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Evivo Reviews about "Colic"

When a baby is excessively fussy, gassy or struggling to sleep – commonly referred to as “colic” – it can be downright frustrating. Mom is worried and struggling to help, but can’t seem to figure out why baby won’t stop crying.

Research shows too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria can result in tummy trouble, such as gas, bloating, and general discomfort.Evivo is the first and only probiotic of its kind clinically proven to reduce bad colic bacteria by 80% and repopulate baby’s gut with the good bacteria that are missing. 

A daily serving of Evivo mixed with breast milk means a fully restored gut for baby and a sigh of relief for Mom.

  • Aug 07, 2018
    Colic,Diarrhea and Reflux saver!
    This product is a life saver! My baby no longer has colic or diarrhea! The reflux has improved tremendously! She hasn’t missed a day since i received it in the mail. I definitely recommend this product!
  • Aug 06, 2018
    Maureen Adams
    Raleigh, NC
    Happier Baby
    Every 5-7pm mostly daily, my 13-week old baby used to be fussy from some kind of discomfort, maybe from colic. We have been using Evivo for a week now and she is a happier baby and no more crazy cries in the evening. Thank you to the creators of Evivo.
  • Aug 06, 2018
    Jennifer S.
    It works!
    My baby had pooping issues since day 1. She didn’t poop as often as she was expected to for a breastfed baby. Pediatrician tried to get me to start formula thinking she wasn’t getting enough to eat. She ended up gaining weight just fine and I pumped and found I was getting more than enough milk. She seemed fine going multiple days without pooping until 11 weeks old. She began screaming and crying every evening at 6pm. The doctor tried to tell me it’s just colic. I saw the advertisement for Evivo and I’m so happy I tried it. My baby poops regularly now and no longer screams. She is a very happy baby!
  • Aug 02, 2018
    Breanna M.
    So great!
    Went dairy free and started Evivo with our 5 week old, extremely colicky, baby. Within a couple of weeks we had a completely different baby! He’s now 5 months old, we’re able to have dairy again, and will be continuing Evivo the entire time we’re breastfeeding! Thank you, Evivo!!!
  • Jul 27, 2018
    Lauren C.
    Great product
    I feel this has really helped my baby’s stomach after being diagnosed with colic. I notice a difference when he doesn’t take it. I wish the powder dissolved a little more but that’s the only negative aspect.
  • Jul 16, 2018
    Nathan F.
    Worked for my son!!
    I have nothing but good things to say about this product. It helped my son to have regular stools instead of small stools each diaper change. Also, his colic symptoms are less prevalent now.
  • Jul 16, 2018
    Jamie P.
    Would recommend
    We didnt notice a huge improvement in our childs behavior after using evivo. Ok ur daughter ic colic-y and that has continued. I do however believe its very important infants get probiotics in their body so although we didnt notice a huge change, for that reason I woukd continue using
  • Jul 09, 2018
    George P.
    I think it helped
    I think it was a good investment. But towards the end of the one month supply my baby didnt want to take it anymore. I think because of the taste. A lot of the powder remained in the syringe everytimd... i dont know if that was normal. But i think it did give my baby a good start in life. He is 2 months and has no colics and less gassy.
  • Jul 09, 2018
    Heather T.
    Definitely made a difference
    Has definitely made a difference in her colic and made her poop less watery and less often which has helped with diaper rash. Overall she is more comfortable so I’m happy. I wish the powder dissolved more and was easier to administer.
  • Jun 26, 2018
    Kenda S.
    Great probiotic
    Everything was super easy. Loved this product for our son with colic. Helped a ton! Would definitely recommend to anyone!
  • Jun 26, 2018
    Lara W.
    Great for regular poops
    I received evivo when my baby was two weeks old. His stools were 10x a day. He received antibiotics in the hospital for 48 hours of birth. After a few days of using evivo, his stools changed to one large bowel movement per day. He is 8 weeks old now and we haven’t had any problems with colic. He sleeps for 4-5 hours at night. We feed mostly formula and some breast milk.
  • Jun 25, 2018
    Kathleen R.
    Great probiotic
    I have been using Evivo on our son for 2 months now with good result. I was GBS+ and received ampicillin during delivery. I wanted to ensure he received a probiotic after birth to increase gut flora and help his gut health for the future. He has done well so far, with occasional gas/colic and about 0-2 stools per day compared to other infants his age with 4-5 stools per day.
  • Jun 12, 2018
    Amanda M.
    So far we are very, very pleased!
    Our son, now 2, was quite colicky as a baby so when our daughter was born 5 weeks ago we decided to give probiotics a try. Now, nearly 3 weeks later, we are definitely seeing a difference. Though it is of course impossible to know what is just her nature versus what is the result of the probiotics, she is decidedly less fussy and colicky than our son at this age. Additionally, her bowel movements are much larger and less frequent than before we started this and do not seem to cause her nearly as much discomfort. We are planning to continue for at least another 2-3 months and will be buying more. In case it is helpful to anyone else, we found that mixing the probiotics in with a 0.5 ounce pumped bottle much more effective than the syringe at delivering the probiotics -- we started this at 2 weeks and I used a hand pump to pump some milk as I wasn't ready yet to start with my electric pump.
  • Jun 11, 2018
    Emily A.
    Life Changing!
    Life Changing! No exageration! My poor baby was so colicky! Crying, spitting, arching, reflux, constipation the whole 9 yards. I tried other probiotics and an elimination diet, I tried EVERYTHING! About 3 weeks after starting Evivo I started noticing big changes in my baby. He started calming down, spitting less, and stopped crying!!! He got into a regular pattern with his bowel movements, he is now a happy baby! Thank You Evivo!!
  • Jun 04, 2018
    Jeanne N.
    Gassy four week old...
    My son was colicky and very gassy. After the first dose of Evivo we noticed that his gas had decreased and he was somewhat happier. Will continue to use!
  • May 29, 2018
    Julie H.
    Amazed and thankful!
    I will be recommending this product to all my expectant mommy friends. Baby #2 is so much easier than #1! No colic, content happy baby gaining weight, infrequent (but larger) healthy poops. Thank you!!
  • May 29, 2018
    Doing what is best for baby
    My baby was six months old when we started Evivo. I am unsure if I have seen a night and day difference, but I think she has improved. I wish we had started it around 2 months old at the height of the colic! I will continue to give her Evivo.
  • May 29, 2018
    Erica P.
    Pretty sure it works
    I started using this on my 1 month old and I believe I've seen a difference in her mood. I would give her it every night and if I'd skip a night, the next day she was very irritable. I also believe this product has helped her digest and retain nutrients from my breast milk much easier as she gained healthy weight and looks great. I'm purchasing another month's worth as we speak, I'm afraid to go without it. I really think it's helped her colic/irritability.
  • May 24, 2018
    Mary H.
    Helped eliminate painful tummy cramps
    Evivo has been a lifesaver! Our little girl had painful tummy cramps beginning at one-two weeks, started using Evivo and she was doing much better in one week!2 weeks passed and she had no painfultummy cramps. Thought she was colicky andnow she’s not for sure!
  • May 24, 2018
    Sarah B.
    2 month old with reflux
    My 2 month old daughter was diagnosed with reflux and would scream a lot. It seemed she was really in pain. We tried Evivo and 2 weeks later she only cries hard when she is tired. She seems to progressively be getting better every day. I will keep giving her Evivo until after 6 months old. I wish I had this to give to my older daughter who was extremely colicky with reflux and a milk protein allergy.
  • May 14, 2018
    Savannah S.
    Worked wonders for my son
    Evivo really worked well for my son when he had colic.
  • May 14, 2018
    Robin R.
    Certainly makes a difference
    Although the commitment to expressing milk daily to mix with the probiotic can at times feel daunting I believe it’s been the best decision I could have made. I have had little to no gas issues, zero constipation issues, no colic and no other stomach issues whatsoever. I had a c-section and have been concerned about mg babies gut biome and I know it’s safe with evivo.
  • May 10, 2018
    Gabrielle B.
    Great Product
    My daughter has had regular bowel movements since starting Evivo and I think has been sick less often. She had colic as a baby and Evivo really helped her during those troubling months
  • May 07, 2018
    Kathryn F.
    Love it!
    I am so happy I tried Evivo. My first baby was born 2 months ago and while she did poop frequently it seemed like something was bothering her. She made constant grunting noises and cried -her doctor said it was just colic. Within a week of trying Evivo the grunting and crying stopped, she pooped less often and slept longer at night.
  • May 03, 2018
    Alisha A.
    Samuel was 7 weeks when we started using Evivo. He was extremely colicky and had bowel movements every diaper. Within a week everything changed! BM’s became less frequent but more productive, colick went away and this sweet baby’s personality and smile became contagious! He began to sleep for longer periods and now sleeps about 6 hours a night! My husband is a chiropractor and we recommend this product to all new moms and dads! Thank you Evivo!
  • Apr 24, 2018
    Kristin N.
    It really works!
    I started using this product when my baby was about 7 weeks old, he was sleeping terrible, having horrible gas and acting like he was in pain. Despite our concerns our pediatrician said it was just colic and he was perfectly fine. After some research I came across Evivo and decided to give it a try. After a week he was sleeping better, having more regular poops and didn’t seem to be in pain. We’ve been using the product for two months and he’s been doing great. Silly me thought I would try to stop giving it to him to see if his digestion system had worked itself out. Horrible decision! It’s been three days without and he is back to being completely miserable. Needless to say I am ordering some more immediately!
  • Apr 23, 2018
    Samantha S.
    Laying a good foundation
    I’m a firm believer in the science behind Evivo. My baby wasn’t having any issues with colic, etc, we just wanted to provide the best start for our baby. Since starting Evivo, I’ve noticed her poops have changed some, less liquidy, & she poops less frequently. I only gave 4 stars because the product doesn’t dissolve well so I end up smearing the remaining culture in paste form in her mouth. It falls out of solution in the little syringe, even if I shake/mix the syringe the entire time I’m giving it to her. It does dissolve better w/fattier hind milk but still have product remaining. But most gets into her! I recommend this to everyone I know w/babies.
  • Apr 23, 2018
    Elizabeth F.
    Improvement in colic symptoms
    We started using Evivo when our baby girl was about 3 weeks old. She had developed significant colic symptoms as well as frequent green frothy stools. Over the next 2-3 weeks after starting Evivo I saw a clear improvement in her symptoms. The most obvious improvement was in her stools. Instead of having 10 stools per day she went having one every two days. They went from green and watery to the normal mustard yellow stool of a breast-fed baby. Her frequency of crying also decreased. I had also eliminated dairy from my diet over the same time period. I am very impressed with the research studies so far as well as the fact that Evivo has been reviewed by the FDA. I am very confident in the company and product and will be recommending it to friends.
  • Apr 02, 2018
    Lorell A.
    Fantastic product
    I love this product, I had a csection and am looking forward to seeing the benefits for my little girl. We have only been using it for a few weeks. She has been calmer and less colicky.
  • Apr 02, 2018
    Nicole C.
    New York
    So happy we tried this!
    This probiotic is amazing! Our baby had some issues with gas during her first couple of weeks and was showing signs that she could be colicky. After about 2 weeks on Evivo, no more issues! She is just the happiest little baby and her digestive system is working perfectly!
  • Apr 02, 2018
    Katy P.
    I really can’t get over how fast I saw results with my baby after starting these probiotics! It was instant. My screaming colicky baby made a turn around on day 1 after starting these. He’s still not a great sleeper, but at least he’s just wide awake as opposed to screaming bloody murder at all hours. Today is 1 week of Evivo and my household is a much calmer, peaceful place.
  • Mar 28, 2018
    Gabrielle B.
    Great product
    Has helped my daughter with colic and have regular bowel movements!
  • Mar 27, 2018
    Rebekah N.
    New York
    Worked great
    We started Evivo at 2 months to help with gas pains. It made a huge impact on baby's ability to process milk and led to a significant decrease in colic/crying. Highly recommend.
  • Mar 26, 2018
    Adam D.
    We think it helps!
    Overall we think Evivo has helped our little guy. He seemed to be heading down the road of some heavy colic so we started using evivo. It seems to have kept him at a less gassy/fussy state. However we live in Hawaii and the cooler packaging came warm...hopefully this didn’t ruin the probiotic.
  • Mar 22, 2018
    Tiffani B.
    North Dakota
    Colicky 7 week old baby girl
    I noticed a difference in my daughter after only 2 days of using Evivo. She was actually awake & content during the day. Prior to using Evivo she would scream & seem in physical pain (from gas we assumed) whenever she was awake. I tried changing my diet, quitting caffeine, gas drops, gripe water, baby swing, swaddle wraps, swaddle ups, you name it, even brought her to the chiropractor 3 times. Nothing worked. She had an IM shot of antibiotic at only 5 days old for a severe eye infection and I thought that may have wiped out her good gut bacteria, which is why I started looking into probiotics. I liked that Evivo was evidence based and promoted by a doctor. I've been using Evivo for about a week now & I really feel she's a new baby. Not perfect; I mean she's still a little fussy and still wakes every 2-4 hours at night, but how much of that is just normal for a breast fed now 2 month old baby? I mean maybe it's just a coincidence, but I'm a believer, & I'm gonna buy another 2 month supply.
  • Mar 08, 2018
    Samantha C.
    Great product!
    My baby was colicky and now she’s a completely different baby after using evivo probiotics!
  • Mar 05, 2018
    Meaghan P.
    New York
    This is the answer you have been looking for!
    My son was born via C-section 3 months ago. As a nurse, I was aware that he would need a probiotic when he was born and put him on one right away. My son was not colicky, but he would cry at every gas bubble, bowel movement and feeding. He would feed every two hours and pass his bowels every two hours as well. It interpreted his sleep at night as he would wake up from pain every two hours! I tried everything to make him feel better! Gripe Water, Tummy Calm, Colic Calm, gas drops and other probiotics. It would seem that his symptoms would temporarily be relieved but nothing was fixing the cause of his problem. He needed Evivo! The first few days his gas was fowl smelling. He went immediately two days without a bowel movement. And when he went it was bad! It was as if his gut was clearing out. This brings us to day seven. My baby rarely crys at gas now. He moves his bowels every two days without crying. And last night he had a 5 1/2 hour stretch of sleep! Do not hesitate to buy this product and give it time. It is the best investment for your babies health and your sanity!
  • Mar 05, 2018
    Karina Z.
    Great product
    It is working!!! Baby is more calm and no colic cries at night.
  • Feb 28, 2018
    Gabrielle B.
    Great product!
    Evivo helped our little girl who had colic. She strained and would scream for hours on end. Evivo didn’t take away all the symptoms of colic, but it definitely took the worst of it away, the rest she just had to grow out of. Thank you so much for a great product!
  • Feb 27, 2018
    Lindsay B.
    I would definitely recommend this product
    I feel as though the actual process of using Evivo is very easy and user-friendly. My little one has colic and reflux and will be 5 weeks in a couple days. Our first had severe reflux and colic that went undiagnosed for the first 3 months of her life. So, I wanted to make sure to help our second out early since he started showing similar symptoms. We’ve been using Evivo in combination with chiropractic care and reflux medication. We started with Evivo first then added the other two after about a week and he has been getting all three for about 5 days now. We saw a slight improvement in his fussiness with Evivo alone, but a very noticeable and positive difference in his stool production. He went from pooping 5-7 times a day to 1-3. Now that we’ve added the reflux meds and chiropractor, there’s a huge difference in his demeanor. Today was the first day where he actually seemed content and would only cry when he needed something! I plan on using this product as long as he is breastfeeding and would definitely recommend it.
  • Feb 07, 2018
    KAthleen M.
    helped with sleep and colic
    Great experience my daughter was very colicky and this helped within a week! I have also noticed her sleeping better! She is now 3 months old!
  • Feb 06, 2018
    Candace W.
    Tried with colicky baby
    Things have improved! Started at 4 weeks and used for 1 month.
  • Feb 05, 2018
    Stacey P.
    So far so good. My
    So far so good. My daughter is 4 weeks old with colic and reflux. I'm hoping this helps. , we are only 4 days in, she might be getting better. She gobbles it down and seems to like 8
  • Jan 31, 2018
    Gabrielle B.
    Wonderful product
    Evivo has helped my daughter so much! Especially after having colic, she was so fussy and strained so much. Evivo helped her and the screaming and straining eased up a lot after about 5 days! Thank you for your product!
  • Jan 31, 2018
    Mariah V.
    This product is amazing!
    Within 5 days this product calmed down my crying baby. For sure this product helps with colic and other tummy issues. Highly recommend.
  • Jan 24, 2018
    Meghan Marcum
    Great product
    My baby cries significantly less after starting Evivo probiotics. I would recommend it to new parents dealing with Colic.
  • Jan 22, 2018
    Rachel Beckwith
    Saved us hours of screaming
    We were desperate to find something that would help our very colicky newborn. He would fuss and scream 4-6 hours a day and was impossible to soothe. After adding evivo to his routine, he is much better! Now he probably cries less than 30 minutes a day and it's for reasons I can help with like hunger and wanting to be held. So thankful for the peace evivo brought to our household!
  • Jan 15, 2018
    Heather W.
    Amazing Product
    We recently started Evivo. Our daughter was two weeks old and began to demonstrate "tummy troubles". She would draw her legs and cry for hours on and off throughout most evenings. Our son had colic and this looked like the makings of the same. Within two days of starting Evivo, she showed significant improvement. I was glad because she didn't seem to be in pain anymore and we weren't dealing with her crying as much (which can be huge when dealing with a newborn, especially if it's your first child). I am a healthcare provider and after seeing the results of this amazing product, I will recommend it to my patients as well. Thank you for making a quality product that really works.
  • Jan 15, 2018
    Olga K.
    Great results in just five days!
    I've noticed a big difference in my three week old baby on day five of using Evivo probiotics. She stopped crying as much as she used to, started sleeping for 4 to 5 hours straight at night and her breath stopped smelling that sour. She's been on Evivo for a full month now. No colics! Her skin cleared up from eczema and still sleeping for 5 hours straight at night.
  • Jan 15, 2018
    Crystal K.
    Easy to use
    I found the packets and the kit easy to use, and I feel that it has lessened, but not completely eliminated the gas colic that my baby has.
  • Jan 03, 2018
    Terri K.
    So far, so good.
    We have been using Evivo for a month now. I am hoping it is helping my little one, but she still has colic and gas problems. I assume it may take longer to really make a difference.
  • Jan 03, 2018
    Julia B.
    I noticed a difference after using Evivo
    It looks like colic is better. My baby was 3.5 months old when o started Evivo. My baby always was waking up screaming around 5 am from gas. He started pooping more often during the day. He still has mucus in his stool, that's why I put 4 stars. I hope that will improve if I give Evivo longer. This is jus 2 weeks experience if that
  • Dec 27, 2017
    Heather C.
    Rhode Island
    Colicky/reflux baby
    Spitting up less and improved sleeping
  • Dec 14, 2017
    Jaimie H.
    Baby with digestive issues has had help
    Evivo has been great, my baby has many allergies and colic and evivo has been helping her belly. She also has acid reflux and that has as well gotten much better. Will be ordering again
  • Dec 05, 2017
    Gabrielle B.
    Great product
    Since starting Evivo 2 months ago, my daiughter who had colic has less intense episodes of her coic and her silent reflux also improved. Thank you for such a great product!
  • Nov 28, 2017
    Cassandra C.
    The Answer to Newborn Digestive Distress
    We purchased Evivo after our pediatrician recommended we give our newborn a probiotic for the digestive distress/colic he was experiencing. After researching our options, we decided to give Evivo a try. We started giving our son Evivo when he was three weeks old and within two weeks, his colic had improved, his discomfort from gas and bloating had significantly improved and his sleep pattern has improved.
  • Nov 16, 2017
    Anne V.
    This is a game changer
    After less than a week, I have a new baby. We had been dealing with horrible colic for weeks. Within days of starting Evivo, along with an elimination diet (dairy, soy, egg), my baby is crying less and sleeping more. Her tummy is much more comfortable, stools are not green/mucousy anymore, and now she only stools 1-2 times per day (down from 10+). We tried a different probiotic with L. reuteri, which did not work. Evivo did the trick!
  • Nov 07, 2017
    Julie B.
    Happy healthy twins
    2 weeks home from the hospital with our twin girls it was clear one was colicky. After being on Evivo for 4 days she seemed to be feeling much better. We were sold and decided to put both of the twins on Evivo. I am so thankful for this product! Thank you to the dedicated scientists for the research and development of Evivo.
  • Nov 07, 2017
    Kaitlyn F.
    No More Night Time Screaming
    We tried several different probiotics for our baby to help with acid reflux, gas, and colic, but none seemed to help that much. Due to antibiotics during labor, we knew his issues stemmed from lack of beneficial gut flora. Evivo really helped make a difference! He no longer woke up screaming in the middle of the night after about a week. The only downside is that he absolutely hates it. He hates anything you try to put in his mouth through including pacifiers, and a moment of tears is worth a happy tummy! We will continue to use Evivo!
  • Nov 01, 2017
    Jamie R.
    This stuff really works!
    My oldest daughter was 5 weeks early and had a terrible time with colic and gas. She didn't sleep much and obviously neither did I. We tried gas drops, gripe water, even some store brand probiotics to no avail. Fast forward four years to my third child who was also 5 weeks early. I noticed the pattern of tummy trouble returning. From previous experience I knew nothing was going to help and he would have to outgrow it as his sister did. That's when I came across Evivo...3 days in and the gas was still there but he was able to pass comfortably and the loose watery green stools turned back to the yellow breastfed baby poo! I'm super impressed!
  • Oct 30, 2017
    Grayson C.
    Soothe tummy troubles
    After a week of use, my 6 month old already seems like her tummy is feeling better. She is now back to having at least one bowel movement a day, if not two. She doesn't act like it is hurting anymore. She suffered with back colic/gassy tummy for the first 3 months. I wish we would have tried this sooner when we ran out of options!
  • Oct 27, 2017
    Michelle C.
    It's ok
    It helped my 3 week old baby the first 3 days , after 3 days the crying and colics came back , it also constipated her it's been a week and hasn't had a BM, and her gas/farts are really smelly not sure if I should continue it or not , I'm worried about her not having a BM in a week . When she use to have BM 4X a day. And she doesn't really like the taste she gags.. it doesn't smell very nice.
  • Oct 23, 2017
    Terrie K.
    Works great!
    Great! My baby has colic and seemed to be in pain all the time. I tried everything i researched. When i found this i thought its worth a try. I started using this and now he seems to be pain free. He still needs to be moving all the time and has gas but doesnt seem to be in pain anymore. For that it is tottally worth every penny! Hes a happier baby and actually smiles now.
  • Oct 23, 2017
    Leah B.
    My baby had lots of colic and was diagnosed with GERD. Started Evivo and things have imperiled dramatically!
  • Oct 20, 2017
    Jamie S.
    North Dakota
    Working great for my colicky baby!
    I wanted to try a probiotic since my son was born via C section. He was also very colicky and had some reflux issues- we started when he was about 2 months old. We’ve been using Evivo for about 3 weeks now and I’ve noticed huge improvements in him! He hasn’t been colicky- normal fussiness and crying but not inconsolable crying anymore! My mom noticed a difference in him too! Thanks Evivo!
  • Sep 24, 2017
    Christie B.
    West Virginia
    Great for tummies
    Evivo makes a big difference for my little one. He's struggled with colic and always used to get stressed while trying to pass gas and stools. We started the probiotic when he was around 2 months old, and have been giving it to him for month now. We noticed a difference in the first week. His stools went from runny to pasty, are much easier for him to pass, and occur less frequently. He's much less fussy and overall is just a happy baby now! Part of me wondered whether it was Evivo that helped or whether he just hit the age where things were leveling out for him, but we went out of town for a long weekend and I didn't have a way of storing the evivo. By the end of the weekend and for a day or two after he became fussy again and his stool went back to being runny. Im very happy with how Evivo has worked for us. I would recommend getting a few extra syringes from your pharmacy (mine gave them to me for free), they wear out after several washes.
  • Sep 18, 2017
    Julie B.
    Great!! Totally resolved our newborn’s colic issues in a matter of 4 days
  • Sep 14, 2017
    Sarah C.
    Relief for baby with colic symptoms
    Within 2 hours of starting my 4 week old on it, she was a different baby. She went from screaming in pain 3-5 hours several nights a week to being more relaxed and fussiness on occasionally and like a typical newborn.
  • Sep 09, 2017
    Shelly M.
    Evivo Saved The Day!
    Baby Natalia was having such severe colic that it was not allowing her to gain weight. She was throwing up all the breast milk. The pain was causing her to cry endlessly and sleep for no more than an hour at a time. She's been talking Evivo for ten days now. She's holding down her milk, starting to gain weight and sleeping for several hours at a time now. This is an excellent product and I recommend it for every newborn. Thank you! You have changed her life!
  • Aug 30, 2017
    michelle r.
    Has restored sleep!
    Our baby was extremely colicky from excessive gas. This has restored her little tummy and is sleeping every 3-4 hours now. Our whole family takes a probiotic, why shouldn't our baby. We will continue to use Evivo to boost her immune system during the winter months. Very pleased!
  • Jul 27, 2017
    Shara S.
    Saved my sanity!
    This product saved my husband's and my sanity. Our newborn was struggling with sleep due to gas waking him up at each nap and overnight plus he was colicky. We were having all day screaming marathons and knew we had try something new. I work in the nutrition field and was lucky enough to know about this product and wanted to give it a try. It saved us. Within 3 days of taking the probiotics, his system was regulated and he was sleeping for naps, at night and back to being a happy baby. It was such a joy to see him smile again. We kept up with giving the probiotics daily and everything has been great. I believe in the company and love that they have all the research and science to back it up. Thank you for having a fantastic product! If you have a colicky baby or a baby unhappy with gas, give this a go. You won’t regret it.
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