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Our Recommender Program is designed for those passionate about Evivo’s mission but prefer not to receive a commission.  To support your efforts to educate and spread awareness for Evivo, we provide:

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Evivo Infant Probiotic Powder

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A daily probiotic powder for newborns fed any amount of breast milk to help establish a protective gut microbiome and support healthy immune function.

Evivo infant probiotic powder package

Parents report relief within days after feeding Evivo Baby probiotic powder * 

  • 72% saw reduced diaper rash
  • 63% reported less gas and fussiness​
  • 52% said baby slept longer​

Evivo is clinically shown to work with breast milk to:​

  • Replenish good bacteria in 100% of babies *
  • Establish a healthier gut microbiome​ *
  • Thrive and continuously protect from digestive discomfort *
  • Help support developing immune systems *

Clean Label Project certified. 

How does Evivo work with breast milk to become one of the best probiotics for breastfed babies?

See our documented mechanism of action.*

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B. infantis EVC001 uniquely captures Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs) found in breast milk, helping infants maximize nutrition from breast milk.

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B. infantis EVC001 then consumes HMOs to colonize, or to replicate, establish, and persist, in the gut to help reduce colic and digestive discomfort, protecting baby from the inside out.

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Finally, B. infantis EVC001 converts HMOs into molecules that help support a healthy gut environment and immune system 4, 5, 6

Evivo clean label

Evivo is Clean Label Project Certified

Clean Label Project is a national nonprofit committed to transparency in food and consumer product labeling. The organization runs lab tests on hundreds of products and awards those that surpass standard manufacturing regulations. Evivo’s probiotic powder for breastfeeding newborns passed the testing and received certifications for Clean Label Project.

Evivo infant probiotic powder package

Best-in-Class Product Standards

Evivo products maintain high quality standards for product testing, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution:

  • Third-party testing ensures CFU (colony forming units) count and purity
  • Each manufacturing batch includes a Certificate of Conformance
  • All packaging is BPA free and protects Evivo from moisture, light, and oxygen

How much Evivo probiotics should I give my baby?

Since each baby is unique, you can choose the best way to feed Evivo. What’s most important is finding the method and consistency that works for you and your baby.

Recommended use:
Mix 1 sachet into breast milk, formula, or solids. Feed immediately. Discard leftovers.

The below table has suggested amounts to help with consistency.

Feeding methodAmount of breast milk or formula per sachet
Spoon, oral syringe, or medicine dispenser pacifier1 tsp (approx. 5 mL)
Directly from finger, nipple, or pacifier5-10 drops (for paste)
BottleSingle feeding amount or 2 oz

Immunocompromised or baby with known allergies? Please consult your physician before using Evivo.

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Feeding tips

  • Give Evivo at the start of a feeding, so baby is likely to swallow more of it.
  • It’s ok if baby doesn’t finish everything during a single feeding, still discard the rest.
  • For best results, mix with room temperature or warm breast milk or formula. Some sediment is expected.
  • Hold or sit baby semi-upright, supporting the upper back and neck – just as if feeding a bottle. Don’t tip head back – this can make it harder to swallow.
  • For infants who can’t tolerate a 3 – 5 ml volume in one feeding, consider making the thin paste.

Store at room temperature

Evivo is safe to store at room temperature. No refrigeration required.

Each sachet is specially designed to protect against temperature fluctuations, air, moisture, and light.  Keep Evivo on the counter, in the pantry, or in the diaper bag.

Highly rated by healthcare professionals

Carrie McGuckin

“I never thought I would leave bedside, but the science behind Evivo really intrigued me. The more I learned about it, and the more I saw actual benefits in babies, the more I knew I had to be involved in this mission to get B. infantis back into babies everywhere. I love that it is so simple and yet the impacts can have such potential to change baby’s lives for better.”

Carrie McGuckin
Director of Corporate Excellence


Thrive Pediatrics recommends Evivo to all their newborn breastfeeding infants. We know the importance of establishing a healthy gut from day one to help infants absorb all of the wonderful nutrients found in breastmilk. We have noticed that infants at our practice that are fed Evivo have less instances of gas, fussiness, and colic related symptoms. We believe in the importance of gut health and partnering with Evivo has helped our babies THRIVE. 

Dr. Deanne Miller
Thrive Pediatrics

Woman in a living room in front of a glass staircase railing

I’ve been giving my newborn baby Evivo for 2 months straight and have noticed a significant improvement in her skin, bowel movements, and sleep schedule. I was so satisfied with the results that I started giving my toddler and 5-year-old Evivo too. I feel confident knowing that their gut bacteria are healthy! As a sleep consultant, I highly recommend Evivo for every new parent!

Bailey Aulenbach
Sleep Consultant 

Monika Reisenauer

“Working with infants and prioritizing gut health is paramount. It affects not only our babies’ growth trajectory and immunity but also helps babies regulate themselves and establish those beautiful sleep cycles we are always striving for. Evivo has helped many of my patients do just that, tolerate their feeds, sleep better, and meet their highest potential.”

Monika Resenauer DNP
Developmental Nurse Practitioner

Albert Antonio

“Evivo and its role in supporting the infant gut microbiome is an example of thoughtfully harnessing the synergy between nature and our best understanding of the developing infant immune system to help support the growth of babies.”

Albert Antonio, DO

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