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Post delivery cuddle.

When Push turns to Poop during delivery, it’s all good.

You might have heard that sometimes during childbirth, amidst all that pushing, and breathing deeply and pushing and finding your focal point and pushing, you poop during delivery. As embarrassing as it sounds, a poop during delivery could be the best thing for your baby. 

So you’re having a baby and you poop during delivery. It’s all good.

A poop during delivery is a natural thing, and it happens to the best of us. Seriously. Pushing baby out requires many of the same muscles as pushing out a poop, so it’s no wonder that a poop during delivery can definitely happen. And you should let it happen, if you can.   A poop during delivery means your baby can receive the beneficial good bacteria coming from your own gut through your digestive tract. It’s this transfer of good bacteria that kicks off your baby’s own microbiome, the collection of bacteria that live in your baby’s gut, influencing their developing immune system and metabolism. So, if a poop during delivery can ensure baby gets the good bacteria they need, then let yourself go. This is the first gift you can give to your baby on their birthday! 

Evivo Product

A poop during delivery is good. Evivo is, too.

Not all babies are exposed to mom’s gut microbes during delivery. Unfortunately, due to the widespread use of antibiotics and C-sections, not everyone has the key good bacteria, B. infantis, to pass on to their baby naturally. In fact, today 9 out of 10 babies don’t get it naturally from their mom. Evivo is the one way to make sure your baby receives it during the critical first 6 months. Evivo is activated B. infantis, and the only baby probiotic that’s clinically proven to restore baby’s gut to its original state. Evivo reduces bad bacteria by 80%, allowing good bacteria to thrive in baby’s gut. 


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