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Feeding baby Evivo

Evivo. A baby probiotic unlike any other.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut for your baby. A daily probiotic powder, only Evivo contains activated B. infantis EVC001, the specific strain of good bacteria essential to babies. Evivo works instantly and can reduce bad bacteria in your baby’s gut by 80% replacing it with B. infantis EVC001, the good bacteria baby needs. 


Evivo Benefits.
Foundation for lifelong health.

  • Helps establish a healthy gut for baby from the start, which can help immune system development and build the foundation for lifelong health.

  • Restores B. infantis, the good bacteria that is transferred to babies at birth but is often missing due to necessary medical practices such as antibiotic use and C-sections.

  • Clinically proven to reduce the bad gut bacteria by 80% that are linked to colic, diaper rash, eczema, allergies, obesity, and Type 1 diabetes.

  • Captures and converts all the nutrients from breast milk allowing more nutrition for baby.

  • Reverses Newborn Gut Deficiency, which is an overwhelming shortage of good gut bacteria baby needs.

  • Parents report a noticeable difference almost immediately after first feeding.

Don't just take our word for it

Research shows parents reported a significant improvement in diaper rash, colic, and sleeping within a few days of feeding Evivo.

  • Nighttime sleep behavior
    52% slept longer with Evivo
    Evivo Baby Probiotic Review

    "Evivo has helped my five-month-old in so many ways. He sleeps better at night and has significantly less spit-up. It has made quite the difference in our lives!"

    -Chrissy, TX

  • Gas and fussiness
    63% reported a decrease in gass and fussiness
    Evivo Baby Probiotic Review

    "We started Evivo when our little girl was four weeks old. She came home from the hospital happy but became progressively colicky. Our healthcare provider suggested Evivo. We saw a change in just a few days!"

    - Mary, CA

  • Diaper rash
    72% reported significant or complete reduction in diaper rash
    Evivo Baby Probiotic Review

    "My baby girl went from having eight bowel movements a day to having one, and diaper rash is no longer a concern. I would recommend Evivo to anyone."

    -Bettina, CA

40,000 babies helped and 3,000 reviews from parents

Evivo Starter Kit

The gift of a lifetime.
For as low as $1.99 per day.

The Evivo Starter Kit is everything you need to get that baby gut headed in the right direction. Includes mixing bowl, feeding syringe, and helpful instructions. 


Once a day. Every day.

Instructional Video    
  • Baby probiotic packet icon indicating how to pour
    1. Pour

    Pour 1 sachet of Evivo powder into a small bowl.

  • Evivo baby probiotics mix icon
    2. Mix

    Add 3-5 ml* of breast milk or formula to the powder and mix well.

  • Evivo syringe
    3. Feed

    Feed baby using a feeding syringe. Use immediately once mixed. Do not store for later use.

  • Evivo baby probiotics protect your baby
    4. Protect

    One packet per day is all baby needs.

Evivo stores best in the freezer until ready to use and can be used straight from the freezer. You can also keep it in the refrigerator for up to 1 month.

*for newborns or infants who cannot tolerate a 3-5 ml volume in one feeding, consider making a thin paste with Evivo powder using a small amount of breast milk, formula, or water, and use finger to feed directly to baby or apply to nipple during feeding. 

It’s important to wash your Evivo mixing bowl and feeding syringe with hot, soapy water before first use and after each feeding. And don’t forget to remove the syringe plunger from the barrel before cleaning and make sure to let them dry separately.

Evivo is intended for use in term infants consuming breast milk or formula. If your baby is preterm, immunocompromised, or has known allergies, please consult your physician.

Evivo Nutrition Facts

Only the good stuff.

Purified lactose (milk), B. longum subsp. infantis EVC001 (soy*)

CFU Count: 8 Billion CFU per sachet

No artificial color or dyes, no artificial flavors, free of additives, and gluten-free.

*Manufacturing process may lead to residual amounts of soy

Money Back Guarantee

Money-back, guaranteed.

Evivo is clinically proven to restore the good bacteria, activated B infantis EVC001, to your baby's gut microbiome, keeping your baby happy and healthy into the future. If for any reason you're not satisfied reach out. Details