I used to think that probiotics were only necessary when symptoms appeared, but in fact, Evivo is the only probiotic clinically proven to repopulate baby's gut with the good bacteria they are missing 100% of the time, every time. Decades of research and clinical studies support the importance of B. infantis in the gut and the many benefits it provides to baby's gut health. Not all probiotics are the same, so take the time, learn more about Evivo and discover why it’s a proprietary strain of B. infantis makes a difference. It’s the ONLY clinically proven strain to be 100% effective in restoring B. infantis to baby’s gut.

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