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Mom and Baby B. infantis Superior Strain

The Evivo Difference: EVC001

Other products that say they contain B. infantis don’t provide the same benefit for your baby as the clinically proven activated B. infantis EVC001 only found in Evivo. 

Why is this the case? Activated B. infantis EVC001 is the specific strain of B. infantis in Evivo and selected by University of California scientists to be the best strain for babies. It is essential to feed baby the most infant-appropriate B. infantis strain, EVC001 in Evivo, to ensure your little one gets exactly what is needed. 

Below are key reasons why the activated B. infantis EVC001 strain specifically selected for Evivo is the best B. infantis for your baby.


Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven Clinically Proven

  • Extensive research has been published on the EVC001 strain of B. infantis in Evivo, with 15 peer-reviewed publications proving benefits specifically for baby.

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Naturally Occurring.  Premium Source

  • Evivo contains a naturally occurring strain isolated from the gut of a healthy breastfed baby

  • EVC001 is only available in Evivo because it is an exclusive premium patent-protected form and strain and not sourced from a third-party manufacturer.

B infantis

Genetically Complete Functionality

  • The B. infantis strain in Evivo is genetically complete, with all components present. It is uniquely activated to allow full digestion and benefit for baby.

  • Other strains of B. infantis are incomplete and not activated, unable to break down components of baby’s diet which can lead to gas, fussiness, and poor sleep.

Transparent Labeling

Nutrition Facts Transparent Labeling

  • Transparency in labeling (including strain identification and live bacteria CFU count) is the highest priority for Evivo. However, many commercially available probiotics do not contain what is stated on the label (Lewis 2016).

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Quality testing and handling Highest Quality and Handling

  • Evivo is quality tested and guaranteed to contain the stated 8 billion CFUs of live activated B. infantis EVC001 by “best if used by” date, unlike other brands that only guarantee live bacteria at the time of manufacturing.

  • B. infantis is a delicate live bacteria that requires special handling to keep alive.  Unlike competitors, we invest in special handling from initial manufacturing all the way to your home to ensure the product is viable when you feed it to your baby.

Evivo baby probiotic kit

Only Evivo contains the superior strain of B. infantis*

Unlike any other baby probiotic, our activated B. infantis EVC001 begins working instantly to provide the good bacteria baby needs while also reducing bad gut bacteria by up to 80%. Since some of these bad bacteria have been linked to long-term conditions like allergies and eczema, acting now helps keep your baby happy and healthy long into the future.