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Fussy baby

Fast Relief for Fussy Babies

Parents are seeing and reporting the results Peer-Reviewed Research Parents report relief from diaper rash, gassiness/fussiness, and sleep quality in Evivo-fed infants within days.


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Fussiness, gas, diaper rash, and poor sleep are early signs of Newborn Gut Deficiency, a hidden health problem affecting more than 90% of infants. In peer-reviewed research published in, Beneficial Microbes, parents report that infants fed Evivo at home had significantly improved diaper rash, colic, and sleep within a week.
Key Data Points

Parents are seeing and reporting the results


Time from first Evivo feed to symptom improvement is remarkable. Parents report rapid results, often within days.

Evivo contains the superior strain of B. infantis clinically proven to reverse the effects of Newborn Gut Deficiency

Strain matters when choosing an infant probiotic. Activated B. infantis EVC001 is the only infant probiotic strain clinically proven to change the biochemistry of the infant gut and provide functional, measurable benefits within days.

When signs of Newborn Gut Deficiency are present in your infant patients, Evivo is the answer
  • More than 90% of infants experience newborn gut deficiency, a dramatic lack of beneficial bacteria B. infantis in the infant gut microbiome. 

  • When B. infantis is absent, potentially pathogenic bacteria dominate the infant gut leading to intestinal inflammation and driving higher risk of both short- and long-term health issues including allergies, eczema, and Type 1 Diabetes.

  • Evivo is clinically demonstrated to reduce potentially pathogenic bacteria by 80% and reduce intestinal inflammation by 98%.

Read the PublicationDimitratos et al. 
Beneficial Microbes. Published online May 31, 2021:1-8

Symptomatic relief from at-home use of activated B. infantis EVC001 probiotic in infants: results from a consumer survey on the effects on diaper rash, colic symptoms, and sleep

Key Takeaway

Home use of B. infantis EVC001 in infants improved diaper rash, gassiness/fussiness, and sleep quality within the first week of use. These outcomes may be a result of the unique genetic capacity of B. infantis EVC001 to colonize the infant gut highlighting the importance of strain specificity in evaluating the effects of probiotic products.

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