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Infinant Health Announces Mike Johnson as Chief Executive Officer

Mike Johnson

Former Infinant Health, Inc Board Member Mike Johnson will lead the company as it continues to spearhead innovative advancements in science surrounding infant health

Infinant Health, Inc, a company focused on improving infant health through the gut microbiome, announced that Mike Johnson has been named Chief Executive Officer to lead the company into its next phase of growth and expansion. The company will continue to leverage its key discoveries in the microbiome of the gut to develop innovative solutions that positively influence infant health.

“We are beyond excited to announce Mike Johnson as Infinant Health’s Chief Executive Officer,” said Brent Drever, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Infinant Health. “Mike’s experience on Infinant Health’s Board of Directors, coupled with his mission-oriented leadership style and decades-long career in health and technology, make him the ideal leader to carry out Infinant Health’s strategic vision to change the trajectory of human health.”

Johnson brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in health and technology to Infinant Health. As a member of Infinant Health’s Board of Directors for nearly two years, he has an in-depth understanding of the science that sets the company apart as an innovator in the field. Prior to joining Infinant Health, Johnson served as the Global Managing Director at Cargill Animal Health Technologies, where he led a team of 500 individuals responsible for developing and distributing technology on a global scale. Johnson was also instrumental in standing up Cargill’s approach to Health Technologies broadly. Before leading the Animal Health Business, he was responsible for the human health supplement EpiCor and the organic and inorganic growth portfolio for health.

“Joining such an innovative, mission-oriented biotechnology company as Chief Executive Officer is beyond exciting, and I cannot wait to work alongside Infinant Health’s top-notch team to carry out our strategic vision for the future,” said Chief Executive Officer Mike Johnson. “I look forward to leading Infinant Health in its quest to harness the full power of the microbiome to influence human health.”

Infinant Health, a combination of the words “infant” and “infinite” is on a mission to improve human health, particularly for infants. Infinant Health’s researchers discovered a natural strain of B. infantis called EVC001 that plays a role in the health of an infant’s immune system.

Infinant Health’s flagship product, Evivo, has been used by hospitals, providers and parents for five years with over 4 million feedings to date in over 60,000 babies.