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inflammation in infants

Your Infant Patients’ Gut Health Affects the Rest of Their Lives

The first six months of life are critically important in immune system development

  • Gut dysbiosis in early life is linked to intestinal inflammation
  • Inflammation is linked to the development of type 1 diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), celiac disease, allergies, eczema, colic, and asthma.59,60,61,62


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Protect Against Intestinal Inflammation with Evivo

Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001, Actibif)  is the first and only probiotic to clinically demonstrate a significant reduction in intestinal inflammation in breastfed infants.63 Novel findings from the study showed.47

  • B. infantis EVC001 colonization significantly reduced enteric inflammation during a key window of immune development
  • Fecal calprotectin concentration was negatively correlated with Bifidobacterium abundance
  • B. infantis EVC001 significantly lowered levels of key proinflammatory cytokines integral to intestinal integrity

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Evivo (activated B. infantis EVC001, Actibif®)  is the first and only probiotic to clinically demonstrate up to 98% reduction in markers of intestinal inflammation in infants63

Additionally, breastfed infants fed Evivo had47:

  • 4x lower fecal endotoxin levels, a major driver of inflammation
  • 80% decrease in potentially pathogenic bacteria
  • 79% increase in beneficial Bifidobacterium
  • 90% improvement in the utilization of Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs)


How can you help protect your patients from inflammation-related disorders?

  • 9 out of 10 babies today lack the key beneficial bacteria B. infantis. Evivo is the only clinically probiotic that restores B. infantis to the infant gut microbiome and reduces intestinal inflammation in infants
  • Recommend Evivo to your patients on day one to replace bad bacteria with good bacteria, giving them a solid foundation on the path to life-long health.