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What are the signs of Newborn Gut Deficiency?

When your baby isn’t happy, you’ll do anything to make them feel better. But, when nothing seems to be working, Newborn Gut Deficiency could be to blame. Do any of these symptoms of an unhealthy gut look familiar? If so, Evivo could help.

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Happy baby and mom

A healthy gut is a happy baby

Helping your baby’s healthy gut bacteria flourish in the first 6 months of life has positive effects now and long into the future. Research shows that a healthy gut in babies not only reduces symptoms like gas, fussiness, colic, eczema, and diarrhea, it helps promote healthy immune system development and lifelong health, reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.


Take the Baby Gut CheckDoes your baby have the necessary bacteria it needs?

You can't tell if baby is missing good bacteria in his gut just by looking at him, but you CAN take this quick 3-question Baby Gut Check quiz to find out.


Evivo productsEvivo works fast to promote baby gut health

Evivo is the only baby probiotic shown to reduce bad gut bacteria by 80%. Its proprietary strain, B. Infantis EVC001, begins working from the very first dose to crowd out bad bacteria in baby’s gut and replace it with the good bacteria baby needs.

Real moms share their Evivo stories

Review Stars “My son’s gas pain has subsided and he is sleeping so much better!”
Review Stars  “Love it! Within three days my baby’s poop went from green and slimy back to the normal yellow. So happy with the product.”
Review Stars “Lifesaver for Gassy Babies! 4 weeks after my daughter was born, I caught an upper respiratory infection. My antibiotics wiped out her intestinal flora and she went from mostly happy to fussy and crying often. Within 2 days of giving her Evivo, she calmed down. Everyone remarks on how chill and happy she is and I believe it’s thanks in part to Evivo! She also went from pooping a little bit a few times a day to having one major poop every 2 or so days. I definitely recommend Evivo to every new mom. It’s an investment in your baby’s health and happiness!”

Help solve your baby's gut issues with Evivo.